Liquid Skyfire

('Liquid skyfire' is my own made up word, so no stealing. XP)

Pink-white sands stretch for eternity

while silvery waves lap at the shore

seafoam gracefully rides the currents

and shells scatter across the beach.

As the sun sets thoughtfully on the horizon

the water turns to blood red and auburn

like an ocean of liquid skyfire.

And the tides wash away a set of footprints

leaving the waterfront as flawless as though

it had never been touched.

And as I watch this in my dark, dingy living-room

on the fuzzy screen of my television

(as the rain lashes at the window)

I wish I was there.

Author's Ramblings:

One of 5 poems I did for an assignment in my English 9 Honours class... It's not spectacular, I know, but then again, I procrastinated and did it at midnight, so you really can't expect too much. I think I was just trying to smush in a bunch of literary devices. (But hey, I got full marks for it, so at least my english teacher liked it!)