She believes in dreams

only tangible within her mind,

holding onto memories that make her feel alive,

while grasping for the strings

that bind her forbidden thoughts;

knowing if she pulls too tightly,

all her silly desires will be lost...

And she's praying for a promise

from a friend who knows her well,

hoping he'll come'round to see her again.

She sings a sweet melody

as she brushes back the pain.

"Have to hide those feelings that cut deep

like razor blades."

And she's swinging by a rope

that's tied loose about her neck;

Knowing if she stops,

it will strangle her to death...

And she's waiting for the arms

of a friend who understands,

hoping he'll catch her

when she falls down again.

She runs into the night

like a raving lunatic,

begging to be taken

where the darkness has no end.

There she will be safe from the monsters of her sins,

no one knowing of her,

no one caring where she's been...

And she'll be dancing with a friend

who likes her as she is,

hoping he'll bring brightness

to her blackened life again.