"Curse you, Gabriel!" A woman wailed again and again. "You have no right to do this!" Tears shot from her eyes as she was being held back by some random men.

"Oh, really?" Gabriel said with sarcasm. "Since when are rights even considered by you? Seeing how you never cared about anyone other than your sad little self, I can just get you back for all the cruel things you've done to me." He chuckled deeply and the woman bristled as chills ran up her spine as he did. "You know the saying 'two wrongs don't make a right'?" He didn't wait for her to give an answer. "Well, that saying is just pure bullshit," he said with his lips curling to a smile. He was then right in front of her face and she jerked forward, trying to head-bash him. With the men holding her back and with him moving away too quickly, it was impossible to actually get in a good hit. Once again, mockingly, he let out another deep laugh; only it was louder, which made her anger grow. "You know, Anca, your savior was a poor back-up. He never even thought things over, poor bastard."

"Shut your disgusting face!" Anca finally spat after long hesitation. "You are the poor bastard, for your soul is beyond redemption, and you shall burn in hell… just like your father and your brother and your moth-." All of a sudden, Gabriel's hand met Anca's face and she was sent to the floor despite the men's' hold on her. Her short, black hair hid her face and her red cheek. She felt the stinging and burning sensation of being slapped and she wished she had held her tongue. But, she had gone too far to stop there. She pushed herself up quickly and glared at him in defiance. Gabriel even recoiled and he was shocked that she even dared to get back on her feet.

You don't know pain, she thought to herself. You don't want to know pain, for I will make you scream and beg forgiveness, while you kneel in front of me and kiss my shoes. That's what her eyes were practically saying, and he saw it. He backed away one step before realizing it, and then took a step forward.

"Well?" Gabriel shouted, directing it to the men who didn't grab her after she stumbled. The two men took hold of her arms, one grabbing one, and Anca fought and fought. She screamed and screamed and she felt her throat go raw from endless screaming, but she screamed anyway. She would let her throat vibrate until her voice was completely gone, which didn't happen. Gabriel winced as he heard her piercing shriek. "God damn it!" he cried. Unable to take anymore, he punched her in the stomach and a single yelp ended her scream-song. Anca's legs buckled beneath her and she hated the fact that she knew she looked weak in his eyes.

Damn him, she spat in her mind. How can he be so heartless - him and his endless desire to rule all vampires and werewolves – he never stops his cruelty. He is one insane bastard! The guards were able to hold her up even with out the help from her legs which looked like rubber when they we bent the way they were. Anca let out a cough and blood was shot out from between her teeth. If it was a mere mortal who punched her, the damage would have been nothing, but since he was one of the strongest vampires alive, it was easy for Gabriel to injure her badly.

He stood in front of her while she bowed her head in weakness, and he reached out his hand to touch her smooth, tan cheek. She jerked away and it only made him want her more. He quickly kneeled and forced Anca to look up at him. Struggling to find it a failure, she let him hold her chin. He descended his lips to hers and parted her lips with his tongue. He caressed her tongue with his in a demand for her to respond, but she didn't. The only response she gave him was her biting his tongue and he quickly withdrew with a curse. Anca spat on his shoes; he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as if her mere lips held poison. "I was actually reconsidering, but, I have now made my final and last decision."

Cries of mercy were heard from a small wooden house. It was blocked off with wood being nailed to the windows and doors; all exits that were possible. "NO!" Anca shrilled – half in sobs – half in fury. Her scream seemed to blend with the others – the screams of two young girls, an older woman, and an older man – her family. The ones who were about to be smoldered in flames were her family – her mother, father, and two younger sisters. "Please! I beg of you!" she pleaded over and over. Gabriel had a torch in hand as he turned to face Anca, and the flames seemed to dance with joy, but the situation held no joy.

"Anything?" he seemed to laugh. "Become my wife, and share my bed with me every night," he said with detachment. Anca hesitated and that flung him over the edge. She was even about to say yes, but he put the torch to the roof of the house before she was able to get it out, and the house burst into flames

"No!" she cried. "I will! I will! I will!" she sobbed.

"Too late," he whispered in her ear.

Her vision was blurred from her never-ending, flowing tears and she felt as if she was going to vomit. Clenching her fists, she wanted it all to stop. No! She sobbed in her mind. Everything was gone; it seemed as if she had no reason for even existing; and she knew it was all her fault – everything; every single burden that had been put on her family. Never before has she felt so sick, and of course. Her whole family was screaming in terror as they were only a door away from her. She wanted to struggle, but her whole body felt weak – she felt weak. Her mind was practically telling her: You are worthless. You are a failure; you never should have been born. And she believed it. Anca wanted to shut out the screamed from her family as she could just imagine them running from the flames with no avail.

God, stop this,she pleaded, but she knew there was no one listening. She knew, even if there was a God that he would not help or release the damned – vampires. He wouldn't want to make vampires feel redemption for all the kills they have made. And even if one vampire has not murdered, he would not let that one go, because the mere fact that he or she was a vampire would make him think twice.

Anca screamed her lungs out as if that would let out all her thoughts. It's pointless, she told herself, but she screamed anyway. When she finally finished and the screams from her house died down, did Gabriel finally remove his eyes from her to the house.

He knelt beside her and whispered in her ear, "Anyone you ever care for; anyone you will ever love, will die by my hands. You shall forever be alone, because you did not accept my invitation to become mine, and in doing so, I have condemned you to an eternity of loneliness. Believe me, Anca, I will always be following you. I will always be watching you, and I will always be haunting you."