It would have never been Ally's choice to use an Internet café to check her mail, as a fact she has never had been to one in her whole life up till now. If her computer didn't break down in the last minute she wouldn't be sitting in an old swivelling chair trying to wait for an important mail to come from her boss.

He is an extremely eccentric man; his age defiantly didn't help him at all. He is an old man of sixty years or so of age and through out his life he was well – quirky to say the least. He owns a large well-known law firm and Ally is his best and senior sectary. Apart from teaching the new sectaries how to do their jobs she is also Mr. Limburg's personal sectary.

At the age of twenty-five with no working experience apart from being a sectary and only a high school certificate you'd think Ally would be working part time at a dingy dinner café. But with a salary of almost twenty five thousand a year Ally begs to differ. Ally had never come from a rich family, some times when she was young her parents even had difficulty to pay off her school fees and put breakfast, lunch and dinner on the table for the five people that lived in her house.

At the age of eighteen her sister was the first to move out and then things were going a lot better after her sister left. But then again with one less person to feed things could become a lot looser. The amazing thing was that Ally was the last person to leave the family, by then she was a sectary at Mr. Limburg's office. And for nearly seven years now she is still working for the man who gave her, her very first pay check.

Ally was brought back to earth by a bleeping noise; the computer made it. She had received a mail from none other than her boss.



Dear Miss Andrei,

It has come to my attention that you are a very hard working and consistent worker at my firm for nearly seven years. I would promote you but you see, you have reached the very top of your field already and I can no longer offer you any more promotions. However I will in crease your pay 10 higher and this will take effect the next time you get your pay. If in any circumstances you have received qualification in another aspect in law please inform me of your new credentials immediately and I shall transfer you into your new expertise in the next financial year.

Thankyou for being a hard working member of our community.

Most sincerely: Mr. Laurance Limburg.

Ps: The department looking after criminals is lacking a lot of Lawyers, it would be a bonus for you and me if you could join them.

A 10 increase! Oh My God! I'm going to be rich! And he didn't tell me to send him back a reply in five minutes or I'll lose my promotion! This calls for a big celebration! Ally thought. She logged off her account and walked out of the Internet café. Unaware that a pair of eyes were following her.

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