Jakes POV::.::

Good lord I couldn't believe that I was here, consoling someone I had stole from. I have defiantly gone mad. But she was so beautiful so unforgettable so-so-so consuming. Even watching her cry; she was so beautiful even when she cried, there was little light but I could see the wetness on her face the amount of tears that she cried and tried to wipe away. I could see her cheekbones protruding out and the tears made it even more; I was fascinated. I have to admit this I was fascinated. She is so unbelievably beautiful and stunning that even when she cried she look even lovelier than before. I was so mesmerised that all I could do was just sit there and watch her cry a thousand tears. Is this what it feels like to be in love? That the object of you affections looks wonderful to you even when they are upset? Or down?

When she finally stopped crying she introduced herself

"I'm so sorry; I'm Ally." She held out her arms and even if she did or did not I still would have hugged her, I could feel her body beneath her thin clothes; I could feel her curves that no one but a woman could have. It was so assuring and comforting I lifted her up and she was so light. She let out a gasp of surprise and hearing her let that out excited me I wanted her all to myself I know that this is very selfish but all I could think about was to keep her and make her mine forever. I held her tighter and fell onto her bed with her, I held myself up by resting my arms on either side of her so that I would not hurt her. She made me fall onto my side by hugging me; I lost my balance and rolled onto my side next to her. I pulled her into my arms and almost instantly she fell asleep, it was incredibly comfortable sleeping next to her it has been so long since I slept with a woman, just holding her was so comforting. That night I didn't bother going back to the dump I lived in I just stayed with her I gently pushed a few strands of her dark hair away from her face. She was so gorgeous I caressed her face and kissed her cheek, that night was the best night of sleep I ever had.

According to the clock I woke up at ten thirty the next morning, I was still holding her but she was curled up under my arms. For a while I just lay there inhaling her sweet scent enjoying just holding her, but I knew that I should get up and get some breakfast for us. So I did just that, I reluctantly got out of bed and got cleaned up in her bathroom before going into her kitchen to prepare some breakfast.

Just before I finished cooking her breakfast she woke up, she hugged me from behind but I knew she was up I smelt her sweet smell of peaches before she even came close to me.

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