Sam stood in the middle of a long corridor. It was stark and bleak with only grey paint and halogen lights for lighting.

Something loud sounded, she heard it but she didn't. People from all the doors all around her started to come out all in a blur. They looked like they were rushing – or were they? Then it stopped and started all over again. She tried to say something but though her mouth opened, nothing came out. She tried to stop it. NOTHING. She screamed but nothing came out of her mouth. Then – JERK! She woke up in a bout of cold sweat. She looked around her and found herself in a hospital with an IV dropper in her arm. She was in a private room. She leaned back onto the pillow and questions popped all around in her head. Rising like bubbles, and then bursting in mid air, her thoughts were then replaced by new ones. She looked at her arm again. It was all bruised and she was hurt all over.

"Where am I?" She presses the call button and waits for assistance. A nurse comes in.

"Oh I see! You are awake. How do you feel?"

"Not good." She croaks and the nurse takes her blood pressure.

"Good! Your blood pressure is normal and steady, so I take it that you'll be awake more often now."

"Where am I? What happened?"

"You are at the Mother of Mercy Hospital in Ireland. You want to know what actually happened? Well, that I'm not so sure of, but I'm certain you had a nasty accident." The nurse answered cheerfully. "Would you like something to eat?" Sam didn't answer but asks again.

"Where are my parents? What happened to them?"

"My, my! You sure do have a lot of questions today, don't we missy? Look! I'm just the nurse that patrols every half an hour or so; so I don't know anything about what happened to you. If you want answers, I'm the wrong person to ask. You should ask the doctor looking after you." She picks up the chart at the end of her bed, "Oh, he's Doctor O' Shay, he's a good doctor, I'll call him for you if you want. It also depends if he's available. If he's not, then I'll come and tell you if he is. Well, I'll come with him – so, either way, I'm coming back. OK? Is that all right?"

"Fine, but please come back soon." She slides into the unfamiliar covers of the hospital bed further and waits for the nurse to come back. She closes her eyes and was about to drop off to sleep again when she heard the door open again. The low murmuring confirms that it is the doctor. She opens her eyes again and sees the nurse at the foot of the bed with a doctor whom she presumes is Doctor O' Shay.

"So … Samantha you finally woke up!" She props herself up from the bed.


"And … I hear from your nurse that you want to know what had happened, is that right?"

"What is this? An interrogation room? Yes, I want to know what had happened. Is that just too much to ask for?"

"No it's not. I had just wanted to confirm with you." The doctor strides over to her and sighs as if he doesn't want to do this but he has to.

"So what happened doctor?"

"We received you about three days ago, you and a boy were together. We heard that you were involved in a terrible car accident, but your injuries were far too extensive to be the result of such a car accident. Well, I know I must sound pretty odd, but you see the vehicle you crashed into was said to be also a car. You see, the injuries you received looked like your car was ploughed by at least a three-ton truck. We tired to find better explanations but that was the best we got. You had compound fractures mostly in the legs and arms and a few ribs were broken. Your companion, who was also admitted as a result of this accident, whom we have nicknamed Boy George (because he didn't have any identification on him), received multiple leg and arm fractures besides a cracked skull. His condition is worse than you. He had brain damage and we are not even sure if he could wake from his coma."

Sam is just numb, she can't remember what happened during the last 72 hours and here she is being told that she was involved in a car accident.

"I don't understand, you say I was in a car accident?"

"No, I didn't say that. The paramedics said that. I am just telling you what they have told me and about how you became in this state. I had a feeling they weren't telling me the full story. So, if you remember any thing at all, I'd be glad to hear it."

"But doctor, what happened to the boy?"

"He's still in a coma but in a stable condition. If you do know him, could you tell me?"

"I have a little brother who is eleven years old. My brother and I are currently living with our parents in London, and I just don't understand how I can, all the way from London, be in Ireland now."

"Well, we found you in Ireland in a car crash. It also beats me as to how you could have gotten here."

"Can I see George?"

"Nope, not in this state that you are in! When you get better, I'll see how you go and if all goes well, I'll let you see him." Panic rose in her chest like hot air.

"NO! You don't understand! I must see him now!" she feels compelled to just jump out of the bed right there and then.

"Now, now settle down."

"NO! I need to see him now! He may be my brother! I'm well enough! I just need to see him!"

"Well…" the doctor looks reluctant.

"Please, I need to see him." She pleaded. "Plee …ase…" She looks pleadingly at the doctor.

"Very well, seeing that you are well enough to even sit up and talk to me like that … OK … but Nurse Anne and I will accompany you." The nurse helps her out of the bed and she leans on the nurse all the way.

The boy's ward is only a few doors away from hers. With the help of the doctor and the nurse, she quietly crept over to the boy.

" – Johnny! Oh no! This can't be happening!" she wails in anguish; tears streaming down her face.

"Shh, don't worry." She nurse comforts her.

"This IS my brother!" she says crying and holding on to the nurse as her only support. "What happened to him? He's my ONLY brother. Where are my parents? Do they know about this?"

"We don't know who your parents are, the paramedics only said that you, your brother and another man were involved. Someone else driving along called the ambulance. Apparently, it was very late at night and it was at least one hour or maybe less when another car came along. You are very lucky to have survived, the other victim wasn't so lucky - he died on the way here."

"Call them! I don't understand how my brother and I could have ended up in Ireland when we were only in London a week ago! I remember everything a week before the accident but not what had happened just before I was admitted here."

The nurse then says, "Come on! Let's get back to your ward - you need some rest and food."

In the dead of the night, a memory lapse brought her to the not so distant past.

A child only a few years younger than her own brother Johnny as they called him was playing with Sam.

"Cal, where's big sister Sammy? Where is she?" the child screamed in delight when he found Sam hiding behind her hands playing "Peek-a-boo". He had the most beautiful tan – with almost chocolate-coloured skin and a mop of lovely black hair but he had one odd thing though, he had really dark green eyes. It was astonishing to see a child with dark hair and dark skin to inherit a set of lovely green eyes. But, this was no ordinary child; he was a child born of a Caucasian mother and a Malay father. Where had such a child come from? No one knows. All anybody knew was that the Marson family had been away for a long time and when they came back, another child was added in the family. They claimed they had adopted this child but if anyone cared to look carefully again, they'd notice those lovely set of green eyes that Samantha and her brother had.

Unable to sleep, Samantha stays awake all night as she listens to the sounds of muffled voices of the hospital staff in the night. The clanking of metal trays, the squeaking of rubber-soled shoes of the nurses against the linoleum, the murmuring of the doctors in deep conversation distracts her from further thoughts. The moment she sees the horizon getting brighter, she feels better.

"Soon," she tells herself, "soon I'll get some more answers."

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