First off i need to tell everyone that my muses have deserted me... yes, those muses of mine have left me. looks very sad if you've seen them you could'send' them back by leaving me a review of what you think of my stories and poems. hint, hint they need reviews to keep me inspired!

Second i was thinking of writing a story based on the characters of 'Calvin and Hobes' (for those who don't know who Calvin and Hobes are this is a short explaination. Calvin - six years old and thinks he's right about invincable. Hobes- his stuffed tiger and Calvin thinks that he is a 'real' tiger.) i know that story should go into fanfic but i don't think they have a catogory for that. or if it's a copyright and the copyright people (whatever their called. if you know drop me a review) said that the characters are not to be used in any other form of comunication, could you please kindly tell me? i do not want a law suit on my 13 and a half hands. thanks a bunch!