Blush and Crush

A/N: Ah shit, I'm back with yet another story!

##NOTE## - This story is mostly true, although the names have changed and the events have altered in the slightest to make the story flow more, this still stays true to part of my life.

Prologue: Rants and Ravings of a Desperate Teenager

I am not a nerd, nor a geek, nor the biggest loser that ever walked the planet, so why is he picking on me!? What exactly is his motive here? Why am I the one constantly getting teased? I wasn't too terrible looking. I didn't have bucked teeth, a face covered with acne or a huge head completed with head gear, so what was the dude's problem?!

My friends claims he likes me, I very much doubt that. I am an average teenager girl, though a little too overly developed and well-endowed, I might add. I am simply called, June Marie Sommers, fondly nick-named, Junie, which in my opinion sounds like a baby name to me, and therefore I harbored great feelings of hate towards it. However, that didn't stop my friends from using it.

Anyway, you're probably wondering who this "him" is, this guy that, well I hope you figured out by now, has really added annoyance and unnecessary stress to my already hapless life. His name is Trey Williams, ah arrogant, self-conceited Trey. The biggest asshole known to all man-kind, yet the ladies dug him, worshipped him as if he was God himself. They were all over him like a pack of wolves struggling and fighting over a miniscule piece of meat, which is contradictory in a way because he stood at the height of 6'2", with the weight of approximately 200 pounds. Without a doubt in my mind, he was a player, filling in the role of heartbreaker to the entire population of girls in Brightwood High School.

And did this jerk get tired, even in the slightest, of all this attention directed towards him? No, no he didn't, because I'm pretty sure if you looked up 'showoff' in the dictionary, his name would pop up. And did I eventually join these lust-minded animalistic girls? Yes, sadly and most unfortunately I did.

I have the biggest crush on the biggest creep in the world. That bothered me A LOT.

A/N: You guys are going to laugh, cry and tilt your head in shame. Most of this stuff happens. #sigh# Why am I doing this then? Lol, I guess it's because I want to see if anyone can relate to this. There's going to be lots of dreams, flashbacks, etc. I'm going to start out with 7th grade, going all the way to 10th.