"Hello Suma," a small girl says. "It is nice to see you too Tama," replies another girl. "Is your mom in?"

Tama nods "but she's busy right now. I think she said she'll be done soon though, is this about the Shinsengumi dream again?" Suma nods slowly.

Suma looks around the office and spies an empty chain between two kids a lot younger than herself. Walking over to the chair Suma sits down and waits her turn to see Tama's mom. She looks over at the young girl sitting next to her and smiles weakly at her. Suma could tell that the girl had a lot on her mind, maybe more than herself. Turning her gaze from the girl she looks at the floor and starts thinking about the dream so she will not leave anything out when her turn comes. Suma leans back in her chair and closes her eyes, lost deep in thought. After about 20 minutes she opens her eyes and looks around. The two young kids that where next to her had left and only a old lady, about 50 years old, remained in the waiting room other than herself. Tama looks over to Suma and waves.

"Ok Suma its your turn," she smiles then goes back to reading her magazine.

Suma stands up and walks towards a door next to Tama. She reaches the door and slowly turns the handle while in her mind wondering if she really should go in there. She finally opens the door and makes her way slowly inside and to a chair, set in the center of the room, next to a desk with a pad of paper on it and a women with long black hair sitting behind it on one of those office chairs that roll. The women looks up at Suma and motions for her to take a set in the chair. She takes a seat and looks at the ground as the office because unearthly quiet.

"Well now," the women finally says. "Why are we here today?"

Suma looks up at her and rolls her eyes. "I don't know you tell me after all you are the doctor." She could tell that the women looked pretty mad at that answer she had given. "Ok fine then I will tell you. I have been having that dream again and this time it has become more real."

The women smiled "is that it well ok then what do you think we should do this time? Do you want to do a hypnosis and go back to your other lives or do you just want to tell me the dream."

Suma sighed then responded. "Well could we do both, I could tell you first then we can do the past life thing. I do think that the dream is part of one of my other lives but there is no way to prove it."

The women nodded "ok then why don't you start telling me of the dream now."

Suma nodded then closed her eyes trying to remember the dream again. "Ok then. I was walking down a path that wound its way through a forest in the middle of Japan. I had taken the path at around no shadow time or noon as we call it now. I had thought it to be a shortcut home but boy was I wrong. I passed many forks in the path but stayed on the one that I thought would get me home. Oh yeah, I was about 5 years old in this dream and my name was Kiba Oyo. I was the daughter of a very powerful Shogun, or noble, who was at war with all the other Shoguns in the area. Ok but that's off the topic on with the dream. When I got to the middle of the forest, or what I hoped to be the middle, I found a big rock in the center of the path which I sat down on to take a break. After a while I got back to my feet and looked around the forest only to find the path that I had seen only a short while ago to be gone. I started to walk in circles and cry, afraid I would near get home. A loud cry came from behind me but it was not the cry of a person of animal it was not even the cry of the wind blowing through the trees but the cry of two swords being forced to fight each other.

Being the daughter of a Shogun I was scared that they where they both assassins hired to kill me. I went back to the rock and hid behind it, trying my best to be as far away from the sound. It went on for a good time with many cries of both sword and man and yells of their attacks. Finally, the noises just stopped and quiet fell over the land. I looked around the trees and saw that night had fallen to the land while they where fighting, but why were they fighting was the question that held in my mind."

The women interrupted "and what did you fell when the noise stopped? Where you scared, happy or what?"

Suma growled to herself. "It was a mixture of fear, relief, happiness, and worry but I would like to go on with the dream before I forget it again." The women nodded. "Ok now where was I, oh yeah. Why were they fighting and out here of all places. The noise of braches being pushed out of the way and the sound of a persons labored breath soon took the place of silence. I pried around the rock and found a young man, no more than 13 or 15, looking around the area where I had just been. He looked kind but the fear of the sword that hung from his waist kept me from taking off or making noise. He looked very tired and was covered with red stuff which I soon realized to be blood of both him and the guy who he was fighting. I pulled my head back behind the rock and leaned against it. Quiet once more settled over the forest but as soon as it can it was broken by the call of a bird. It was a hawk not sure what type hawk but it was one. Soon it dived out of the sky and straight toward the boy. I saw in awe at how the hawk cut through the wind, which was starting to pick up, like it was a thin piece of silk. The bird reached the boy and started to make a big fuss so the boy put out his arm for the bird to land on. 'So did you find her?' he asked. The bird nodded and took off towards me landing on the rock. 'So she was hiding behind the rock, cleaver girl.' His voice hit me and I could tell it had changed."

The women again interrupted. "Changed from what?"

Suma snapped back. "If you would let me continue you will find out, and save your questions until I have left the topic maybe it will be answered later." She could tell this had hurt the women but she didn't care if anyone should be hurt it should be her. She had paid money to talk to this women and now she was asking all the stupid question that she would answer if only the women would let her go on instead of interrupting her. "Ok now let me go on please." The women nodded. "Ok let me think, oh yeah. The man had just spoken and I could tell his voice had changed. Before the hawk came it had been happy and carefree with a bit of pain mixed in and maybe a pit of anger. Now it was cold, icy even I don't care who he was but with that voice anyone would have frozen in place. 'Come on out girl.' I looked up at the hawk then think it over. Should I go out and talk to him or should I stay hidden? 'It's your chose girl I can be nice but if you make me come and get you I can promise that I will not be, now come out' I stood up but not out of curiosity but out of fear. As soon as my head popped up over the rock I could see a evil grin forming on his face. The bird took off as soon as I stepped out from behind the rock. I had my eyes lowered to the ground as not to catch his eye. 'Stop walking and look up at me girl.' I stop my slow gait and look up at him but still not catching his eye. 'Yes that's it girl now look into my eyes its ok I won't hurt you, yet anyway.' His voice had warmed up a little but it was still cold. I looked into his eye and gasped, his eyes instead of being a normal human's eye color his eyes were red and not a light nice shade of red but blood red. A shiver ran down my spine and I froze dead, I even think my heart stopped not just in the dream but in real life."

The women smiled. "Do you know how his eyes got that way?"

Suma shook her head angrily. "No I do not and I didn't leave that topic yet. Aren't you the one who wanted to know about my dream." The women nodded and Suma could tell that had hurt her more. "I looked him in the eye for only nature knows how long. Finally, he looked away and I was relished from his spell. 'Your Kiba, am I right?' Not wanting to know what would happen if he found out I lied I just nodded my head. 'Good then I have found you,' he continued. 'I am Hue and have been hired to kill you but I cannot now as you have been the only one to look into my eyes and live. I know you heard me and someone else fighting but to tell you the truth there was no one else I just did that to scare you, and this.' He pointed to the blood stained shirt. 'Is from wounds I made myself and I soaked my shirt in it. To be honest with you I love pain and suffering. Not just mine I love other peoples too. The way they scream and beg for mercy before you deal the final blow it's so fun knocking then down just for fun too. Do you know what it's like to be in pain Kiba?' Again I nod. 'Yes I do Hue-san but why do like it so?' The laugh he hunts me even know. 'Why? That is an easy answer I just do. I was raised up around death and people dying I just got so used to it and soon I enjoyed it.'

I back up against the rock as he looks back at me. 'I have another name maybe you know this name. I am the Wolf demon of Kyoto.' I gasped when he spoke that name. It was the name of a boy that had lived in a place called the valley of blood and his whole family had been killed by his hands when he was just 5. No one would take him in because of that and so from that day forth he wandered the city of Kyoto when finally he got a hold of a broken sword and put it back together. The Shinsengumi took him in when he was about 7 and trained him. His attacks and way he moved reminded everyone of a wolf and his eyes of a demon and that's how he got that name. He didn't look me in the eye but he was looking at me and he could tell I know that name. 'So you know of me,' he said. 'I understand as I am one of the most feared Shinsengumi in all of Japan.' He laughed again and it went through me like a rain of knives."

The women interrupted. "I know you have not stopped with this topic yet but I must ask. If you could described the man, Hue, in one word what would that word be?'

Suma looked at the women speechless and not sure what to think. "One word I'm not sure what word it would be. He is a mixture of many words and I'm not sure there is just one." Suma rubbed her chin and thought about it going over many words in her mind. The women was writing things down on her pad of paper every now and then so Suma shut her eyes to think with out the distraction. "Oh I know what word." She said looking up and opening her eyes. "It would have to be misunderstood."

The women smiled. "How did you come to this?"

Suma rubbed her chin again and thought it over. "I don't know how I came to that word. I guess it is because no one understands him or knows what he is." Suma looked at the women. "Ok now on with the dream. Ok now were was I oh yeah the knives." Suma sighed and then went on. "His laugh still rings through me even as we speak but now on with the dream. I looked at him as I slowly backed up towards the rock that was behind me. Upon reaching the rock I sat down and relaxed a bit but not to much. He turned around and caught me in the eye making me freeze again and then he asked."

The women stopped me. What did he ask?"

Suma huffed angrily at her then snapped. "Well I was about to say it so stop, stopping me and you will get all your answers so keep your lips zipped until I ask if you have any questions, ok?" Suma could tell the women was close to crying but she didn't it was about her and this women kept stopping her. Suma sighed then yawned. "Look I am sorry Doctor Lang but every time you ask me something I forget a little more of the dream and isn't that why we are here to figure the dream out." Suma looked at her and smiled weekly. "Ok now on with the dream." Dr. Lang nodded. "Ok now. He looked me in the eye and asked 'why are you out here?' I could feel him looking into my mind and probing my thoughts so he could tell if I was lying. 'Well,' I started. 'I really don't know why I am out here Hue-san, I saw the path and thought that it would be a short cut home so I started down the path I saw that cut through this forest then stopped here when I heard you fighting with yourself.' He kept his eyes on me thinking it over then finally took his eyes off mine. 'I believe you,' he said. 'Only because no one in their right mind would walk into this forest before dusk.' He smiled at me and that made me jump. It was not the evil smile I was thinking I would get but a nice smile that looked very weird on him. 'You know Kiba you are the first person to amuse me,' he said. 'Normally someone would have to be in pain for them to amuse me but you are different.' I looked at him, not sure if I should be honored or scared by that comment. He must have seen this because he asked. 'Do you know why I am out here Kiba?' I though about this for a minute. 'Well at first I thought you where going to kill me but now I am not sure about that now.' I responded to him. To my surprise he laughed but this time it was kinder and less evil than the last time."

Dr. Lang spoke again. "How so?"

This time Suma could not find an answer to give to doctor. "I am not sure I could just tell but that is really a good question and one that I would like to know the answer to." Dr. Lang smiled as Suma sighed then thought about something. "Why do you ask these questions?"

Dr. Lang looked very happy at this question. "Very good question Suma," she begin. "You know it's funny no one has asked that before now and I have been waiting for someone to." She beamed down at Suma. "I ask them so that you have to think and then as you think more about that question and how to answer it, it solves a bit more of your dream. I think you already understand more to the dream than when you came in here."

Suma nodded. "You're right I do understand it a bit more. I just don't understand how that works. Never mind don't answer that it will just confuse me more than I already am."

Dr. Lang looked up at the clock and sighed. "We only got ten minutes left in this session so I would like you to continue so that we end at a spot that you'll remember."

She nodded. "Ok then, now let me think again." Suma shut her eyes and thought. "Ok I got it." She snapped her eyes opened and smiled. "I really like this part. He looked at me and answered 'you're right I was going to kill you but I changed my mind, you see, I think you'll be worth more alive then dead. It's funny though normally it's the other way around but in your case it isn't.' I kind of smiled when he spoke those words, I don't know how but I knew he would not try to kill me as long as I kept making him think I was worth more alive, which I could do very well. He sat down, cross-legged, then turned to look up at the sky. I wish we could see the moon or at least one star but we couldn't it was all covered in the over growth of the canopy. I followed his eyes and found the hawk looking down at us, almost amazed that Hue-san hadn't killed me."

"Suma," Dr. Lang began interrupting her again. "I think that is just the place we should leave off, so if you want to leave you may or we can just sit and talk about whatever you want." Suma thought about it for a second then stood up, pushing the chair back a bit scrapping it on the hardwood floor. "Ok then I will see you next time. Please make another appointment with my daughter and try to get it for tomorrow, ether very early or very late that way we will have more time to talk and by the sound of it this dream could go on for quite sometime."

"You have no clue how right you are," Suma laughed. "Ok I will get one tomorrow so see you then." Suma walked to the door and turned the handle leaving Dr. Lang in her office alone writing notes on her paper. " Tama your mom told me to make an appointment for tomorrow ether very early or late."

"You didn't get a chance to finish the dream tonight, did yeah," Tama asked? Suma nodded her head and Tama laughed looking down at her calendar taped to her desk. "Ok her very first appointment is open for tomorrow morning at around nine, is that ok? Or we got her very last appointment tomorrow the person who had it canceled it."

Suma nodded her head. "I'll take the morning, that way in case I have it again it will be fresh in my mind. So let her know for me and have a good night Tama, I'll see you tomorrow."

Suma crossed the tiled floor towards the door that led outside. As she reached the door Suma could see it was raining outside and blowing pretty hard. She grabbed the umbrella she had brought inside just incase this happened. She popped it open and stepped outside and into the rain. Leaning her umbrella into the rain and wind she managed to avoid the worst of the storm. Getting to her car she grabbed her keys out of her pocket and put it in the keyhole. Folding up the Umbrella she opened the door and quickly jumped inside getting wet in the processes. Starting her car she made her way to the exit of the parking lot and to the highway. She got to the exit and stopped the car as more rush past her on the highway. Seeing a spot in the pack of cars she zips into it and joins the flow of traffic and slowly making her way over to the far right lane so she won't miss her exit when it comes up. She darts her eyes up to the signs as she passes them and finally spying the one that told her how many miles until her exit, only two miles to go. She slowly edges onto the line made for exits and was able to speed up letting her reach her exit a lot faster than if she had stayed in the main lane on the highway. Glancing down at her gas gage, she notices that she needs some gas but figures it can wait until tomorrow, she would just leave earlier and get gas before she goes to see Dr. Lang again. Slowing down to the neighborhood speed limit she takes one of her hands off the wheel and rubs her neck trying to get the kinks out of it before she got home. She turned down onto a more rural road that has a few small homes and the rest big sized ranches that have ether horses, cows, goats, sheep, and/or chickens. She passes a ranch that has a lama in front with a donkey and a couple of paint horses. It was one of the few in the area that has lamas so many people stop and look at it before they go on but not her as she is used to it. Driving past a few more ranches all with paints in the front, a few black and white, and a few brown in white, even a couple tri-colored paints. She reaches a big gate with a metal arch on top that says WolfWind R.. Pulling onto the hard packed dirt road she kicks up a bit of dust, that managed to avoid the rain, she passes a black horse with a bit of white on its hindquarters and withers marking that horse as a paint. She starts to slow down as she reaches a nice house with a good sized barn in the back. Stopping at a electric gate she types in the password and waits for the door to open.

Driving through the gate she splashes through many muddy puddles. As the gate closes a dog runs out to meet her as she reaches the house. She opens the car door to a muddy and wet dog. The dog barks at her as she steps out of the car and onto the road. Jumping up onto her the dog makes two neat paw prints on the front of her shirt.

"Down Tala," she says pushing the dog down off of her.

A guy walks outside and looks at them. "I told you it was a bad idea to get that collie she is way to hyper." Suma gave the guy a mean glare that makes him laugh. "I only speck the truth cause everyone knows border collies are over hyper puppies even when they are full grown. You need to get a few sheep or goats for her to chase around while you are away so she doesn't spook the horses and cause a stamped."

The dog kept barking at Suma as she looked at the guy. "You know you're getting no my nerves Koki?"

He nods, laughing. "Yep I sure do but it's only because I love you baby sis." She cast Koki a mean glare. "Ok, ok I know," he said putting up his hands. "Don't call you baby sis."

She took a few steps before the dog was beside her again. She pushed the dog out of the way and started walking toward Koki. He took a few steps back before she was on him, knocking him to the ground. They wrestled around in the mud for a while and then Tala runs up to them barking and wagging her tail in circles, jumping up and down. She pins him to the ground then stands up smiling happily. Koki stood up brushing off the dirt and mud that had collected on his blue jeans. He looked at Tala then to Suma and shook his head, knowing he had been beaten. Suma walks off around to the back of the house, with Tala at her heals, towards the barn. She stops and puts her fingers to her lips and whistled. The paint in the front perked up its ears and started trotting towards Suma tossing its head up and down happily. The paint stopped right in front of her and whinnied softly as Suma walked over towards it with Tala, again, at her heels. Suma put her hand on the paint's head and patted it softly as she leaned her head towards the paint's ears. Whispering something to the paint that made it throw its head up and run off towards the gate that is right in front of the barn.