Opposites Attract.

A woman walks into a bar,

Her fur coat swinging around her ankles,

Her teethas white assnow.

A man sits behind the bar,

He wears no coat just a blazer

His teeth as yellow as the sun.

She sits on a bar stool,

Scraping the chair as she sits down,

Sighing, she places her bag down in front of her

He gets off his chair

Makes no sounds as he gets up

Walking towards the woman, ready to take her order.

The woman sits, staring into space

Thinking out her problems

Wondering if her life will ever get back on track.

The man walks towards her,

With out a care in the world

Seems that his life is perfect in every way.

The woman looks at the man.

The man looks at the woman.

She then spills out her problems.

He listens intently to her every word

Fearing that if he doesn't listen to every word she would walk out of his life

The woman finally stops,

The man then starts

He tells her about his perfect life

The man suddenly stops

Leaving a deafening silence between them hanging in the air

The man and the woman talk for a bit more

Like friends at a high school reunion meeting each other after 10 years

They then walk out of the bar

The woman walking gracefully

The man bopping along side her.

And here the story begins

These two friends who were very different,

Opposites attract.

A/N I had to do that for a school compotition and we had to make up a poem from a picture we picked. I had a picture with a man and a woman at a bar. The woman look rich and the man...well...didn't. It would be nice to have a review...or ten. :-D