Lieutenant Alexander ran the dozen yards from the rock which he had been behind to a clump of bushes growing up around and ancient pine. He moved with the silence of one who knew that making too much noise was equivalent to suicide. Behind him, the dozen soldiers he was leading moved forward with equal skill. A hundred yards to the side of them, the Russian convoy was heading back to base. Thanks to the twists and turns in the road the convoy was forced to take, the Lieutenant and his soldiers had been able to catch up, ditch their vehicle a ways back in the woods and take up positions along the road.

Across the road, Lieutenant Alexander's other men, totaling another dozen, had already gotten in place for the ambush. A quartet of the soldiers on both sides was armed with anti tank weapons. The enemy convoy had two tanks and five personnel carriers. Alexander picked up his communicator to relay the battle plan to his entire platoon.

"Alpha Team anti tank personnel: Element one, you have the lead tank. Element two, take the second tank. Element three, lead carrier, four, second carrier. Bravo one, you assist Alpha one with the lead tank, Bravo two, same thing with the second tank. Three, take carrier three, four, take carrier four. Everyone else, concentrate all fire on Carrier five. Throw a few grenades as well. On my mark."

Alexander watched as the convoy drew closer. In the weak light of the early morning, it was hard to see the lead tanks gunner, but Alexander knew he was there. Propping up his machine gun on its bipod, he lined up the sights on where he knew the man to be.

As the lead elements of the convoy passed the middle of the ambush line, Alexander gave the order. "Mark." Almost before he finished saying the word, he pulled the trigger on his machine gun, sending forth a burst of gunfire. He was rewarded with a scream of agony coming across the morning air even before the rest of his platoon could pull their triggers. But pull them they did.

Eight warheads flew from the trees, instantly devastating the convoy. Three of the four targeted carriers blew spectacularly while the fourth was immobilized. Both of the tanks were gutted as flames washed over them, burning the surviving gunner alive and killing all the occupants. The combined fire of the rest of the platoon made the last carrier in line look like freshly made Swiss cheese. Screams reverberated through the woods, piercing the ears of the men and sending birds flying out of the trees. Soldiers began to leap out of the immobilized carrier and were cut down mercilessly. To complete the massacre, another warhead flew out of the woods and blew the Carrier. It had all taken less than thirty seconds.

Back where the Army had massacred the rebel villagers, the snipers had completed their own killings. Amidst the ruins of the village, a half dozen new bodies lay still, glistening blood oozing from their wounds, the original gush having been slowed. Both the sniper leader and Alexander radioed into Commander Vloch, their messages the same.

"Mission Complete."

North Korea

Kam Jung stared down the barrel of his fifty caliber machine gun, making sure not to do so much as twitch. The slightest movement in the foliage could draw fire from the armored personnel carrier's gunner. Farther up the trail at a point nearer the carrier then Kam, interspersed throughout the dense undergrowth, Kam's family lay in wait, thirsting for revenge on the army for their heinous act.

The whole group knew the plan. Kam had briefed them on what they were to do before hand. As the carrier reached the point where the fifty caliber would have maximum affect, Kam opened fire, instantly killing the gunner. He kept up his fire, sending shots pinging off of the armor plating. The driver of the carrier spun his vehicle around in order to put his armor between Kam and the door, so that the occupants could get out safely. Kam took his finger off the trigger and smiled. His part was nearly complete. Taking out a pair of grenades, Kam threw them one at a time. The first landed right under the carrier, while the second bounced off.

The grenades exploded, the one beneath the carrier flipping the vehicle onto its side. The screams resonating from the area told his some shrapnel had hit the enemy. Crouching back down, Kam got his finger ready on the trigger, and, exactly ten seconds after the first grenade exploded, in accordance with the plan, dozens of weapons opened fire from the other side of the carrier, pummeling the trapped soldiers with lead. A handful of them tried to rush around to the front of the overturned carrier, only to be cut down by Kam as he unleashed the fifty cal on them.

As the last enemy combatant fell to the ground, lifeless, Kam stopped firing and stood up. Through the jungle, he saw all his relatives begin to stand up as well. Slowly, the family approached the vehicle, being careful in case there were any soldiers clinging to life. When Kam got up next to the carrier, a quick check told him that they all were dead. Searching through the corpses, Kam found a man lying face down in the mud, Lieutenant ranks pinned to his lapels.

Kam flipped the body over and glanced at the name tag. Kam smiled knowing the name of the man he had killed. He was still smiling after he saw the cigar tucked into the man's breast pocket, and he continued to smile as he walked away, allowing the jungle to devour the corpses.


"Welcome Commanders. As you all know, we have recently rooted out the spy in our midst. He has been summarily executed, so as to prevent any further damage from his betrayal of our great land of China. Now, this unit will be able to operate to the best of its ability without the high command having to worry about its actions being compromised. Even as of now, leaves have been canceled and soldiers are being briefed. Within the day, we will…" The Captain tore his eyes away from the screen in his hands. Months ago he had rigged a remote to be able to move on his commands and relay all it recorded to his screen. Right now it was relaying video in real time from the command center twenty stories up.

Putting the portable screen down, the Captain turned back to the explosives, rewiring them to blow by remote detonators. He glanced down at his watch. He had seven minutes before the armory guard was supposed to be reporting in. With luck he would be done in two. As he worked, his heart was filled with a grim sense of satisfaction, knowing that his whole unit was currently inside the building. He felt no hesitation in his actions for fear of killing a fellow sympathizer because he knew the likelihood of there being any others was slim. This was an all volunteer unit, ready to serve its country with pride.

A minute and a half later, he finished the last piece of rewiring. The majority of the explosives in the room were wired to explode, and the remainder would cause secondary explosions. With any luck, he was about to create a fireworks display that would be seen across the entire city.

He glanced back down at the screen, still relaying the video feed from the remote. The remote was positioned just right, so that the commanding General appeared to be looking right into the Captain's eyes. The words the general spoke were filled with hatred, a hatred that was matched in the eyes. There was no goodness buried deep in the general. He was full of hatred. "…will finally be fulfilled! Now go! By this time tomorrow, the enemy will be reeling and we will be the dominating force on their islands. Then, the glory of China will be near at hand, and we will need only to reach out and grab it for it to be ours. Ready your men!"

As the commanders in the screen started to get up and leave, the Captain placed the screen back onto the ground and picked up the detonator. He entered the code activating the detonation button, and then put his finger over it. There was a moments hesitation, as he considered what would happen to his family. Closing his eyes, he muttered to himself.

"I love you." Then, he pushed the button.