Just a (probably poorly written) thing that sort of resembles a poem I wrote after being flamed by four people. :'( So yeah, it's depressing. It's about how I feel when people are insensitive. Or rude. Or purposely mean. Or anything like that.

This is probably really, really bad. But I had to write it. I had towrite all these emotions down.

If you're a flamer, please read this and see how I (and maybe others) feel when you flame me/them. Please don't flame this "poem".

WARNING: Extremely depressing. The writer was crying as she wrote this.


Why don't they care?

I'm a person too.

I made a mistake, and they hate me for it.


What did I ever do to them? I may have made a mistake, or did something they didn't like...what did I do?Why do they do it?

They bring the hammer down on my feelings and crack my happiness when they do this.

Do they realize how badly they've hurt me? Do they realize the pain I'm in? Do they realize the damage they've done?

Do they? If they do, why? Do they do it for fun? Do they hate me? Why?

Do they care that I am tired of it? That I want someone to care?

I don't need hate, or rudeness, or anything like that. I need love. I need caring friends.

I need people who know when to stop. That know how I feel.

I need true friends.

I was crying at my keyboard as I wrote this. I'm not kidding. I wish that people would understand me.

Please be kind in your reviews. If I get any.