When your mind feels all-empty

When the will can't find a way

When your thoughts are only on you

When your lips having nothing to say

When you're begging for a reason

When you're desperate for the truth

When you're looking for an answer

To what is wrong with you

When you're thinking about the past

Wishing there were one thing you could change

To prevent your world from ending

And making you smile a real smile again

When you've traveled along a good road

That's led you to your worlds best

When you start losing control of your destiny

When each moment is a test

When you see the world so differently

When you feel like you've portrayed a friend

According to you, they're all deceived

And your packing your saddle off into the sunset

What if there was hope

To drag you out of this dead end

What if you were blind sighted

To an opportunity on the horizon

What if you come to your senses?

That maybe your life isnt all about yourself

That maybe a simple kickstart

Could be about giving someone else some help

To be there for your friends regardless

When you're feeling at your worst

Smiling from those that know your existence

By putting them, not you, first