Open wounds reflected from the past

Destroy a Rusty Soul

A soul that has yet never worked to its full potential

Because disasters of stopped it from progressing

The light is never seen because the devastation never stops

A broken heart, a twisted mind

All hope for moving forward lost

But what about the soldiers who battle on regardless

They are all around us and their lives seem all but perfect

These soldiers are the people around us that see no reason to dwell

A rusty soul, a cloudy life never puts an end to their quest

It is all about progression and fighting through each hurdle

These soldiers are those that covert us

These soldiers are our friends and loved ones

These soldiers never let anything get in the way of making us happy

So why do we dwell when there are those that care

Our loved ones and friends go into battle to make sure that our sadness is spared

We may drown away our sorrows by flooding our eyes with tears about the past

Our friends, our family, fight through all to make a better future for us

So when someone is failing to reach their potential

Their goodness turning into rust because its never used

Bring a smile upon them and they will no doubt smile for you

Because they know that to dwell on the bad times from the past is to sink the ship for a smooth path for the future

Never dwell, be a soldier, be a battler like your friends

They will walk a million miles, fight a million wars and live a thousand different lives just so they can see you smile and your spirit high

Reward them without dwelling, your smile erases their failures

A smile heals the rust and a soul to live happily forever