Try and imagine this poem being read aloud to you in the voice of the guy at the end of Michael Jackson's Thriller, with a backdrop of the theme music to Nightmare on Elm street, or Halloween, and a spooky picture of a grinning Halloween pumpkin in the background. That was how I designed it, and I wrote it for my seven year old brother on Halloween night in 10 minutes. Also, try and take it in context, written for a little kid in 10 minutes. Enjoy…

Trick or treaters ye beware

Trick or treaters ye beware,
Yet come and enter if ye dare.
Knock the door or ring the bell,
If ye possess the strength of hell.

For ye be slain if ye come in,
To here.
For evil does reside within
And fear.

And fear the blackness of the night,
Monsters from which may bring a fright,
And if ye enter through the door,
Then fear will ye withstand no more.


Anyone wishing to actually see the poem as it was originally designed in .ppt file, email me with the request and your email address, and i will send it to you.