Chapter 1

-King's Pleasure-

Jessie is the most popular girl in school. She is the nicest it is possible to be with such a wild side to her. The guys called her the hottest in school, and she wasn't ignorant of that. She didn't flaunt it, either. She had only had three boyfriends her whole life, though rumor had it every boy in the school wanted her. And I am her closest friend.

Weird, I know. The reclusive, slightly anti-social quiet girl who makes top grades but doesn't talk to many people… Somehow, in freshmen year when we were put in the same study hall, she took an immediate liking to me. We became fast friends, and she understood me better than anyone. I knew six secrets about her that nobody else did, and she knew seven of mine. She didn't know my biggest secret of them all, though. Nobody did. You want me to tell you, a stranger? Well, okay.

I'm deep in it with Bishop Marley. Bishop is that blue-haired boy in the baggy black pants and Zoso shirt that I am staring at across the room. Yes, I admit it, the whole Render experience kind of made me have something for blue hair. His eyes were light green, surrounded by just enough black eye shadow. He had six rings, four on his left hand and two on his right, and he had five earrings. He had a single eyebrow piercing, and a tongue ring. He also had a labret in his lip. He was tapping his pencil wearily on the desk, with his head resting on his hand. He had chainmail around his wrist. He was so hot.

You know how I exaggerated about being obsessed with goths? Okay, so that was an exaggeration. My real obsession is with Bishop Marley. I'll even admit it. I mean, it's kind of hard to deny when I know every single one of his rings and can name what they look like and what finger they're on, what he had for lunch the past week, the exact date that he got his labret and eyebrow peircings, and his favorite band after Led Zeppelin. That he liked Led was no secret; he wore one of their shirts almost every day.

"Walter," Mrs. Harrison said. "Will you come up and answer the problem?" If you didn't know anyone in our class, you wouldn't know who the hell she was talking to. Nobody made the slightest reaction that their name was Walter. We all knew who it was, though. Mrs. Harrison sighed. "King, if you would grace us with your presence up at the board." There were sniggers as the only other goth in the room stood up and walked through the desks to the board.

This goth was, to some people (everyone but me) hotter than Bishop. He had black hair, and about seven eyebrow peircings. His eyes were a dark, dark blue, and his black lips were full. He was sexy, and he knew it, with his tight black jeans and his tighter black shirt that outlined every muscle on his torso. He had a ring on each finger, even his thumbs, and it was rumored that he always gave one to a girl after he… ahem… slept with her. Personally, I didn't think he would have enough money to buy a large enough supply.

Since I was watching Bishop so closely, I saw him hand off the piece of paper to King, who glanced at it frequently as he solved the problem. Heh. Solved. Right. Let me correct that: as he copied the problem.

I was sure Mrs. Harrison hadn't noticed, since we were allowed to bring our papers up to solve the problems anyway. But once he was finished, she took the paper from him and examined it.

"Wow, Walter, your handwriting sure dropped a few grades since I last saw it. And look at this! Instead of writing 4.234h, you wrote 4.234 x h! And here I thought Mr. Marley was the only one in my class who did that."

"Huh," he said nonchalantly. I had finally torn my gaze from Bishop to check out what was going on up front, but then I glanced back at him to see his reaction. There was none. He was just tapping his pencil, over and over. I figured he was stoned or something.

"Mr. Marley, may I see your paper?"

"Don't need a paper," Bishop said in a lifeless tone. Wow, he was really stoned. Usually his eyes actually had excitement in them.

"Oh really."

"Damn straight." Mrs. Harris knew better than to reprimand him on his language; she knew he was already booked for at least two months worth of detention these eight days into school. And he would only show up for the ones he felt like showing up to.

"Then if you wouldn't mind solving the second problem." He glanced at the board, and looked down. It was only four seconds before he answered (yes, I counted; I already admitted that I was obsessed).

"F is equal to one fifth of c plus a." Did I mention he was a genius with numbers? Mrs. Harrison pursed her lips.

"Mr. leClair, you may take a seat." Instead of doing what he was told, King went to lean on the desk beside Bishop's, causing the girl sitting there to shy away. Since they were too far away, I couldn't hear what they were saying. They spoke in murmurs, anyway. Surprisingly, Mrs. Harrison ignored them. I kept watching, though. King- Walter, whatever- was talking mostly, with Bishop giving short answers. He looked concerned.

"Miss Mitchell, please pay attention. Now I'm sure black is a very intriguing color, but you can find it on more places than King and Bishop." I blushed, averting my gaze quickly, but not so fast that King didn't catch my eye for a moment. He didn't look angry. Just amused.

"Sorry Mrs. Harrison," I mumbled. Mrs. Harrison was one of the few teachers that remembered my name. It was probably because I had to see her two times a week after school to get tutoring to pass her class. I wasn't great at math. So why was I in an AP class? I had to get into a good college. I figured I'd drop the course once I got accepted somewhere.

"It's alright, Miss Mitchell," she sighed, obviously upset over the recent air-headedness of her class. She returned to the board to explain how Bishop had gotten the answer as I drifted off to dreamland.

Just as I was thinking about what life would be like if Bishop didn't do drugs (hey, I'd never seen him do it, but come on) and if he talked to me, King walked back to his seat. But not before dropping a folded piece of paper on my desk. My breath caught in my throat as he left, not even making eye contact with me. If I had just come back from a twenty-mile run, my heart couldn't be beating any faster. I wanted to read the note, but first I did the third problem that Mrs. Harrison put on the board. Hey, I'm a goodie-goodie.

When I was finally done with the problem, I opened the paper under the desk and read. And scowled. Nice, King. Real nice.

You looking for a lay?

Yes, apart from being the god of the goths, King was the school sex god. He was actually popular. You might think that's weird, but our high school is that way. We're all rebels at heart here, so obviously the lead rebel is our idol. He doesn't really have friends outside of his gang of goths, but everyone knows him. He's completely against the stereotype for goths; he loves to joke and laugh, even if he has the blackest sense of humor in the world. The other goths seem to think that it's only socially acceptable for him to know everyone. The other goths hardly talk to anyone outside their circle.

Hearing a snicker, I looked up to see Bishop smirking at me. The side of my brain that woke up when I was playing Warhammer, the tactical side, woke up, and I evaluated the enemy positions. I was outnumbered, two to one. I had only enough ammo to destroy half of their forces. The Hot One (hey, I was playing army, I had to have code names) was in easy range, but he was… You know, the Hot One. Jackass was behind me, in a good position to take me from behind if I didn't act against him now.

Oh, screw it. Bishop's going down.

I chucked the paper at his stupid, snickering, hot face, and it hit him in the forehead. Ha. Serves him right, the hot jackass. He cheerily flipped me off, and I rolled my eyes before looking forward at the board. And I had to look forward. If I didn't, I would be biting my lip to keep from crying.

Bishop flipped me off. Great way to start off a relationship. Make someone flip you off. Damn it, I was that much further away! Damn it, damn it, damn it! I should've pelted Captain Jackass. Hey, at least he looked at me. At least his eyes were lively.

What the hell am I thinking? He fucking hates me!

Damn it!

"Tomorrow, if we could all please come in a bit more… Respectfully? Dismissed." I sighed and rubbed my forehead, wondering if I had time to make it to the bathroom to cry or if I just had to hold it in. As I shoved my books into my bag and a shadow appeared over me, I knew it would have to wait.

"So what do you say, doll?" Doll? Who called girls "doll" anymore?

"You have a weird way of interpreting me throwing stuff at your cronies, leClair." No way would I call him King. Absolutely no effing way. And if I called him Walter, he would so lock me in a janitor's closet. So I settled for his last name. It was French, I think. Heh… King, the almighty goth, the sex god of… France? Heh.

"Come on, you know you want me."

"Change your dose, leClair, you're becoming even more disillusioned than usual." I stood with my bag, and believe me, I had every intention of leaving. No, really! What happened next was not what I was planning, not in a thousand million years! It was just… A cruel twist of fate. With a pinch of (lack of)pride mixed in. And it had a lot to do with my obsession with Bishop.

"Forget her, King, you've got better things to do then waste your time with a good little mama's girl like her," Bishop said. My temper flared, as well as my cheeks. Oh my God, this was the most embarrassing thing in my life. And Bishop thought I was a wuss.

Don't blame me for this, okay? I'm just obsessed.

I turned to leClair, ignoring the annoyed look Bishop was giving me. I assumed he was just expecting one of my famous (heh, I wish) retorts. Well, I sure showed him.

"What time can you pick me up?"

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