HTSP Squared(God mode)

Hi again. HTSP Squared must have been an okay manga. Yeah it didn't have much action or anything, but apparently it was funny. I'm not bragging or anything, but the people that reviewed liked it and I thank them.

As good as it possibly was, it was riddled with punctuation errors and notmakesensical errors. This was mostly due to not proofreading at all. As with Angel of Darkness and Miracle Makers I write in a journal and then type it on to the computer, making whatever changes I think necessary. That's the final product. In HTSP Squared(God mode) I will proofread and then change the name when I get past where I already was in the story. Think of it as Version2.0. And without further ado, to the story!

Authors note. The paragraph dividers are hearts, not V3's.

"Zack, are you sure you want to go? I mean, there are no adults on the boat to supervise your behavior. You know teenagers."

"I think I can handle it, mom" Said a 5'5, dirty blonde, 14 year-old boy.

Zack was your average kid except for one thing; he knew how to control people a lot better than others. He had heard about a luxurious 7-day cruise in the Caribbean on a special boat. The only adults living on the boat would be the chefs, bartenders, and room service people. To enter the competition, contestants put their names on a piece of paper and dropped it in a box in a designated area of a city, town, or village. If you were one of the lucky participants that won the competition, your name will be announced once and only once on a television program. At about 8:00 names would be announced on TV. Zack had tennis practice after school that day so he couldn't watch the listing show. He figured that he wasn't going to win because every kid from countries all over the world could enter the competition and the chances were pretty low that he was going to win.

His mom drove him down to tennis in her Mercedes and dropped him off. After winning and losing a couple of games, it started to rain. Luckily for Zack, tennis ended an hour early. Zack didn't even call his momto pick him up; he just ran home as fast as he had ever run before. He ran through the pouring rain for quite some he got home he didn't care if he was soaked or not, he logged on to NETworks, his Internet service provider. No matter what else he had to do, he always got on the Internet to see what was going on; it was like a ritual for him. He clicked the link to the teens section on the glowing computer screen and saw a headline that said "Stupid Kid Loses Chance of a Lifetime". Zack rushed to the tube and flipped to channel 7. "Zack Lovestrong, this is your last warning. You have fifteen minutes to call 1-800-Kid-cruz." Zack fumbled with the phone and dropped it a few times because of the shock. He dialed the number. Busy. He dialed again. Busy. Other people must have been trying to say that they were him.

"Come on Zack! This is your chance!" he thought. He dialed the number frantically for ten minutes until he made one last life changing call.

"Hello? This is Zack Lovestrong. I accept!" Zack said hastily.

"The password that you put on the signup sheet was?"


"YOOOOOUUUUUU'RE IN!" announced the voice on the TV as well as on the phone.

Zack was ecstatic; he rolled around on the ground kicking his legs up in the air, "YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, WOOOOHOOOOO!"

Then his parents walked in from their dinner with a business partner.

"Zack, honey, are you alright?" his mother asked.

"Hell yeah!" He blurted, "I mean of course I am, mom!"

"Umm…. That's nice," said his dad unenthusiastically as he turned on the news.

Can you guys wait to see what happens? Oh. You can? Damn.