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The boat was like a moving river of flowers flowing into the ocean. The ocean was beautiful, but overshadowed by the beauty of the flowers and garden on the top deck. Cherry blossom petals rained from the ship, scattering floating heaven on the surface of the ocean. The rose garden was visible with colors that conveyed every mood possible. And in the garden, instead of lakes and hot springs, there were pools and hot tubs indiscriminately placed in the middle of the dense floating forest. The hot tubs even created a mist effect in the garden.

"Greetings, passengers," said a crackly voice. The airplane was diving toward the ship. Flowers were lifted into the air and were blowing against the windows, "We have reached our destination. Your room numbers will be dropped down from the ceiling."

From the oxygen back compartment, plastic keycards dropped like a gift from the heavens. Some kids tried to catch theirs, some were still in awe that they even got in.

Instantly, shouts of, "I got this! What did you get?" were heard throughout the plane.

Zack, being a normal kid, did the same thing as the others and asked, "Sara, what room did you get?"

"717, and you?" she answered.

"714," he looked at the map of rooms and parts of the ship that was printed on the back of his card and room key. Only his room, and the surrounding four or five rooms were shown on his card, "Cool, we're right across from each other."

"Attention, passengers," spat the speakers that once played music of all forms from around the globe. We are now landing. Please buckle your seatbelts."

There wasn't a loud clicking of seatbelts this time around. Everyone was too excited to buckle his or her seatbelts. Either that, or the tweens and young adults that were on the plane just didn't give a damn about what happened to them.

As they drew near to the ship, a chill ran through the heart of many passengers. Were they going to crash into the deep, dark unknown, or land in the middle of a forest on a boat? The aircraft plunged toward the cerulean waters adjacent to the ship from miles in the air. People screamed, people buckled their seatbelts, people fainted. Without a scrap care for the feelings of the passengers, the pilot's voice, riddled with static, just started to chuckle. A long runway pulled slowly out of the ship before they could crash into the ocean that they were so enamored with earlier. They hit the ground rather roughly.

"Attention, passengers," said the voice, now cool and mysterious sounding again. "As soon as you hit the runway, you must run towards the foliage as fast as you can. If you do not run fast enough, you will fall into the water and die. I doubt that any of you will, but if you do, it's truly not my fault, now is it?"

Zack sprinted towards the plants and ran down the stairs that were marked for them to go down. Instead of getting on an elevator, he ran down the stairs to avoid clutter and a long wait. When he got out at the next marked door, he saw a tropically themed atrium. Paintings of tropical flora were strewn all over the walls to the point that they looked like wallpaper. The carpets were covered in a small layer of white sand so that flip flops or bare feet would be acceptable attire for the atrium. There was a bar in one corner because there weren't any drinking laws on the ship. Zack went into an elevator that was shaped like a giant coconut with four small circle shaped holes for windows.

When he got upstairs, he walked to the fourteenth room on the left. He gleefully unpacked his belongings and looked off of his balcony. Zack watched the people on the land, watching the boat that was as large as a supertanker. He watched the buildings that looked small below him. He looked at the children his age that watched sadly because they couldn't be him. He watched the brothers and sisters of the occupants of the ship sulking into their parents cars. Then, the boat began to move. The water started to ripple and then began to trail along behind the seemingly stationary end of the boat. Zack's blond hair blew back slowly in the slight breeze. Dolphins jumped in the air and swam away from the boat. Fish darted to safety under the ultramarine waves. The people and buildings got smaller and smaller until he couldn't see them anymore. Zack began to grow bored of looking off of the balcony as the water wasn't as clear as it was once he got out to sea, and there wasn't anything visible but dark waves.

He flopped onto his bed and turned the TV to the anime station. "Miracle Makers"( A/N: I wrote this part way back in Sept 2k3, so this proves that MM is an older fic than that ) was on. Zack was a big fan who even dressed like Genkage once in a while. He was disappointed at the ship's stupid commercials of different spots that people were messing around at. He idolized an animé character, so he worked out to look like him. But even with a nicely sculpted body, Zack was afraid to go up the misty, jungle-themed top deck. It wasn't the wild animals that scared him. It was the wild animals that were teenagers, especially older ones. He wanted some people to go with him, so he looked for the boat phone book so he could call Nick and Sara. There had to be way more than 1500 people on the ship, because the phone book was almost a six inches thick. He knew Sara's number already, but he didn't know Nick's. They all agreed that they should meet at 7 pm at pool Tiger.

Pool Tiger was very nice looking at the seven o'clock sunset. True to its name, there were Tigers walking around the pool, out of reach of the swimmers. There was a rock formation that was tinted green with microscopic organisms. It dripped water into the pool, which was more of a dark teal color, simulating jungle water. The pool area was veiled by mist and the ground around it was covered with ferns, vines, and droopy palm trees. The occasional roaring of Tigers added to the jungle setting. Zack was just approaching it when Sara showed up wearing an itsy bitsy teeny-weeny orange tiger stripe bikini. Nick came about five minutes later shirtless with short jeans on instead of swim trunks. Zack put his foot in the water, expecting a shock, but the water was comfortably warm. There were about thirty other kids in the spacious pool and they looked like they were enjoying themselves, so there couldn't be any harm in jumping in.

When the sun had set at about nine o'clock, the band of five girls with the same name, Jenny, came slowly up to the three newly made friends with some kind of waterproof notebook.

"Nice thong!" said Nick, staring at the peaches that were staring back at his face.

"Thank you," replied Jenny.

"No, not you, I meant Jenny!" he said, in a futile attempt to clear up the confusion.

"I am Jenny," she said.

"Just screw it!" Nick said, giving up hope of any bit of intelligence in these girls.

"So, like, totally back to work, are you two like, an item?" Jenny said.

"Well, err... um... you see... ah... ," said Zack, whose face had turned such a deep shade of scarlet that if you ever saw him, you could even say he glowed .

"Ya," answered Sara, nonchalantly, "Isn't it obvious."

Zack's face turned even redder, but he smiled and went along with whatever she said.

"Why'd you wanna know?" she asked.

"Taking notes," said Jenny, showing her notebook, "Duh!"

"Look! It's uh…. Ryan Phillipe(A/N: had to do a google search on that one -;)!" shouted Zack, trying to make a diversion.

"Nice try." Jenny said, rolling her eyes. "That'd be like, the gazillionth time somebody tried that one on me. I'm not some dumb blo-"

"Oh my god! He's butt naked!" Sara said.

The Jennies, some other girls, and one or two guys instantly turned their heads to look at the imaginary nude celebrity. Zack and Sara made a beeline to Zack's room. Nick just sat there fixated on the five thongs. Zack ran back, grabbed Nick, stared a little, himself, and ran.

"Like, where'd he go?" asked Jenny, perplexed at the disappearance of their celebrity pretty boy.

"Like, totally beats me," replied the other, equally as bewildered.

"Whew, that was close," said Zack. He sat on his bed, Sara sat on a chair, and Nick sat on the toilet seat.

"First off," said Zack, "what was that all about, Sara?"

"I wanted to make them think we were a couple so they wouldn't spread nasty rumors instead of thinking it as a concrete fact. If that happened, then we wouldn't be able to deny it when the time was right," She explained, "Easy enough, right?"

"I guess," answered Zack, "moving right along, the night is young! Let's go to the club!"

"I'll go with." Sarah said.

"Meet ya there." Grunted Nick, "by the way, Zack?"


"Can I use your toilet?"

Zack closed the door hard behind him when he walked out of his room, and shook his head in pity for the poor boy.


Zack and Sara went down the pineapple shaped elevator to one of the four nightclubs.

"Let's see," started Sara, "We have Aqua, Fire, Leaf, and Wind."

"Aqua sounds good." Said Zack.

"Yeah, it's the closest."

The walls were hollow glass filled with light blue lava lamp fluid, tropical fish swam beneath the glass floor. In the middle of the club, there was a huge circular column with a great white shark inside. The seats were all clear. In fact, the whole room was made of glass!

"DAMMIT!" roared Sara.

"What?" Zack asked.

"I told Jennies that we were a couple and that means that I have to stay with you!"

"So?" asked Zack, wondering what he did wrong.

"Well, there are like, a million hot guys here!"

"Me being one of them!" countered Zack.

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. Whaddarewegonnado!?"

"Go with the flow," Zack said, "Do you consider yourself an extreme person?"


"I don't consider myself one either, but at school everyone thinks I'm a quiet, boring-ass kid whose only friends are on MessengerNET. I don't like that image. I want to be popular, and here I can change that. I want to make these seven days count," Told Zack, So, Sarah do YOU want to be popular?"

"Sure." She replied.

"Well since you're in on this, you have to shake my hand on not getting emotionally or somehow, in some strange, freaky way, physically attached to me."

"Not a very hard thing to do!" she said.

"I'll do anything to achieve my goal ok?" said Zack, ignoring the subtle insult, "So I'm going to go to the center by the shark, because everyone isn't already there."

"Why aren't people there?"

"People our age tend to be self conscious. There's a camera that will zoom in on there in thirty seconds and show it on that huge TV in the middle. The TV occasionally interrupts television with commercials of people in the pools, atrium, arcade and whatever. There are a couple of people that are willing to act fools on camera, but they're all in fire. Now quickly, run!"

The two ran towards the tank in the center of the dance floor and stood by it.

"Five. Four. Three. Two. One," Zack counted, while saying every swear word he knew under his breath.

At the count of one, Zack pinned Sarah onto the wall and pressed his lips against hers. The entire club went silent.

"HEY! Isn't that the kid who-"

A/N: I bet some of you are wondering why this is in the manga section. A.) Because I want it to be, and B.) because I read somewhere that the definition of manga is "A story about normal people being placed into abnormal situations." So I guess this fits, right?

A/N: If you think I copied "The Jennies" from "The Ashleys" from the cartoon "Recess", then you're wrong. But you do have reason to be suspicious. I hadn't seen Recess until early 2004 when I first learned of the joys of Toon Disney jk jk. But I hadn't seen Recess at the time I had written it, and when I did see it, I was all, "Oh balls….. they're gonna think I copied."

But, to make a long paragraph short, it's your call on whether you believe me or not. Sayonara! Oyasumi nasai.

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