I Wish

You look at me and smile

I sit beside you and we talk

We get on so well

This is why I wish that we could talk,

Talk about what happened

Why cant I help you

You helped me

Helped me to face my past

Helped me to look forward to my future

I wish I could help you during these harsh times

Help you to cope with everything

Then you could show everyone that you can deal with it and you do know who they feel.

They look at you, some with disgust

Other with pity

The rest with confusion

They wonder why you hurt them

But they can help you to deal with your pain

Is it only me that can see your hurting

Is it only me that can see the pain in your eyes

I wish I knew how to let you know

I wish I could take this pain instead of you

I wish I could stop you,

Stop you from hurting yourself

I wish that you knew just how much you mean to me

I wish I could destroy the pain inside of you

Help you to realise just how much you have to live for

I want to yell out live now and don't dwell on the past.

But when I see your face, see your smile,

I cant do it, I cant bear to destroy the only time you seem to be happy,

I cant bear to see the smile disappear

I wish that you could trust me, confide in me

But I realise that you don't want to add onto my pain

I wish that you could hear me,

But what can I possibly say to you to make you feel happy again

Is there anything I could say that would make you wipe away the tears

I wish I could let you know.

But I know now all I can do is wish.