Night Time Magic

Karen Rose

NOTES: I wrote this when I was 15. It was published by the International Library of Poetry...or at least is should have been...I didn't by the anthology so it might not have been!

As I sit on the steps at night

I see the moths and bats in flight

I hear the rustling of the trees

As they're blown by the night time breeze

I see the dark in the sky above

Holding the stars in its black silk glove

The moon it shines with a smiling face

As shooting stars fly into space

I hear the river running wild

As it cries and weeps like a little child

The air is damp and the cold wind blows

Carrying the scent of a sweet summer rose

As I sit on the steps at night

In the darkness, no natural light

It's quieter now while everyone sleeps

With the shooting stars and the river that weeps