The River's Lesson

Karen Rose

NOTES: I wrote this when I was 17. It was published by the International Library of Poetry's millennium anthology...or at least is should have been...I didn't by the anthology so it might not have been!

Running waters, constant and strong

With evey trickle and splash, a song

They sing for us, to listen, to hear

But only with open heart and ear

Babbling brook and river wild

Both laugh and play like a little child

But both get angry when rain comes to stay

For no longer can they laugh or play

With anger a fear comes a lesson in life

It's hard to find but as sharp as a knife

The river passes us by so fast

Looking forward and not to the past

Out of the boundaries of time and space

Meet all those who listen to rivers with faith

Because they hear the lesson that life must go on

And not let anger and fear do us wrong