A Thought Inside My Head

Karen Rose

NOTES: be kind, I wrote this when I was 13! It was published ny the International Library of Poetry in their 1999 anthology (I think that was the year anyway!)

Something creeping forward

Something in my head

A thought that's long forgotten

A thought that I was dead

In a graveyard late at night

As the clock strikes one

Something shining in the darkness

Something called a gun

Noises by the gravestones

Noises coming close and fast

I am breathing in a breath

A breath that is my last

As the finger pulled the trigger

The noise went all around

The bullet got me in the chest

I screamed and hit the ground

When I woke up I was boiling hot

I was lying on the floor

I sat up and looked around

As my parents rushed through the door

It was a nightmare, so I was told

As I climbed into my bed

It was just a dream, a thought

A thought inside my head