A Little

I thought my tears would only drown you.

And in my sight-

a mere reflection of a somber child without direction,

a little awe struck,

taken on by the mad expression,

I thought it would be easier to love you a little less.

"She is wild." That's what they say about about me.

I bet all my chips on black 13 and then I'm running,

cracked glass of aspiration,

feeling full of desperation,

I turn to watch you leaving me again.

I'm always saying 'Goodbye' to you in the end.

I had answered you,

paralyzed to the question that was laced with fear.

And it's so cold in my bare feet,

frostbite to the touch of something sweet,

Everytime I breathe, I want you more.

I once felt the warmth of the sunlight

through the breaks in the leaves;

I closed my eyes hoping it would hide me,

Little girl,

your the splitting image of your daddy's dreams.

I always wonder how it was supposed to be-

you and me,

My soul could never find the words,

so I let the music speak through the melody of my guitar strings.

I need to find a little me,

I need to find a little peace.