"Hello, Liberty Inn, this is Kathryn." It was Wednesday, and I was already tired.

"Kat! Oh, I'm so glad I caught you." I groaned as the familiar voice met my ear. Mom. "Every time I called, your clerk, Sara, told me you weren't here. So I called in the morning, so I knew you'd be almost the only one there."

Again, I groaned. "Mom, it's only now just 7:00! Why the heck are you calling me at this time? You could've called my cell or something."

"Nonsense, Kat! This is urgent."

I rolled my eyes. "Urgent" for my mother could simply mean she got a hair cut. Still, she's my mom. I had to listen. So, I said, "Fine, mom, I'll talk for a few minutes."

"Well, excuse me, Kathryn. But, this is urgent! Krystal, she got engaged!"

I groaned. "Mom! When's the date? Because I swear if you're going to set it soon, I'll kill you! She lives in California, you know!"

"Kat, I wouldn't do that to you. Sometimes I may seem in a rush to have a daughter get married—"

"Yeah, sometimes…"

"—But I wouldn't just set it soon…OK, it's kind of soon. I get you're point. Fine, Kat I'm in a hurry."

"Yeah, whatever. Thanks for finally admitting it. When is the date set?" I pushed myself onto the counter behind me.

"Sorry, sweetie, but it wasn't only me…Umm, it is set for 2 months from Saturday."

"Wow…October wedding. Is it outside?"

"Yes, I've given the date to the country club in San Diego. We're going to do the ceremony outside and have the reception in there."

"Oh, wow, sounds romantic, having a wedding outside in autumn with all the colored leaves…Well, thanks for telling me mom, call with other info when you get it."

My mother sounded relieved I wasn't mad. "Sure, Kat. Bye, Love you."

"Yeah, love you too Mom." I hung up the phone. Then I finally took off my sunglasses and put my purse on the counter next to me. I wanted to just sit on that counter, lean back, and think…

Instead, I jumped off quickly. The only reason I was here almost everyday at 7:00 was to make sure everything was going smooth. A lot of the people staying didn't get up until 7:00 or later anyway, so I could monitor the breakfast, checking out, blah, blah, blah…

First I had to watch the phones for a while, until Sara came in. Laura and the cook (Bethany) had already come in, so I then went to the kitchen to make sure the breakfast food was fine. I also had to see Laura to make sure no customers were complaining too much or being a bother.

I checked with maids to make sure they were fine, too. Most importantly, I had to be at the desk after all that was done (usually 8:00 or 8:30). That way, I could check people in and out, see to any customers with comments or questions, and handle the phone/computer with Sara's help. By 11:30, I'd already been complaining about people a lot. Finally, Sara, who was annoyed, told me to go get lunch for her and me.

"OK, Sara, I got the sandwiches…But why were you so annoyed with me? I've complained to you before and you never asked me to go to Subway!" I walked up to the desk carrying 2 bags and my purse. Once I set down the bags, I noticed Sara was smiling dreamily. "Oh, and now you're happy?" She didn't answer, so I said, "Hello, Sara?"

She finally looked at me. "Oh, hi, Kat. Which sandwich is mine?"

I pointed to the one on the right. "OK, but then will you tell me why you're so happy?"

"Oh, is that what you asked?" she smiled again. "Kat, I know you probably don't want to hear this with all the problems you have finding love…But I really, really love Jason. You should meet him!"

I smiled. "Actually, Sara, I have met him. It was my party, you know. I'm glad you're happy. Let's eat, then."

She took a bite out of her sandwich, then said, "By the way, your sister called. She said to call back as soon as you can."

"Which sister? I have two."

"I don't know. I never ask people their names, even if they want to talk to you. But, she did say, "Damn, I need to get a life."

"Oh. Kim. I have no idea why she'd want to talk. Maybe Kris was too busy and asked Kim to give me some details…Well, I might as well call her now."

Sara looked at me. "Details on what?" I ignored her and went outside to talk. "Oh, come on Kat, what details?"

The phone was ringing, however, and Kim picked up, so I couldn't answer her even if I'd wanted to. "Hello?" she answered.

"Hey, Kim. What was the call about earlier?"

"Umm…Actually, it's about the wedding. You and Prue are supposed to fly out a week early to help with the preparations."

I sat on a bench. "Wait, a week? I don't know if Prue wants to miss that much school. She hates missing even one class. Anyway, why didn't she tell me herself? She can't be too busy; it's over 2 months from now."

"I don't know, I'm just a messenger. Well, Kat, I've got to go. I'm trying to find a job."

"Bye, Kim. Love you."

"Love you, too. Bye." And she hung up.

I sat on the bench a while, very annoyed. I didn't even want to leave work for a week. I tried calling Kris, but she wasn't home. So instead I went inside, got coffee, and spent an interesting afternoon with a man who was annoyed because we couldn't get his luggage from the airport for him.

"Hey, Mom, what's the plan for this week?"

I looked up from the book I was reading. "What do you mean? I have to go to work, believe me, we aren't going anywhere."

Prue flopped onto the couch next to me. "I know. But, still, you don't have any parties or girls' night outs?"

"No, not this week, unfortunately. I guess this weekend will be pretty much the same as last. I probably have to work. Sorry, sweetie."

"That's okay. Do you have any news for me? You seemed kind of happy when you came to school today."

I smiled mysteriously. "You'll never know."


I started to walk away. "Nope, you'll never ever figure it out."

"Come on, one little hint?" She followed me up the stairs.

I turned. "Nope."

"Mom, you have to tell me!"

"No, you're the daughter, I'm the mom. I can keep it all to myself. At least for a while."

"But it concerns me. I know. You wouldn't be being so mysterious otherwise."

"Yeah, it does…"

"Mom, tell me!"

"Fine! You know I can't keep a secret." I went back down the stairs and flopped onto the couch.

"Oooooo…What is it? Is it really that exciting?" She sat cross legged at the end of my feet.

"Fine." I sat up. "Krystal is getting married. It's 2 months from Saturday in San Diego. And we're supposed to leave a week before to help with everything."

"Oh, Mom, this is so great! I'm going to be in a wedding! Oooooo, I wonder what I'll wear? What will I carry? What'll-?"

I smiled at her, all the time wishing she could be this excited about me, not her aunt. But, no, I just sat there, her mom with nothing to get excited about.