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Note: Previously known as Chemistry With Love

Seeing Eye to Eye

Author: Soumyanee

Chapter I: Stuck in the Middle


I have two sets of twins in my family. They're all boys and if that's not bad enough I'm stuck right in the middle. I'm the "go-between", you know, the person who's bestowed with the job of breaking up the fights the twins have, the one who acts as a messenger when they refuse to communicate and the only one who has to side with both the parties when there is a war waging on. I am the only one without a companion. The sad thing about being stuck in the middle is that you're always on your own.

At the age of eighteen Matt and Chaise are the eldest twins. The two are nothing alike. Everything about each other is the complete opposite. Imagine it this way, if Matt is supporting the South Pole, then surely Chaise would be found supporting the North Pole. They differ from their personalities, looks, and dress sense or for that matter even in their "female" sense. I mean it's strange really, considering if you are born identical twins, you are supposed to look just a tad bit similar right? Well, they certainly don't.

Now when it concerns Travis and Jason, they are completely differing to the pervious pair. The two eight-year-old menaces are entirely and annoyingly identical. They're both like a carbon copy of each other. Whatever Travis does, Jason has to do the same thing. They are partners in crime and when caught they put on an innocent façade which is unbearable and somehow always seems to work in their favour. Fortunate for them, however unfortunate for us. I believe my grandmother is the only being on this planet that can tell the difference between the two if they dressed in the same attire, which they do by the way. I have to congratulate her; she has to put up with them.

My father – Jonathan Matthews – is a busy man. He is a workaholic who seems to find time and love for his job, however never any devotion to his two sets of twins or his inconspicuous daughter. His rules and guidelines match his strict demeanour and his attitude towards life and his children. I see him more as an owner who owns and is responsible of his five kids then a dedicated father. My dad does work hard, but sometimes the money he makes doesn't seem to hold the value anymore. He is a bitter man. My mother's death was the result of his outlook on his life, ever since she left. It was also the result of his attitude towards Anna-Lea. He didn't know who to blame for my mother's death so the closest he could find was this little girl.

As for my nanna? Let's not go there.

Ok… if you must.

The woman is psychotic and mentally deranged. Well, not literally of course, but still, she can be quite scary when she wants to be. Uh… scratch that, she's always scary. Last year when Halloween came around my nanna refused to give little kids candy and instead told them that if they didn't shove off, she would keep them hostage and feed their bodies to the skeletons residing in our basement.

You know what? As ridiculous as that sounds, they believed her. Heck for a minute I did too… if you haven't guessed already she can be very manipulative.

No matter how horrible and mean she is (believe me she is) if it weren't for her, the five of us would not only be emotionally deprived but also parentless, as my father never seems to be around.

And then there is finally me. So you're curious about me eh? Well… stop, don't be. I'm not the most exciting person in the world. No, wait, I'm not exciting full stop! But since you guys are dying to know about me, might as well.

I'm the only girl in my family save my grandmother, but she doesn't count. I'm quite often than not virtually forgotten and ignored. Middle Child Syndrome, that's what they call it. It's when the middle children - in this case me - is virtually uncared for and hardly noticed. I actually don't blame my family; I mean I'm so puny for my age. I'm nearly 16 and look like I'm a 13 year old, who's still going through puberty.

Ok, so I'm exaggerating, but seriously it does feel like it. Unfortunately my inability to "socialise" is another cause why I'm so unnoticed. In other words, I'm not only small, but also rather quiet. Not only that but I'm also the youngest in my grade of year 11, so, many times I'm looked "down" upon, as if I've done some crime. Evil people.

I think my grandmother is the only person in this world who doesn't treat me as if I'm some weak person. Well, to tell you the truth I don't think the woman would sympathise with a 90-year-old grandmother who is lying in her deathbed, so I guess you can say she doesn't count. Nevertheless the majority of the people who know me treat me like I'm some fragile doll who will break any second. Really, I'm not. Just because I'm shy and don't speak out when its not necessary doesn't mean I'm mute!

It's not like I have a sign on my forehead saying "FRAGILE: HANDLE CAREFULLY".

No matter how many times I try to explain this to people they don't seem to understand me. This offcourse aggravates me even more!

So as I was saying, I'm virtually a non-existent being. At home and at school. But that doesn't mean I'm a social retard who doesn't have any friends. I've got a fair few.

Ok I have two.

Go on laugh? I know you want to so I won't stop you.

Done yet?

Anyways, two is more then enough for me. I mean I have known Toni Martinez and Conan Jacobs ever since we were tiny tots playing and pulling each other's hairs. We were always close, so we didn't find the need to befriend others. We were the most unlikely threesome that could ever exist. We disagreed on practically everything and always bitched about each other whenever we had a chance. However that didn't stop us from being the best of friends.


Toni is the type of girl who stands up for herself. She doesn't follow what everyone believes; on the contrary she makes an effort to be the odd one out. No matter how out of place she seems to appear, she is one chick everyone envies. No one questions her motives, they all know and respect her for who she is. She's smart, opinionated, artistic, cynical, nice – "DYLAN?" - and rather annoying.

"What?" I snapped my face set in annoyed expression I turned towards her.

"Where have you been girl?" she questioned with one eyebrow raised and her hand on her hip, "I've been talking for a full five minutes and here you are nodding to things that you usually never nod to."

I rolled my eyes, Toni does not talk, oh no, she rants her head off, regardless of what the topic is about or wether it concerns the listener or not.

"I was listening…" I retaliated stubbornly, "I just - "

I was rudely cut off when Conan squealed, "Oh… look what's entered through the doors!" I followed his arm, which was pointing towards the main school entrance.

Hold up.

You guys don't even know what's happening right? Let your's truly explain. Well me, Toni and Conan were standing near our lockers while I was daydreaming about nothing in particular. I have those moments where I doze off and am literally dead to the world. It takes a whole two minutes for my brain to snap back to reality, thus resulting in my slow uptake just before.

So here we were minding our own little "unsociable" business (as many people would put it) when Conan (who I forgot to mentionlooks likea total geek with the whole combo: glasses, braces and slight acne) pointed excitedly towards the large doors.

That's where ladies and gentlemen, my trouble started. I shouldn't have looked, I should've just ignored what Conan said and walked off to homeroom. But no, does Dylan ever listen to her conscience? Well if you really like to know, it's a definite no.

If I didn't make eye contact with him he wouldn't have stopped.

You know when you watch those clichéd teen movies and the lead characters enter through the high school main doors and suddenly everything slows down and becomes utterly cool? Well that's what happens every time him and his cronies enter the school. The whole corridor magically stops what they were previously doing and stare at the non-existent wind blowing in their perfect faces and perfect hair.

More like gawk.

I mean the guy isn't even good-looking. So what if he has silky brown hair that's always perfectly slicked back around his immaculate face? Or the fact that his cerulean orbs are the source of the banging made by your heart? Or the perfectly sculpted abs that he obtains is the source of the drool forming around your mouth or the fact that his lop-sided grin can merely throw you head over heels?

Fine… I lied. So the guy is drop dead gorgeous who seems like a walking talking sex god. Shoot me.

It's really unfair. He doesn't notice people like me, or well… just me. I've had a huge crush on Quinton Reid ever since he called me ugly in fifth grade. He's the reason for my existence. Put him and me in a room and he won't know what hit him!

Ugh, my sick mind and me. Ignore I just said that. He'd probably drop dead anyway. Seriously though, he's so damn gorgeous! Not only that but he's also really nice.

Unfortunately, in every teen movie the hot guy always has a perfect, beautiful and blonde bimbo-ish girlfriend. This one obviously is no different, however the girlfriend is not so bimbo-ish and definitely not a blonde.

I mean what does he see in her that he doesn't see in me?

Uh… don't answer that.

Marika Bentley was not a bimbo. She was far from that. She's not only beautiful but also very smart. She gets good grades in school, she's excellent at acting, she has a gorgeous boyfriend, a perfect family, teacher's love her, students love her, the principal loves her and practically the whole school loves her. She's smart, rich, and absolutely popular. She's even nice to everyone, wether it be the geeks, losers or the middles. We all think she's perfect.

She's like a walking talking Barbie doll. Everyone wants to be her. Marika is not only oblivious to the attention she receives she doesn't seem to realise that she's perfect in every way and in every angle.

Like nearly the whole population of Teresa High School, I wish I were she.

Hah! Like that's ever going to happen.

Quinton Reid and Marika Bentley were the most popular couple in school, not the fake loving one's either - they were truly and absolutely in love.

I just wish I were that girl. Who doesn't?

"God he is just so yummy!" the boy next to me exclaimed, again rudely breaking me out of my reverie. Yes, you read right, I did say boy and that said boy is a Bi-sexual specimen and is none other than Conan Jacobs himself. Lord knows when he turned one, one day he came up to Toni and me and exclaimed his "abnormality" as he called it. I wasn't really surprised. He seems to be in touch with his feminine side… a lot.

The thing about Conan is that he's not like other guys, well in more ways than one obviously. He's just fun to hang around with. All the girls think he's cute and entertaining to talk to, they don't base Conan around his looks, they just seem to become attracted to his personality. He was fun, cheeky and outrageously quirky, all the qualities of a great friend.

I rolled my eyes at Conan, "Lay off! He's mine!"

"Grr… nasty!"

Yep, he's definitely Bi.

Sighing dejectedly, I glanced at the hot specimen yet again; there was no hope. I turned towards Toni, and was greeted with an annoyed expression once more.

"God, he's not that hot!" she muttered rolling her orbs, "everyone acts as if he's some God. Puh-lease, give me a break!"

Typical of her to be so against him.

Ignoring her cynicism, I blocked her out while I was hoping to go back to fantasising about the said youth. Have I told you how –

"Is tutoring still on today?"

I stopped. The rigid feeling took over my form every time his beautiful voice grazed over me. I slowly looked up to find Quinton towering over me, unfortunately the bubble immediately popped when I saw his hand entwined with Marika's.

Ok Dylan, don't look like a complete and utter fool! Act cool and natural!

"Uh… well… hmm…" yep I was acting cool all right, "I… uh…" Shut UP! Stop Dylan! Why are you doing this? NOO…

I was sure I could hear the never-ending scream forming in the recesses of my mind, and unfortunately I was tempted to join it in reality as I kept on fumbling.

"What she means to say is that," Toni interrupted, "yes tutoring is still on, sharp at four o' clock!"

I could've kissed her right there and then! Have I told you how much Toni means to me? She is my saviour! My God in disguise, she is definitely my rock!

When Quinton gave me quizzical glance as if to ask, "are you a mute", I blushed profusely, however Toni decide to save me again, "oh…she's a little moody, ya know it's that time of the month…"

I don't know who's blush was worse, his, or mine but I knew one thing for sure, I was going to kill HER! You know what I just said before? Well let me take that entire statement back, rip it apart, stomp on it and burn it in a giant furnace. I just need to find a way to slowly inflict pure danger on her.

Once the pair left, I slowly faced Toni and without warning smacked her hard at the back of her head.

"You suck!" I sulked, while Conan stifled his laughter.


It's times like these where I want to dig a rather large hole and bury myself, however at this particular moment my urge was one step ahead. Stuff burying myself, I'd rather bury Toni. Yes… she should die a slow and painful death…

Mwahaha… am I sadistic? I think not…


Yes you did hear right. I do tutor Quinton Reid, however unlike those cliché teen movies and novels, he is too in love with Marika to even realise that I'm the opposite sex. Unfortunately. So you might be wondering why the hell do I tutor him, when Marika is also smart and thus gets good grades? Well you see, my Biology teacher assigned tutors with students who were not related. Do you know what I mean? If Marika tutored Quinton then sure as hell there would be tutoring in a different type of means than studious.

Grr… I'd rather not go into that subject. It's rather touchy…

I've tutored him for two months now, and as sad as it seems, we have absolutely no chemistry together. You would think that being around him for a whole two months would at least enable me to make coherent sentences around him right? Nope, I still stutter.

Shut up! I know I'm pathetic!

Anyhow it was 6 o'clock and I was stuck outside the large castle-like building called the town library. The place is so huge, it was easy to get lost in there, and believe me I did many times. I guess that's why there is a huge map of the premises in the library. How embarrassing.

As I was saying, I was outside the building grimacing at the rain that was slowly spitting down on to the earth. Just great! I had no transport to get me home.

Wait, you guys have no idea what's happening right? Sorry once again. Here's how the conversation between Quinton and me underwent two minutes ago:

Quinton: How are you getting home?

Dylan: uh… well… um… Chaise… is picking me… up!

Dylan'sconscience: No he's not you bum head! You have to walk home…

(Loud bolt of thunder sounding)

Quinton: Are you sure? Quizzical expression

Dylan: um… yea… yep…

Quinton: relieved 'K bye then.

Dylan's conscience: NOOO! Offer me a ride!

(Yet another clasp of thunder, Quinton gets in car and drives off rather speedily)

Dylanand her conscience: sigh!

Yep. He left me stranded here, while it was pelting down with rain. Isn't he generous? Being the dolt I am I couldn't just graciously flirt with him and somehow snag a ride. But what does Dylan do? I'm sure you guys already know…

I have no way of transport, well except for walking offcourse, but at the moment that didn't seem too appealing. If I had only a mobile I could just call someone to pick me up! Regrettably my brain never seems to work, so naturally I refused to accept the mobile my brother Matt decided to offer two weeks ago. Great!

Sighing yet again, I started walking. No matter how much I detested trudging along the puddles of water with the smallest umbrella just covering my head and bag, I couldn't help but enjoy the weather of Australia. It was summer so obviously it was still light out, even with the dark clouds thundering and layering the sky. It looked beautiful.

Dylan there, being poetic.

Stopping next to a fork leading to an alleyway, I decided to take the dark road that was a shortcut to the street where my house lay. Turning left I yet again grudgingly started walking down. I wasn't really afraid that some rapist or stalker would follow me, considering I used this route nearly everyday. Once I reached the end I turned left again, this time a large deserted road greeted me. The place was completely desolate, which didn't really surprise me. It was a strange road, half of it was sealed off, and only deserted buildings were residing around the place.

Not many people used the barren place as a thoroughfare since it was considered as transporting strip. I started walking rather fast, clutching the umbrella tighter as the rain was pelting down heavily. There was only one thought whirling around my mind: foooooddd! I didn't really worry that I was walking in the middle of the road considering it was only big enough to fit one small car and there was rarely any vehicles ever using this road.

Looking up at the sound of motorbikes, I furrowed my eyebrows. So much for no one using the road. Before I could even move a muscle I saw the three huge things coming towards me. Rather paralysed with fear I somehow forgot to move, which by the way is not very helpful. Before I knew what was happening they passed me quite rapidly, the force was enough to send my umbrella flying out of my hand, and if that wasn't bad enough than the puddle of water they passed through was sprayed all over me.

That was enough to send me into a flying rage.

Seething (and not thinking) I screamed, "STOP you bloody idiots!" I was fuming, if it weren't for the water showering down my head and clothes, steam would've been emitting from my ears and nose. I was sure my skin was blotchy with the heat that was coursing through my blood.

I was pissed off. Not only because some three idiots decided to spray me with water but also because I was made to walk home in this pelting rain!

Not good!

"Stop you're stupid bikes and face me like a man!" I hollered. Uh… ok so that was really dumb of me say that, but seriously when I'm angry my mind seems to run off and say strange things, hence the statement.

I didn't know what surprised me more, the fact that they stopped all together at once or that they whirled their bikes a 180 in order to face me, in the process spraying more water and emitting steam everywhere.

Oops. I shouldn't have said that.

My worst thoughts were confirmed when the guy on the middle bike stepped off the blue tinted vehicle and started sauntering towards me. He was rather tall – shit! My eyes widened slightly when he slowly took his helmet off, not bothering to care that he was going to become wet just like me.

He turned his head towards the other two bikies and signalled them to leave. This didn't help my case when without hesitation they left! I can't believe this! No… I was going to be raped and then killed. I'm too young to DIE!

Wait… the guy looked familiar… very familiar.

Vance Bentley was Marika Bentley's older brother.

He was, to say the least, the scariest guy I have ever met… well seen considering I've never met him. The guy preferred to talk with his fist rather than using normal English, it seemed that he was more into action than words. Vance was in his final year of school and well, technically, he hardly ever attends the place. Well that's what I presume considering I never see him around. It's strange that Marika is related to him let alone being his little sister considering they are very much different, both in looks and personality.

Not many people knew much about him considering he was like a brick wall, solid and hard to break down. It was said that he claims anything he desires, and truth be told I don't particularly believe such a rumour. Jeez it makes him sound like a God, and believe me he was no God.

He was one of those guys everyone repels against considering he's the resident silent bad guy of the school, but he's also one of those people who guys secretly want to befriend and girls secretly wish that he would ask them out.

Vance Bentley was quite good looking… in his own weird way. Come to think of it, he was a normal looking guy; if it weren't for his attitude and character no one would take a second glance at him. The only thing attractive about the youth was the fact that he oozed of darkness, mysterious and magnetic aura; no one seemed to get enough of it. It was too, as said, alluring.

The way he carried himself when he walked and the way his eyes peered at you were enough to paralyse anyone with fear. If you didn't watch out you'd be more often than not fall for his mystifying ways.

It wasn't until he was a few feet from me did I realise what exactly was happening and why the topic of Vance Bentley was taking place. Panic decided it was the right time to set in. I wanted to, like any good-natured human being would do when approached by Satan himself, run and hide. But what did I do? I didn't move.

"I'm facing you like a man… now what?" He talks! Yay, and here I thought he was just a pretty picture to ogle and get scared off.

Wait… was that amusement in his voice?

"Apologise." Whoa… where had that come from? What am I doing? Why the hell was I talking back to a person like him? Isn't it my job to run and hide? What the hell?

It was the first time that I had a proper chance to take in his appearance regardless of the fact that I was shit scared. His jet-black hair was brushed back from his chiselled face. He had a strong jaw line, which seemed to be covered in a two-day growth, it was apparent he hadn't shaven in a while. His emerald eyes were bordered with thick eyelashes and his mouth was set in a firm line. He was tall – very tall. His body was slim and well defined; it didn't seem like he worked out, more natural from keeping fit than trying hard.

I came slightly above his chest, if he wished (which I hoped he didn't) he could've knocked me out with a single punch.

Shivering slightly at the perturbing thought, I decided I was going to be brave. He smirked, ok; I was at least going to act brave.

A small dimple was evident on the side of his left cheek. That was cute. Wait! No, stop brain, you shouldn't be attracted to the enemy!

"You're afraid." He stated sizing me up.

Jesus Christ the guy was checking me out! It was then that I realised that my school uniform was very see-through. OMG, here was a guy staring right through the flimsy cloth covering my body. He had clear access to my… undies and my…bra!

"You're pretty small." I was mortified, how dare he? Ok, I already said I was small, so this shouldn't be a big deal when he said it right? But the thing is I admitted that I was small, no one has every told me that I was. Dig me? Maybe not. But the point is by someone saying it, the truth made it more real! Damn, so everyone did notice that I was small. Just great. Thanks dude you just directed my miniscule ego downhill. Idiot!

"How old are you?" he continued when I didn't' reply to his annoyingly true statement.

"Sixteen!" I stubbornly reported folding my arms so I could at least try to hide my bra. Fine, I lied. I was fifteen turning sixteen in like 1 month 16 days 12 hrs and 13 seconds. Then again who's counting?

Vance Bentley smiled slightly. Just a mere action was enough to transform his whole face. It was an action enough through anyone head over heels. He should smile more often, by the look of it, he didn't seem to smile a whole lot.

"I think I know you…" he slowly drawled, stepping forward making it virtually impossible to get a good stare at his face.

"No you don't." I replied stepping back. I was scared. Not good. I didn't know what to do, my crush's girlfriend's brother was approaching me and my mind decided to stop functioning! Can the situation be any more bizarre?

Uh… don't answer that.

"I have to go…" I quickly muttered, when he gave me a questioning glance I decided to give a reason, even though he really didn't deserve one, "my uh… nanna… um… is very sick! She's probably dying of cancer right now…" with a shaky laugh, my legs decided it was the right time to turn and bolt.

Bolt I did.

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