"I will kill you for this" she hollered at Jake Matthews, who was now laughing at her

"Aww...poor Brianna had a bad accident" he sneered at her, pointing at the slimy gunk that lay in limply pile on her now not-so shiny brown hair. Her green eyes were flaring with anger.

"Bad accident? You put al this crap in my locker you...you..." she screamed, unaware of the crowd the two of them had once again captured.

"smart, good-looking,witty boy?" he supplied.

"argghhh! You did this to me" she said, pointing to the gunk that now had a foul smell to it.

Jake put on a mocked insulted look before saying "ME? do that? oh how could you say that?"

"SHUT UP" she screamed, throwing some gunk from her hair at him. He ducked and it ended up hitting a nerd. She glared at him, as if it was his fault that Jake ducked.

"Damn, no need to get violent on me babe." He said calmly, smirking at her as he leaned against her locker. "I must say, I'm getting quite a lovely view of your shirt." he added proudly, eyeing her bra underneath her soaked shirt.

Brianna's face turned an interesting color of red, putting her arms to hide her bra, although knowing that it wasn't working, before she once again screamed, "you pervert! Don't you dare call me a babe?"

Jake smirked once again, ignoring her comment, and said "Of course you don't hate me babe. If you hated me, why haven't you stopped going to my house? If you hated me then-" he started but was cut of when a very heavy book made contact with his face. He let out a yelp of pain before glaring at Brianna who was now stalking her way at him, her perfect manicured fingers digging into her palm.

"First of all...I only go to your house because my parents are forcing me to go with them whenever they go too. Second of all...I don't follow you around. Why the hell would I do that? And third...if you ever call me babe again," she hissed stepping closer to him so they were not inches apart, "I will not hesitate to spread your secret about a certain blanky" she continued in a dangerously low whisper.

Jake narrowed his eyes at Brianna for a moment, swallowing hard. "You do that Carlson, then I'll make sure you're life will be a living nightmare." he replied, not at all caring that their faces were inches apart. Nope...not at all.

Brianna scoffed. "Oh please. Make my life a hell? You don't need to do that" she blinked for a moment, as if deep in thought, then added "you already are."

Jake laughed rudely, "glad to know that I've accomplished something" he quipped, ducking when a high-heeled shoe was thrown at him, it was expected, but what he didn't expect was the fist that was flying to his eye.


He slammed against the lockers, his left eye now throbbing in pain while his good eye was looking startled at the brown haired girl that was now kicking him hard in his shin. He groaned in pain, as he tried to hear what she was screaming about.

"I hate you! I hate you! I can't believe that my parents are friends with yours. You're NOTHING like your parents." She had snapped. Knowing that he knew that he was making her life hell just angered her. No that was saying it too nice. Infuriated her.

Finally two teachers appeared, one pulling Brianna away from Jake while the other pulled Jake from the floor.

Jake glanced at the Brianna, who was no sobbing, swallowing hard, he slowly approached her. "Hey, listen, Carlson" he started but was cut off by Brianna.

Listen to me Jake. I hate you. You hate me. Leave me alone and STAY the hell out of my life" she said calmly, though her voice was filled with venom.

He nodded, stunned to say anything else.

"You two again? I'll have to send you two to the principal's office again." One teacher ranted.

They both nodded, the crowd parted to let the two seventeen year old through. One soaking wet with slime, whilst the other had a black eye and was limping

"What a way to start a school year" they heard a student mumble.

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