Rian was somewhere she didn't know. There was darkness all around her. Whenever she'd take a step, the sound would echo forever. She was lost. Where was she? She could here someone call her name…but who?

Slowly, the voice started getting louder, a bright light was starting to form in front of her. Then…


Jake was complaining to Jonathan about Jennifer outside while Mrs. Carlson was still begging her daughter to wake up. While Mrs. Carlson was still crying over her daughter, Rian's eyes suddenly snapped open, green eyes looking scared. Mrs. Carlson steeped back surprised for a moment, then shrieked in happiness.

Jake and Jonathan immediately burst into the room, hearing the yell.

"Mom! What is? What's wrong?" Jonathan asked frantically, his fists ready to hit.

They both paused as they saw Rian awake. Then Jonathan joined in the shrieking and hugging. "You're alive! You're awake!" he yelled, hugging her tightly.

Rian laughed hoarsely. "You're killing me here. I'm still not healed."

Immediately, Jonathan jumped back. "Sorry sis. So, how are you?" His mother ran out of the room, calling her husband and the doctors.

Rian snorted, and then winced. Her wounds were throbbing badly. "Gee…I got attacked, ambush and am in pain. HOW THE HELL DO YOU THINK I FEEL?" she yelled, then regretted it. That made her wounds hurt even more. She glanced up and suddenly saw Jake.

"Hey Jake, surprised I didn't die?" she asked, with a raised eyebrow, which had a stitch on top of it.

Jake was stunned. How could she still act and annoy him, even while she was sick? It made him…glad and mad somehow. He took a deep breath, trying not to blow up. Jonathan seemed to see this and stepped in.

"Actually, Brianna…he was the one that took care of you the most. He was the one that upped the security after that mad guy attacked you here." Even saying it, Jonathan was still furious, but then he saw the look that his sister had.

"Whoa whoa whoa…WHAT? That killer was here? In my room? What floor are we in?" Rian was scared. Even now, even if she was hurt, weak like hell I'm admitting that in front of Matthews. And still badly wounded…that killer was still going to attack her?

"Um…we're in the 7th floor." Jake said hesitantly, looking down at his feet.

Rian was now officially scared, she didn't even care if she was vulnerable in front of Jake. She glanced up at Jonathan, her arms stretched out.

"Hug me, please?" she asked softly, like a little girl.

Jonathan wasted no time, immediately wrapping his sister in his arms. "I won't let anything happen to you, you know that sis" he whispered against her head.

She nodded weakly. Then she glanced up at Jake. "Did you guys at least see who it was?"

Jake frowned. "The killer? No. But we might have a suspect."

Rian groaned. "Okay, that's better than nothing. I hope they catch this bastard."

Jake cracked a smile, Riana was almost back. "Well, I think I can help make you feel better"

Riana raised an eyebrow. "Oh? You're trying to make me feel better? That's new"

Jake rolled his eyes. Oh yeah, she was back now. "Remember when I said that if I'm in pain, you should be too?"

At that, Riana scowled, she remembered. "Yeah, so? I don't see you having people trying to kill you…you look fine"

Jake shrugged, then glared at Jonathan, who was still hugging Riana. "I might look fine, but I feel like crap."

Riana frowned, not at all getting this. "Why?"

"Cause my stupid parents invited someone her to 'help me though this'. Or whatever that means" he replied, already feeling drained having to go back to the hotel and listen to Jennifer's voice.

"But who…" she was about to ask, when her brother leaned in and whispered the name "Jennifer"…..Silence filled the room, except for heart monitor and the IV fluids, there were no sounds from all three of them.

Suddenly the door opened and Jennifer came in. "Jakey! Oh my love, I've missed you! I waited for you last night but you never came home" she whined, latching onto Jake's neck, her body pressed against his.

Speak of the devil. She thought.

Rian was giggling into her brother's shirt. Then she glanced up and saw Jake's horrified face and she burst out laughing. That caught Jennifer's attention.

"Riana! How are you" Jennifer asked, a tight smile on her face.

"I'm fine Jen, and you?" Being polite was the only energy she had left.

Jennifer giggled mischievously. "Oh you know, ever since I came here, me and Jakey here have been having some…fun"

Jake balked, his face pale. Riana raised both her eyebrows this time, giving him a pointed look. He scowled in return, their silent conversation ending.

"Really? Fun with him? That's funny….as far as he told me, and what my brother told me, he's been here ever since I got hospitalized."

Jennfer looked starteled. "Ah..yeah, bu-but at night, he'd come back and we'd-"

"Give it up Jen. I'm not interested okay? Just drop this." Jake said coldly, his arms crossed, standing next to Jonathan who had now let go of Rianna.

"But..but Jakey.." she wailed, tears springing to he eyes. "I'll get you Jakey. Even now in a hospital bed, she has you poisoned. But I'll save you"

Sam and Mark, who had come in when Riana was laughing now, started laughing hard along with Riana. With that, Jennifer walked out of the room, her head held high.

"Oh my god! Thanks for that Matthews. I feel a bit better now" Riana gave him a big smile. And oddly, he felt his heart skip a beat.

"Ah…sure, but feel better okay" he started to walk out of the room "it's no fun annoying you if you can't annoy me back" He turned back to her with a friendly smile and an annoying wink.

Rianan rolled her eyes. "I'll try. Keep the killer out and you'll see." She replied, a wink and a smile of her own.

Jonathan, Sam and Mark watched the easy banter from these two. They always used cruel words, no sign of just friendly banter, like they were showing now.

Jake cleared his throat, as a blush fought it's way out. "Sure…don't disappoint me, but knowing you, you will" he said with an annoying smirk.

Rianna laughed dryly. "Get out of here you jackass" the smile on her face showed him that she was just kidding.

Interesting. Mark thought, as he was the only one who did see the blush rising. Jake never blushed. This was new. What's going with you Jake?

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