An empty spot by the fire,

A musket without and owner,

A vacant chair at the table,

And a uniform in the corner.

A mother longs for her lost child,

A father for his son.

A wife for her husband,

For them the battle is all done.

No more will they read about their kin,

Wait for a letter to reach home,

For a pass of freedom to bring them back

No more name in the gone to come

The sweetheart wishes her hero had not left,

But knows he did his duty well,

For fighting for the cause of freedom,

Her noble fellow fell

Even if the fire's dim,

And if the candles dark,

Know that the soldiers sacrifice,

Will always leave it's mark.

He left in such a way,

To make his family proud

His heroic sacrifice will be long remembered,

Even when he's buried in the ground.