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Twelve. Her daughter was twelve. Queen Elizabeth sighed and looked at the red headed girl screeching at her nurse.

"Mother, nursie is pulling my hair again!"

"She's only trying to tame it. If you combed it more often it wouldn't be such a mess." The Queen said with a smile.

"Nursie, can you plait it?"

The tired looking nurse nodded. "If you hold still."

The Queen smiled as her daughter became like stone. She examined her daughter's pale face, her dark green eyes almost gray, she was quite beautiful at only twelve.

"Mother, I want to go outside and play with Damien."

The child's nurse turned red. "Now Princess Allison. Your father has given you orders to stay in your lessons."

Allison stared up at her mother, ignoring her nurses words. "Please, if I tried to thread another needle, I will lose a finger!"

Queen Elizabeth bent on her knees, making the nurse even more uncomfortable. She took Allison's hand in her's and examined it.

"If you let me bandage them then I'll let you out in the courtyard for a while."

The nurse shook her head. "Your majesty, the king ordered that…"

"I know well what my husband said. I also know that he is no more a mother then I am a commoner."

Allison hugged her mother and stuck her tongue out at her nurse. "I'm off to play."

The queen smiled and took some cloth from her pocket. She bandaged up the girl's finger gently, then watched as her daughter scampered off.

"Your majesty, we should put more effort into discipline, she's unruly."

Elizabeth sighed, and for a moment every sign of jewelry, all grace, all her pretty clothes seemed to disappear. The nurse saw a simple woman with weary grey eyes and fading blonde hair.

"Let her be free only a few hours. Let her be happy and content. These walls hold us all locked inside. She doesn't see that yet though. I pray she doesn't."

My mother saw it in me all along. My need to be free. The constant need for more. She denied it though.

Father didn't see it. He saw nothing. No that is a lie. He saw his kingdom, he saw the lands around it. He saw himself ready to conquer all.

I sat outside by the fountain, waiting for Damien. My firey red hair was half braided, but I didn't care. I was only waiting for Damien. Then, I thought he was a magician. I was right.

"Alice, come here." I heard him call. I instantly stood up and fixed my long frock. I was glad nurse wasn't there. She would've told me I was a princess, he was a servant. I wasn't allowed to fix myself up for anyone lower then me. Even a messenger.

"Coming!" I said with a grin. I ran to him, my skirt swishing around as I ran.

Damien stood before me. Thirteen years old. He had dark black hair, and was tall. He was sitting on his pony.

"Oh look at him Damien, he is the most beautiful animal I've ever seen." I exclaimed petting its coat.

"Want to ride?" He asked. I stared a moment. I had never ridden any pony, nurse had told me it was unlady like.

I decided if I was any kind of lady I wouldn't be so easily tempted. I lifted my arms and let him pull me in front of him.

I grinned at the pony, petting it gently. Damien put the reins in my hands, and taught me to ride. Astride no less.

"Damien, why did you have to leave?" I asked. He often disappeared weeks at a time. Leaving me with embroidery and other lessons.

"I'm a messenger Alice. I've had to ride all over with messages from your father."

"Can you read them?" I asked eagerly.

He looked around suspiciously, then nodded. "Yes, but you must not tell anyone."

"I won't. I promise. It's just, would you teach me to…to read?"

Damien nodded. "I'll teach you loads of stuff. They'll have to wait until after the banquet. Your parents will have you getting ready no doubt."

I stared up at him curiously. "Banquet?"

He nodded. I always felt so naive around him. He had done so much, and yet he was only a year older then me.

"Your father is planning to take over Bernawa. He is celebrating early."

I sighed. "Will he send you away again?"

"No, not for a while. Let me tell you a secret." He whispered.

My cheeks got pink. "Alright."

"The banquet will happen in a few it will last 4 days. After it ends, I'm leaving."

I felt tears forming in my eyes, but I wiped them away and pulled the reins gently to stop the pony.

"Forever?" I asked.

"Yes, I only stayed because I'm looking for someone who has the gift." He sighed. I looked down at my feet.

"Could you teach me the gift?"

He laughed weakly. "If you have the gift, it shows up when you need it. You can't just learn it."

I put my head down feeling ashamed. If I had this 'gift' then I could go away with Damien. I could escape.

"I need it to leave though." I whimpered.

He climbed off his pony and wiped my eyes. "Come on, since your nurse isn't around, I'll teach you how to read."

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