Once I was far enough away from the castle, I sat and wept on the ground. I hated to stay, to be ordered and be like the stupid women that sat working for the blind old Viennce. I hated to leave Will, to leave Lilith motherless.

I prayed right there. I apologized for what I had done to everyone, I prayed that God would still love me, despite all I had done to my love, and now to my daughter. I prayed for the woman who mourned her daughter in Caer Titanos. I prayed for strength.

"You alright?" I looked up to see a handsome face. I wiped away my tears and took a better look. The man before me had long black hair, tied back with some leather. His dark eyes had a familiar gleam, and yet I couldn't remember who he was.

"I'm fine, thank you anyway." I climbed onto my horse, and looked down at him. His horse was behind him, carrying a young girl around twelve. She rode astride as I did, and had the man's black hair. I smiled. His daughter most likely.

"Are you lost? A young woman alone in these woods is a strange occurance." He was very polite, and spoke like a well educated man.

"No I'm not. I'm just...on a journey to..somewhere." I laughed at my simple answer.

"Somewhere? Possibly to the nearest village? Caer Withonian is a few days journey f rom here."

Withonian. Where Queen Elizabeth lived. My mother's home.

"Truthfully I know not."

"Then come with us! Can we take her with us?" The girl perks up. He laughs at her comment and ruffles her hair. I wondered if Lilith would be so perky.

"You should come with us. I'm taking her home to her family, she ran away again." He doesn't seem amazed she did though. The girl gives me a mischievous grin, and nods.

"Mommy yelled at me, so I said 'I'm going away!'. But then she made me go outside and feed the horse, but I tooked him and ran away!" She acted so proud of having left, I smiled. How sweet a child.

"I'll come with you then." I had no plans, and I was weary from crying. He pointed in the direction we would go, and pulled the reins of the girl's horse along the path.

"Do you think I'm a naughty girl to run from my mother like that?" She asked me. I had to admire her, a huge grin on her face.

"No, of course not." I did so long ago, and I was not as strong willed as she seemed. Were she to have been me, she would've done better. Anyone would have.

We reached a village soon, and an angry woman came from a small house. Her face was worn, and a small boy stood behind her looking frightened.

"I must have sinned horribly to have such a horrible excuse for a daughter! You'll go to bed with no supper tonight!" She told the girl. The child only stuck out her tongue and made a face at her mother.

"Don't get so upset Tamara, or Marien won't agree to come back." The man, whose name I had yet to find out, told her. Tamara took her daughter off of the horse, and disappeared into the house. She returned alone.

"I won't have you putting ideas in her head! I know the others around here think you are a great man, all powerful and such, I know you're not." I stared at the woman, amazed at how rude she was. He had just saved her child!

"Whatever you believe Tamara." He nodded. He gave her the horses reins and I followed him away from the house.

"Marien's mother is a skeptical person. First time I returned with Marien, on her husband's orders, she slapped me and cursed."

"I would've slapped her myself, were I not on this horse." I told him truthfully.

"All this journey, and yet I know not your name?" He grinned. I climbed off of my horse, and smiled.

"My name is Alice." He looked at me a moment, then looked at a large stone building. He opened the door, and smiled.

"Please come into my home Alice." He offered. I walked in, and stared around. The house was well furnished, a large table in one side, and several chairs. The chairs looked like the ones I had seen at Caer Titanos.

"May I ask your name Sir?" I sat down in a chair, and waited for him to do the same. He eyed me a moment, and then took my hand. I shivered as he touched the scar on my hand, then pulled me up gently by it.

"You don't remember me do you?" He said amused by my politness. He put an arm around me, and put a hand on my cheek.

"No, but you are being too forward." I said in an icy tone.

"Alice, will it take more then a few flying papers to enchant you?"

"Flying papers?" Then it came to me, like someone had struck me with a sword.

"Yes, remember? Oh you've changed. Last I saw you, you were a frightened little girl, scared to death of me."

I lifted my hand to strike him, but he grabbed my wrist and laughed.

"You've gotten testy haven't you?"

"Damien you fowl bastard!" I screamed. Fire filled the room, and I felt them tickle the hem of my gown.

"I have to say, this has become an interesting day. Truthfully I never planned to see you. It took me a while, but I knew it was you when you spoke to Marien."

I pulled my hand from his wrist and raised it in the air. My clothes changed, into black pants, my old grey tunic, and my hair tied itself up.

"Nice trick, I have one of my own." He pulled his sword from his scabbard, and it lit on fire. I flicked my wrist and it was covered in ice.

The fire stopped, and we stood there ready to attack each other. A man walked in, an ax in his hand. He was old, his hair starting to grey.

"Damien, we heard noises and.." His old eyes fell on me. I put my hands down to my sides, and waited for him to move. He only laughed.

"Such odd company you keep friend, do all great wizards?" He spoke in a joyful old tone. Damien smiled.

"This is Alice," Damien pointed to me calmly.

"Is she your beau?" The old man laughed again. I wanted to join in, but his laughing was too loud for me to speak through.

"No, but I am an admirer of her's, arn't I?" He grinned at me, and I wanted to burn him on the spot. No, I couldn't.

"I'm only here for a visit, I should leave." I walk out and go to my horse.

"Alice don't go, we still have something to talk about!" Damien called.

"What do we have to talk about?" I call impatiently.

"I love you."

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