The Boy Who Fell In Love With a Video Tape.

Chapter 1: Pays to be smart.

Private schools are always hell. When ever someone asks you what school you go to and you say "St. Peter's" the other person would go..."Hey! Isn't that private school for rich snobs?" Well... of course they wouldn't say that to your face, but that's what's going on in their heads. Another thing about private schools is the punishment you receive. For example, if someone was to smack someone around the face, once, in a public school, they would probably just get a detention or if it comes to the worst, they would be suspended for the rest of the day, but does that happen in a private school? NNNOOOO! We get suspended for two weeksASWELL as two weeks of detention when we get example is that if a group of boys accidentally on purpose managed to put a note on the head teachers blazer saying…"I am a wanker,"for a joke, in a public school, I think you most defiantly would not get suspended for four months. Not so bad you say? You would get to stay at home for four months without worrying about school. That's where your wrong. To make things worse, the boys would be forced, in these four months, to complete school work given to them by their teachers AND be move in withand record the life of some Spanish, smart-ass girl who isn't exactly nerdy, but just…likes to keep to her self and a dumb, red-head cheerleader (no offence to red heads, cos one of the smartest girls in my class, called Maddy, is a red head). Actually... when you think about it the cheerleader part isn't that bad.

In case your wondering, the whole 'sticking-a-note-on-the-head-teacher's-blazer-saying-I-am-a-wanker thing happened to me. Well okay…It didn't happen to me, but happened to a few of my 'homies'. I wasn't there that fatal day,cos if i was i would have told them thatthey can't prove thatonly the prankster prince could come up with a really good prank and not get caught. Obviously they were wrong beacause they did get caught. Plus... nobody can come up with a really good prank and not get caught. Apart from the Prankster Prince.

Confused. Let me explain.

My name is Jason Landers, AKA The Prankster Prince. I am seventeen years of age and attended St. Peter's High School. Yes… that is the private school. My status? Simple. High. Everyone loves me. I have the power to turn everybody in the whole school against you with a few words and… I'm absolutely gorgeous. Don't take it from me. Ask every single girl who is worthy of my time…or isn't for that matter. They'll all say something along the lines of…"He's ssssssoooooooo gorgeous, I would just love to have wild sex with him!" Mad? I know, but true. Back to the point.

Yeah… so my 'homies' so to speak… thought they could be clever and pull a prank. They werecaught. They were punished, and I was fortunately ill that day so I was blame-free. Luckily… only three of my friends are being punished so I have plenty of friends left to hang out with at school. Phew. Can't be ruining my reputation now. Josh. Nick. David. Those are the boys receiving the punishment. That will teach them to try and beat the Prankster Prince.

Now onto the girls that will be recorded. Sophie Legous. She's the girl that likes to keep her self to her self. She has raven black hair that comes doesn to her elbowsand the brightest blues eyes I have ever seen. I don't really know that much about her cos she isn't one of the girls worthy of my time. Now about Kerri Masters. The other girl. We dated for quite a I said before, she's a red head and is not very bright. She has green eyes which are really not that amazing. She is one of my worshipers. Along with most of the cheerleader at my school. Actually... all of them.

The punishment is to start two weeks from now. Of course it's not punishment for the girls. Kerri is going to be sent some work, but not as much as the boys, as she doesn't need to be punished. Justa brain. Sophie is apparently so smart that for the two months she is being recorded… SHE DOESN'T HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL! I guess it pays to be smart.

So tell me what you think. And really I don't have a problem with red heads and one of the smartest girls in my class really IS a red head and really IS called Maddy.

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