The Boy Who Fell In Love With A Video Tape.


Chapter 16: Just A Little Tighter.

Doo doo head. That what I am. A biiig fat DOO DOO HEAD!

I meant he was feeling hot! Honest! Well… even if I didn't that wouldn't be the point cos I totally am like completely in love with Peter!


Of course! Well I guess I'm gonna have to clear things up!

"Um… I meant that…um… you FEEL really hot. As opposed to… you know…looking hot?"

"…Right" Okay… he said that right like he didn't believe me! Does he believe me!? Does he know what I was really thinking. NOT that I was thinking that he looks hot!

I am good at lying!


Oh gosh I'm a bad liar! Now I can NEVER be a lawyer! I'm not gonna make any money! I'm not gonna find a husband! I'm never gonna have my two boys and a girl named Sheredan, Timothy and Chione! I'm gonna die ALONE with only my 27 cats to keep me company! (A/N If you recognize that line it's because it's from That's So Raven which is like one of my FAVORITE shows! That girl is sooo funny!)



"Um… yeah I'm sorry were you saying something?" Okay… that didn't sound rude at all Sophie.

"Yeah… I was saying that maybe we should get back. Your boyfriend should be sending the army for you round about now".

"Boyfriend… yeah… um Peter. My boyfriend. That's a um… that's a good idea!"

Dofus. You are a dofus.

Great. Now Jason's looking at me funny! Now I'll never go out with him!

…Go out with him?

I look at Jason and he's laughing and then continues to say something and then… get this… slings an arm around my shoulder and starts walking me to the table!


My happy feeling didn't last for long as Peter walked up to us and snatched me away from Jason, kissing me hard on the lips. And for a might long time might I just add!

Wait. I'm happy about that!

"Sophie are you okay? You and… " Sneer "Jason took you time." Yikes! Peter is talking to me but he's glaring at Jason who is sliding next to Kerri who is cooing in his ear. Telling him how she missed him and they should do something alone after this.

Bitch. Try mess with my man!

…My man?

But I like Peter!


"Oh yeah… Jason didn't look to well so I asked him if he was okay and…yeah" I was saying as I sat next to Peter.

"He looks fine to me"

I looked over and sure enough he did look fine. Actually he looked better than fine. He looked as if he was shoving he tongue down Kerri Masters's throat.

Which didn't bother me at all. I was just having trouble keeping my stomach inside my body where it should be.

Because it made me sick to watch that revolting display.

Not because it was making me heart feel funny. Like it was smashing into like a million pieces.

Nope! Not at all. Who would come up with such as idea. Not me that's for sure.

Well I have five words for mister My-touge-is-permenantly-down-Kerri's-throat:

Two can play that game.

I turn my head giving my darling Peter a small grin before putting my head on the back of Peter's head and bringing it down to meet mine before capturing his bottom lip with my teeth and then kissing him full on the lips, licking his tongue with mine.

Peter responds straight away and I smile against his lips.


Well… it would be perfect if while kissing Peter I hadn't been imagining he was Jason, making me cling onto him just a little tighter.

We had left the restaurant half an hour ago and Peter was now walking me to my door.

"So… tonight was fun" Peter said as we walking my drive way to my front door.

"Uh huh…"

I really think I have a problem

"Jason and Kerri looked as if they were getting along"

"Uh huh…"

Is it right to be kissing your boyfriend while imagining the other boy kissing another girl.

"I'm sure they'll be going out in a day or two"

"Uh huh…"

No… I really don't think its normal

"I don't want you going anywhere near Jason".

I whip my head round from the ground to look at Peter, whose brown hair is being tossed about furiously by the wind and hazel eyes which seem to have a hint of anger in them.

"And why's that. Jason is my friend and I can go near him if I want to."

In a flash Peter has my upper hand in a tight grip and his face is just inches from mine.

"And I'm your boyfriend and I don't want you anywhere near him! Is that understood?"

I look straight into his eyes, sure that he can see the terror in my eyes as I nod my head frantically.

He must have got the hint that he wasn't being too nice because he backed off a little and realized my arm, only to stroke me cheek and tells me he's doing it because he cares about me.

I stand as stiff as a board, too scared to flinch, too scared to even breathe.

He kisses me hard on the lips and walks away as I feel the air around me get colder and I hug myself just a little tighter.

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