Gazing, high above the world
Night wind so cold it burns my hands
I wonder 'will it set me free?'
I jump and leave the world behind

Falling, clawing at the sky
Sucking in this burning wind
Loneliness hurls me from my fate
My will to soul and purpose find

Caress of wind on marble skin
Never ceasing reverie
Fingers entwined in the breeze
Drinking in dreams as I fly

To the mountains raking the skies
Most majestic wishing wells
Silent solace amidst the lies
I feel the heartfelt prayers drift by

So sincere the huntress child
Who seeks to unlock the music box
That sings of my reasons why
To stay the hand that holds this life

I send my own wish of the night
My feet to dance the meadow of stars
My heart to find its final home
My ashes to fade with the strife