The Battle of Monmouth

The hat turns at a corner,

And mud drips off his face,

The weary sunshine patriot,

Is now defending his place.

A misty rain falls on him,

And a drum beat in his ears.

The high fife whistles,

And brings back all his fears.

No more will he see his brother,

No more will he see his son,

No more will he pray for gods mercy,

The battles has begun.

A charge upon the field,

A charge upon the hill,

And if they make it to the crest,

It surely is Gods will.

The cartridge is torn between the teeth,

The ball and powder go down,

The ramrod falls into the barrel,

The soldiers face a frown.

Shoulder by shoulder the soldiers stand,

Rank and file in one.

The red coats meet the blue

The battles has begun.

The first charge in is met with force,

The second with retreat,

One by one the soldiers go down,

As each side in turn is beat.

The fifer on the crest,

And the drummer on the hill,

Keep on playing the same song,

For it is God's will.

The line of soldiers breaks,

The cavalry charge in,

The fights nearly done,

Before it can begin.

A soldier to the left of you falls,

And you try to grab his gun,

But tripping on the battle field,

Your musket from you is flung.

The heated enemy charges in,

You scramble to your feet,

But it's all in vain you know,

And God you now are ready to meet.

Some miracle takes it's hold,

Some angel comes to save,

You rise before your foe,

This is for the life that you gave.

The smoke is clearing the scene,

The rain and mist have gone,

Three thousand more widows now,

And neither side has won.

You lie upon the filed of battle,

You arms crossed on your breast.

They close your eyes and lower you,

Into the ground you rest.

Enemies in life,

Shall be brothers in the death,

For at your side is your foe,

And you both give your last breath.

You charged and charged and charged

In with the battle cry.

You fell upon the field that day,

For your country you will die.

"Hero" your name now shall be,

A hero born in true.

All while you wear the uniform,

The uniform of the blue.