Religion is the opiate of the masses.
A drug, a harmful, devious drug,
Tantalizing glimpses of heaven, a sigh of happiness here,
A breath of contentment elsewhere.
All the while beckoning you down
Deeper and deeper into the hell you so desperately
Want, so that happiness finally means something to you..

Hell. Such a wonderful, fulfilling concept.
A tormenting place where man woman and child
Know the phrase
An eye for an eye
The love of god is never farther or more
Real to a soul than when in Hell.
When else does one know God with such conviction?
Than when sending the universal cry up to Him, her, It or Them?
Why have You forsaken me?

A woman kneeling in a church, faith scattered to the winds.
Her husband dead by chance.
Children, naked, filthy, unwanted, beseeching unheeded
Outside a pristine mandir.
Indeed, Lord, why have you abandoned them?
Or is it You knew such things could happen,
And provided religion, dubious, myriad, controlling and complex.
Backbone to the weak and willing.
For what is religion but a followed set of instructions ,
Teaching behavior and morals we already know?

The redundancy of religion dampens not its popularity,
It's will to grow and change and adapt,
Forever searching for a way to
Please the society, concocting new formulas for the same old result,
In much the same way
Drugs are created to ease the pain, provide refuge
And offer a safe house from which to sadly point out the
Depravity of man
While cocooned in its transcendental shell
Of false Bliss.

A.N. i wrote this for omm skills in ronic thing is that my teacher is a nun, devout catholic and she quite liked this poem. yay for open-mindedness.