I'm Rubber, You're Glue.

Summary: Mark James wasn't the nicest person, especially when it came to his best friend's sister, Danielle Reynolds. They fight like cat and dog but what will become of them when, after a drunken night, they wake up next to each other.

Rating: R

Chapter 1: Past Life

Her ears were ringing; she supposed it was from the music last night. The same dead beat that came from one of those four foot speakers that dominated the living room of the James household. The whole dreadful dance album replayed in her head much to its dislike.

Danielle pulled the covers over her face as she tried to block out the sunlight that was heating the entire room.

Danielle slowly opened her eyes; she blinked a few times to adjust to the light. She willed herself to focus her eyes on something in front of her. Apparently Mr. Jameson didn't agree with her that much.

She really didn't know what possessed her to drink whiskey. Whiskey. She usually hated the foul tasting liquor. She really should have listened to her mother when she lectured her on the subject of alcohol.

She was finally able to focus on the 'Kylie Monogue' poster in front of her. "Kylie Monogue?" Danielle inquired aloud.

A warm jolt to her lower back pulled her from the debate that had been taking place in her mind. She swiftly turned around in the bed. "Oh My GOD!" she screamed.

The black haired boy beside her pulled the pillow from under his head and positioned it over his ears to hinder Danielle's scream.

It was too early in the morning for something that high pitched he thought to himself.

Danielle swiftly grabbed the soft pillow from his unsuspecting hands and gave him a good thump on the head with it. 'He really really needs to wake up and tell me why we are sharing a bed.' Danielle thought silently.

She waited for a few more seconds to see if he would make some sort of motion to indicate that he was awake. Nothing. Danielle gave the dark haired boy a whack on his bare arm.

"Ugghh." Mark groaned audibly. It wasn't unusual that she was at his house; Matt regularly dragged her along when he came over. But this was after some arguing on her part.

Noticing her, his eyes didn't even flicker confusion. "What are you doing here Reynolds?" he asked his voice gruff from the extraordinary amount of alcohol he had consumed the night before.

"Well I would like to know that too." She said to Mark her voice gaining volume by the second.

Danielle shivered uncontrollable as a big gust of winter wind blew through the open window. Her arms now covered in goose bumps.

"Oh MY GOD. No no no no no, this is not happening." she yelled noticing the clothes she had worn to the party scattered across the dark blew carpet of the familiar room. Danielle clutched the blanket around her body tightly.

Mark turned on his back to give out to the girl for screaming when he noticed her exposed back. Realization his Mark like a ton of bricks. "Oh holy fuck!" he voiced slowly.

His hands shot up and covered his head, swearing under his breath.

'Well I'm not gonna stick around to hear every curse word in the English language' Danielle thought while pulling the sheet around the petite form, leaving Mark the blanket. Like she needed to see that!

'This isn't happening' she voiced silently, avoiding Mark's gaze. Danielle could feel his muck brown eyes on her as she picked up her various articles of clothing. 'Skirt, Top, Panties…. where the hell is my bra?' She asked as she checked off her clothes mentally. She really didn't want to be here any longer that she had too.

"Are you even going to look at me?" Mark asked, his voice letting him down a bit. "Elle?" he asked again. He needed her to acknowledge that he was in the room.

"My name is Danielle. Dan-ielle. Not Elle! Ok? Just you don't address me at all." She yelled, blowing up in his face. Mark was shocked; she was usually so calm and controlled.

"You have known me since I was four years old. Now I have bothered to learn your name, you might want to do the same. Ok?" She continued but in a lower voice. She didn't need his parents walking in on this display.

'What the hell did I do in a past life to deserve this?' she asked herself looking in every nook and cranny.

Mark stared at her in surprise. He leaned over the bed exposing his upper body; Danielle looked away annoyed at Marks lack of contribution to the situation. Not that she was helping in any way.

He pulled on his boxers and looked again at Danielle who was furiously searching his bedroom for her bra. Mark rubbed his eyes; just to make sure that the drink hadn't totally screwed up his head and caused him to have this nightmare.

'Please God this is a nightmare.' He thought to himself raising his eyes to the roof.

Mark looked down at his feet and caught sight of what he assumed she was rummaging around for. He held up a black lace bra that he was nearly sure was way too big for her. It had to be.

"This what you're looking for?" he asked a small smile appearing on his face. Danielle turned to face him, snatching the bra from him. Nearly taking his hand with it.

"Don't dare smile at me Mark. This is not funny." She said, her voice filled with venom. Danielle stopped her mile-a-minute movements and sat on the chair opposite him. She placed her clothes on her knee and cupped her face with her hands.

Danielle could feel the tears well up behind her eyes. No. She wasn't going to cry. Not in front of him.

Mark stood up and made his way over to her. He knelt in front of her. "El… Danielle? It's going to be ok." He said trying desperately to calm her.

"Ok!?" she yelled as she pushed him away from her resulting in him falling to the floor.

"How is this going to be ok, Mark? Please tell me because I really haven't got the slightest clue…" she screamed at him and again started pacing his room. "This is all your fault." She finished staring him straight in the face.

No way was she backing down from this one. There was too much at stake.

"Don't even Danielle. This is as much your fault as it is mine. It's not like I wanted any of this to happen." He said walking up to her waiving his hands in the direction of his bed and then pointing his finger at her accusingly.

Danielle gave in and turned to look at the door. She regretted saying it immediately afterwards. The one thing she knew that Mark hated was being accused of something he didn't do. As much as she hated it, he was right.

"Where will I get dressed?" she questioned him; making sure her eyes didn't meet his. "You know where the bathroom is." He said harshly. Mark watched as she made sure no one was outside then walked hurriedly towards the bathroom.

He turned and crashed onto his bed. 'What the hell am I going to do?' He asked himself while grabbing his jeans and a clean shirt and putting them on. Mark tried to bring some sense of order to his room by making his bed.

"Oh jees." He muttered. Mark picked up the used condom cringing and threw it in the trash. 'Well that was a good thing.' he thought to himself looking for a silver lining in this shitty situation. He would even take a lead lining.

Mark ran his hands through his jet black hair trying, for the life of him, to remember what had happened.

He remembered Danielle arriving with her two friends. Taking congrats on his eighteenth. Fighting with Danielle about how she was drinking all his whiskey… then everything went blank. "Great."

Danielle sneaked back into his room a few minutes later; sheet in hand. "Just leave it there." Mark directed her, pointing towards the corner. 'Why is he being snippy?' She asked herself. 'He has no right to be moody with me.'

Danielle resumed searching the room for her shoes. They were knee high black shoes; they couldn't be that hard to find. "There over there." Mark said again finding what she was looking for.

She sat on the edge of his bed and zipped up her shoes. She finally got the courage to look at him. He was staring right at her. Ignoring him, she stood up and straightened her top.

"Lets never talk about this to anyone." She blurted out. Mark dared to smile at her. "Look Danielle… it's… it's not that big a deal." He said slowly trying to find the words.

Danielle looked at her feet pretending to fix her shoe. Mark watched the brunette in front of him blush. He looked on curiously. Danielle didn't blush. "Was … was last night your…ah… first time?" Danielle couldn't believe he had just asked her. Just like that.

She could feel the anger rise in her and pointing her finger at him she ordered. "Never talk about this to anyone. Never." Danielle then walked swiftly towards the door and she was gone.

'She lost her virginity to me?' he asked him self in disbelief. Mark stared at the door for a minute. Trying to remember any boyfriends that Danielle had had over the years. None. "Shit" he murmured lying back on his bed.

"You must have had a good night." T.J said raising his eyebrows suggestively. "Huh?" Mark gulped sitting down on his bed where Danielle had just been. 'Did he know? Did he see Danielle leave?'

"Man don't play dumb, I saw her leave." T.J said giving Mark his 'all knowing' eyes. Mark stood up and shut his bedroom door making sure his parents wouldn't hear.

"Look T.J it's not what you thin—″ He said defensively, lifting his hands ready to object but being cut off. "Sure man. So what's her name?"

Mark stared at his brother confused. He watched T.J smirk and he was now more confused than ever.

"Please tell me you got her name." He said shaking his head at his little brother. When getting no answer from Mark, T.J spoke again but he spoke as if Mark were two years old.

"The girl that just left. What—was—her—name?" Finally Mark understood. T.J saw a girl leave but he didn't know it was Danielle.

"Her name? Her name is …" Mark paused. He couldn't tell his brother that he had just slept with Danielle. Who, Mark had just conveniently forgot, was his best friends little sister.

"..none of your business." He finished pushing T.J out of his room and shutting the door before he could protest.

Slumping down on the floor, Mark ran his hand through his hair. Last night he had sex with Danielle Reynolds. His best friend's sister. "I'm dead." He concluded.





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