I'm Rubber, You're Glue.

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Rating: there is just a bit of swearing in this chapter

The corridors of school had just started to fill with the students. It was Friday. And for most of the student population it was party time. For Danielle, it was her last day of being grounded.

She had woken early, her eyes still red and moist for the previous night's tears. She had showered and prayed that Matt was not up yet.

Her prayers were answered.

The brunette had called Tracie and she came to pick up her friend. No questions asked.

Tracie had decided that when Danielle was ready to talk, then she would be there. But she wouldn't push for an explanation for her friend's unusual behavior.

'What do we have first?" Danielle asked rummaging through the large thick books that occupied her locker.

"I have Spanish, you have French." Tracie informed her, while clearing out the rubbish that had accumulated her own locker into a near by bin.

The two girls had twenty minutes to spare before their first classes began so they finished off the homework they had neglected the night before in the canteen. Which seemed to be all of it for Danielle.

"Do you have your math book with you?" Danielle asked noticing that her own had pulled a disappearing act.

"It's in my locker, here." Tracie finished by handing her friend the keys to her locker. Danielle took the keys and scurried off to get the math book she needed.


Mark came trudging into the school, his bag slung haphazardly over his shoulder. He noticed her first. She scrounged though a locker that he was sure didn't belong to her.

She hadn't seen him yet so he could still make a cowards getaway. But this had to be sorted out. Not only for his own sanity but for Matt's. The two boys hadn't spoken after the nights incidents and Mark couldn't let his stupid mouth fuck up all of his friendships. He was sure Piper would give him another eating for his actions towards Danielle.

It was now or never.

"Hey..." Danielle's head shot around to see Mark standing behind her. She didn't respond but nodded her acknowledgment of him before turning back to Tracie's locker and her quest for the math book.

Mark hung his head low guilt. He tried again at a conversation.

"Isn't that Tracie's locker?" he probed, then holding his breath hoping she would talk to him. She didn't, but nodded again.

Mark bit down hard on his bottom lip to suppress a grunt of frustration that was threatening to be vocalized. He had no right to be mad or frustrated with her, he had dug his own grave. He was pulled from his thoughts with the bang of the locker.

Danielle finally gathered enough courage to look him in the eye. She didn't hold his gaze for long before she started back down the corridor.

"Danielle, wait!" Mark called after her jogging to catch up with her again. The brunette turned slowly to face him; she widened her eyes signaling for him to speak.

"Look I'm sorry for what I said.' He spluttered, watching her face closely. She didn't smile; she didn't frown or even give him the withering glare he had been expecting. She just nodded for what seemed to him like the tenth time, and turned to leave again.

"Danielle, come on!" He spoke to her back.

"Its fine Mark… just leave me alone." She breathed out tiredly. Mark let her leave this time.


The school canteen was packed with hungry students. The queue was long, reaching far out the double doors. Danielle was thankful that she had made a sandwich before leaving her house that morning. She didn't feel like wasting half her lunch hour in a queue.

Tracie and Danielle pulled out their lunches and began eating in the over crowded area. Danielle's eyes wandered over the large room, passing over most of the students. She stopped as she caught her brother's eyes staring back at her.

He smiled at her and then speaking to Calum for a second he lifted himself off the table he had seated himself on.

"So what time did you leave the house at?" he asked coming up behind her and pulling a seat form the table. He sat with his chest to the back of the seat; Danielle rolled her eyes at him before answering him.


"Must have been real early because I was up before my alarm and you were already gone." She said in a cool voice taking a drink from his sister's water.

"So what?" she asked snidely, grabbing the bottle form him. Tracie's eyebrows lifted at hearing her friends tone. It was time for her to step in.

"Are you going anywhere over the weekend?" she directed towards Matt.

He knew what she was doing and he was thankful that he could avoid a fight with Danielle. He had talked to Mark in history and he had said that he had apologized to Danielle and she said that it was fine. But Matt just wanted to see for himself and he now knew his sister was far from fine.

"Jake McGee is having a party but I'd say it's going to be a bust so I think I'm staying in." he replied.

"That's got to be the first time I've ever heard you say those words. It's a miracle." Tracie gushed, smiling at her friend's brother while opening her yogurt.

"What did I say?" Matt asked confused.

"I'm staying in" she said mimicking his voice.

Matt stood up and making an innocent face answered her back. "What do you mean I hardly ever go out, it's usually just me and a good book in on a Friday night!" he answered smiling, while walking away from the girls.

Tracie turned back to her friend and laughed at the pure absurdity of Matt's words. There whole group of friends were party animals… well not really but they sure as hell didn't stay in reading on a Friday night. And now that all of there small group were eighteen they drank at weekends, not that they didn't drink beforehand.

"Shane Johnson is looking for you." Adel squealed causing both her friends to jump. Danielle looked up in shock at Adel.

"Oh its ok Dani, I forgive you for yesterday." She said wrapping her arms around Danielle for a second. Tracie rolled her eyes to the roof but quickly got over her annoyance.

"Wait who?" she asked Adel as the blonde sat down opposite her.

"Shane-wouldn't-kick-out-of-bed-for-eating-crisps-Johnson is looking for Dani." She let out in one breath. Danielle looked at her friend innocently and asked "why?"

Shane Johnson was the captain of the Basketball team, he was smart, very good looking and popular. He was not friends with Matt or Marks friends but he was liked by nearly everybody.

"I don't know. He just asked me if I knew where you were." Adel answered taking out a salad.

Danielle just nodded at the new information before looking around the room once more. "Who you looking for?" Tracie asked returning to her sandwich. "Just Matt." Danielle answered quickly, then kicking herself as she had just been speaking to him.

"He's sitting over there…" Adel pointed across the room to where Matt was talking to his friends. "..beside, if I may say so, I fine looking Mr. James. He looks so good in that shirt." Adel cooed.

Danielle scoffed remembering the last time he wore that white shirt, and the last time he was without that same white shirt.

The brunette scrunched up her face in disgust of her own train of thought and took a large bite out of her lunch.

"Hey Dani." A deep voice sounded behind her. The teenager turned around in the uncomfortable school chair to see Shane Johnson looming over her. Danielle swallowed her only half chewed sandwich and smiled up at him.

"Hey, what's up?" she asked as Adel gave her a slight nudge in the ribs and then giggled.

"Nothing much, b-ball practices." He laughed and sat down next to her. "I was just wondering what you're doing tonight?" he smiled again showing off his pearly white teeth.

Danielle wrapped up her crusts in the tin-foil and threw them into the nearby bin. "Nothing much, you?" she asked then kicked herself mentally for her own stupid-ness.

The blond boy opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted but an outburst by Adel.

"Bitch!" she muttered. Danielle glanced around to see who was the object of Adel's eruption of anger. Before the girls stood the tall blonde Cici Palmer as she stopped to throw her half eaten salad into the bin.

Danielle turned to find a confused Shane but with a wave of her hand she dismissed Adel's comment from both their minds.

"Do you want to go to Jake's party tonight?" he asked not taking his eyes off of hers. Danielle grimaced and shook her head negatively. Shane looked down at the floor and was about to say something but Danielle shook her head furiously.

"Oh no no no, I'm grounded. Well at least for tonight." she explained.

Shane's immaculate smile could again be seen as he realized his miss-interpretation. "Do you want to do anything on Saturday night then?" he asked.

Danielle paused to think. Did she?

"God she is such a whore!" Adel blurted out catching Danielle's attention. She shifted her gaze to where Adel's lay and saw Cici laugh at something Mark had said. The tall blonde placed a hand on Mark's shoulder and leaned into him, still laughing.

Danielle turned to Shane and smiled. "I'd love to."


Matt sat again beside his friends, now finished talking with his sister. Mark was sitting with his back against the wall, on the table. He hadn't taken his eyes off Danielle for the last five minutes.

He was trying to figure out what she and Matt were talking about but he shifted his gaze as Adel intruded on her friends.

The boys were talking about the new cinema releases when Mark glanced up again, to find Danielle and Shane Johnson in deep conversation.

"What's going on there?" he asked the group, pointing in Danielle's direction. Matt followed his friends gaze and his face stiffened into a glare.

A small laugh erupted from Piper as she patted Matt sympathetically on the shoulder.

"He's just asking her out. Matt would you relax. She's a big girl." The blonde stated as she laughed again at Matt's over-protectiveness.

"How do you know?" Mark asked, breaking a silence. Piper looked up at the dark haired boy and noticed he wore the same deep frown as Matt.

"He asked me if she was seeing anybody." She clarified shrugging.

"I hope she says yes!" Piper muttered, now receiving two death glares from her group of friends.

"What?" she asked innocently, "they look cute together." Calum pulled on his girlfriends arm, and stood himself. "I think we should go before they kill you." he stated partly joking.

Mark dragged his eyes away from the pair and spotted Cici smiling seductively at him, as she made her way over to their table. Mark took one final glance across the room and finding Danielle smiling, waived to Cici.


"Oh my god, Dani, he is so cute!" Adel exclaimed excitedly as the three girls meandered though the corridors.

"I mean not as cute as my guy but you.." Tracie scrunched her eyebrows in confusion as she cut off her friend. "Who's your guy?" she asked making air quotes.

"Well Mark of course." She answered confidently walking ahead of Danielle and Tracie as they rolled the eyes at her.

This was going to be a long day.


Tracie's eye lids grew heavier as her math teacher droned on about the importance of showing your rough work.

"Pst - Dani?!" the brunette kicked the back of her friends chair watching her fall forward a bit. Dani glanced at the teacher and subtly tilted her head back.

"What?" she asked in her well practiced hushed voice.

"Do you want help getting ready tonight?" Tracie asked taking down an equation from the board.

Danielle smiled and turned in her seat. "The dates tomorrow night, not tonight!.." she said explaining, "... and plus I don't need that much time to get ready and lastly I'm still grounded!"

Tracie audibly groaned and catching the attention of the teacher began hurriedly practicing her math problems.

When Tracie thought she was safe again she leaned forward and flicked her friends brown hair with her pen.

"I know but I have a free house and your mom loves me, she'll let you come." Tracie clarified with her usual air of confidence.

"Cocky much?" Danielle asked mocking her.

"Whatever!" Tracie replied then turning her attention back to her work.


Danielle pushed the front door in and grumbled as the voices of her brothers friends filtered into the hallway.

"You o.k.?" Tracie asked closing the door behind her.

'Mission: Get Dani out of the house.' Was soon to be in action. Tracie's parents were at some family thing up north and wouldn't be back till the next morning. She had asked Adel, like Dani, if she wanted to come but she had to baby sit her younger brother and was none to pleased about it.

"Yep, I'll go ask mom if I can go." she said dumping her bag on the floor and making her way to the kitchen.

Tracie followed the voices and stood at the sitting room door and watched as Matt, Mark, Piper and TJ watched the music channel actively debating wither a song was good or not.

Noticing her, Matt pointed at her, "Tracie, , yey or nay?" he asked while shooting T.J a glare that told him to keep his mouth shut.

"Nay… definitely ney." She answered smiling as T.J threw up his arms in protest.

"Hey she doesn't count! Girls have really crap taste in music." He countered pointing at both Tracie and Piper while Piper flicked him her finger.

"Actually T.J if she doesn't like then she obviously doesn't have crap taste in music." Mark interjected from the lone chair as Tracie lifted her nose high in the air and straightened her back. "So there!" she childishly exclaimed.

"Where's Dani?" Matt asked wiping the triumphant smirk off his face. Tracie leaned back so she could see out the door and into the hall before she straightened again.

"She's still talking to your mom." She answered. "About what?" he asked curious, but at that moment Danielle appeared behind Tracie.

"Nope!" was all she said before Tracie stood up and smiled, "watch and learn kiddies" she said before she removed herself from the room.

"What's going on?" Matt asked not receiving an answer the first time he asked. He watched his sister scan the occupants of the room and subsequently sigh when she saw Mark behind the door.

"She wants me to stay at hers tonight." she said squeezing herself between Piper and Matt.

"Ohh." Piper yelled as she jumped out of her position and face Danielle. Her eyes went wide and an uncontrollable smile corrupted her features.

The three boys and Dani stared at the blonde in utter confusion.

"So are you going to go out with Shane?" she asked out of nowhere. This got the boys attention. Matt sat and waited, impatiently for his younger sister's answer.

The brunette glanced at her brother and let a small laugh erupt. She then noticed that Mark had returned his attention to the TV not being interested in the current subject.

"Yeah, tomorrow night." She answered sagging into the soft couch.

"Oh no your not, that guy is a prick!" Matt exclaimed standing up and pointing a finger at his sister.

"Shut up Matt. He's really nice." Piper assured Danielle as she got up and hit Matt up-side the head.

"Hey that hurt. And no he's not. The guy is a fucking wanker." Matt spluttered out. Matt and Shane had never gotten along. They just had a mutual disrespect for each other.

Danielle didn't know about the amateur feud. It was just that they didn't hang around with each other so not many people knew about their dislike of one another.

Danielle just rolled her eyes at her brother's insolence. But he ignored her actions.

"Mark man, back me up, he's a dick right?" Matt asked verging on begging his friend for some help.

Mark turned to them all, finally acknowledging their conversation. His brown eyes bore into Danielle's before she shifted her gaze away from his.

"I don't know. She can date who ever she wants. Who cares?" he said roughly, not taking his pointed stare off of the brunette.

Matt waived his arms in front of his friends face dramatically. "I care!" she said, now angry with his friend.

The door swung open and Tracie entered as Danielle looked up at her hopefully. "It's a gift." She said simply before a cocky smile covered her tanned face as Danielle smiled too, grateful to her friend.

Mark watched the two girls, annoyed. He finally left the TV channel alone and turned to face the group. "So you're allowed out then?" he asked staring at the brunette with an intense glare.

Danielle only nodded.

She didn't understand him. One minute he was up and the next he was down. He changed moods so quickly that she had trouble keeping up. A problem that her brother never had encountered.

As children, Matt and Mark always knew each other so well that they know when to leave things alone. But Danielle never knew what mood Mark was ever in.

Marks face scrunched into a sneer, "I thought you were grounded," he said lifting his brows mocking Danielle as she squirmed in her seat but met his intimidating gaze.

Tracie noticed her friend's awkwardness and jumped in, not fully knowing what was going on. "I talked to her mom; she said that Dani had 'served her time'." Tracie laughed at Catherine Reynolds words.

Mark nodded taking in what Tracie had said and glanced around the room, TJ, Matt and Piper were energetically talking about this weekends activities so he continued to bait Danielle.

"What'd you do?" she asked her, the smirk now permanently settled on his face when he saw her shift uncomfortable in her seat as her face turned a deep crimson.

Danielle glanced up at him and finally noticed the pompous grin on his face.

"Nothing much. Trust me, it's not worth mentioning! And I'll never be that stupid again." She said as she smiled sweetly at him.

Tracie glanced between the two in total confusion as they both glared at each other. She was about to ask a question but Danielle got up swiftly and grabbing her hand flew form the room.

Mark watched the now empty space that Danielle had left and mentally kicked himself. He just had to pour salt on her open wound.


"Ok so you want to tell me what that was all about?" Tracie asked once in her friend's bedroom. Danielle didn't turn to face Tracie but began gathering her things that she needed to bring to her house.

"Dani, tell me!" Tracie demanded grabbing he clothes from Danielle's arms and standing before her.

"Trac, just leave it…" Danielle shouted snatching her things back. Danielle slumped into her swivel chair and brought her knees to her face. She didn't look at Tracie while she took a deep shaky breath. "… please."

Tracie took a step back seeing her best friend nearing an emotional breakdown. Her maternal instincts kicked in as she knelt in front of Dane and wrapped her arms around her.


From where Mark was seated she saw his sister saunter into the Reynolds home. "Hey all!" she said cheerfully poking her head though the crack in the door that Tracie had left.

"Aren't you supposed to be working?" Mark asked smiling. Shanna always had a job whenever she came home on breaks from college; it was a perk for being loved by the old lady who owned the small café in town.

Shanna smiled at her younger brother sweetly. "Yes but I took the afternoon off, I have a date." She said glancing around the room.

"Does everybody have a date?" Matt asked nobody in particular. The blonde James girl gave him a questioning smile.

"Dani has a date tomorrow night." Piper informed her, rolling her eyes at Matt. Shanna laughed at her brothers' best friend. "You're still weird about her going on dates. Come on Matt, she's a big girl." Shanna said reassuringly.

Matt glanced up from his cell phone which he was playing with and stared at the blonde. "Everybody stop calling my little sister a 'big girl', she shouldn't date for at least a year. And what do you mean 'still'? This is her first date." He said sulking.

Shanna raised her eye-brows in surprise. "Really? But Dani's gorgeous! How did she manage not to go on dates until now?" she asked now leaning on the back of Mark's chair.

Matt opened his mouth to answer her but TJ cut in, "probably because Matt here would kick the shit out of the guy that went near her." He concluded. "As they well deserve!" Matt joined in, nodding his head.

Mark shifted himself in his chair causing Shanna's eyes to wander down to him. She looked confused as her brother couldn't settle himself.

Mark glanced up at his sister who was watching him tentatively. He fluttered his gaze away from her and began sifting through the TV guide.

Shanna looked up from the group again and asked what she was meaning to ask when she came in. "Where is Dani, I want to borrow her diamond necklace." She asked.

"She's upstairs with Tracie." Piper answered. Shanna nodded her thanks and slowly made her way up the long stair case.

Danielle's door stood ajar and she lifter her hand to knock but was stopped when she noticed Tracie on her knees hugging Dani tightly. Shanna noticed that Dani was near tears and backed up to leave them alone but Tracie had seen her.

"Hey Shanna!" she said half warning her friend that there was another present. Danielle swiftly stood from the chair and moved across the room out of Shanna's sight for a second before pulling the door wide open, a smile forced on her face as she greeted the blonde.

"Hey what's up?" she asked, faux happiness in her voice. Shanna smiled, not wanting to embarrass her.

Shanna left the room after borrowing the necklace. The brunette had had a hard time trying not to let Shanna see her red eyes. The last thing she needed was for Shanna to be on her case. But there was an upside for Shanna's interruption - Dani had gotten out of telling Tracie what was wrong with her.


The two brunettes sat quietly on Tracie's bed as they watched the movie. Danielle groaned and rolled off the bed.

"Let's watch something else!" she said, pleading with her friend. Tracie nodded in agreement. "Yeah I know what happens in the end anyway, so this way they are both good." She smiled as she ejected 'A Walk to Remember' from the DVD player.

"There all the same anyway, asshole meets girl - asshole changes into a really decent guy – they fall in love, blah blah blah yada yada yada. It's so annoying. Plus guys never change." Danielle ranted while shoving another movie in.

"So says the girl with the date tomorrow night!" Tracie said laughing at Danielle choice in DVD. "Finding Nemo!" Tracie spluttered as the screen came up. Danielle smiled as she got comfortable on the bed again.

"I'm not the one who bought it." She muttered before receiving a small slap on the shoulder. "It's not mine!" Tracie defended herself. Danielle looked up at her friend with fake belief. "Oh ok sure Trac, I believe you. I really do."


Shanna wandered through the dark house towards the soft music form the kitchen. She saw Mark at the counter with the sandwich essentials before him.

"Mark, its three in the morning! What are you doing?" she asked dropping her purse on the table and sitting down and taking off her sandals slowly.

"Couldn't sleep." He answered putting away the things he had used. He sat down next to his sister and began to munch thought his king sized sandwich.

"Good night?" he asked after a minute. A smile appeared on her well manicured features. "It was great. He's so nice." Mark smiled up at his sister over his sandwich, happy that his sister had a good time.

He remembered one of her old boyfriends in high school. Alec, he in Mark's terms was a piece of shit. The guy was the biggest prick in the school but Shanna just didn't see it. She was in love with him and he treated her like crap. Mark thanked the lord when the day came when she finally broke up with him.

"You drunk?" he asked her as she slumped against the table, "no… I just had a few so I'm in the happy place, not near the tipsy or hammered place!" she answered taking a sip of her brother's milk.

"What the guys name again?" Mark asked glancing sideways at his sister. "Phil." She answered her smile growing in size.

Mark nodded remembering. Shanna laid her chin on her hand and rested her elbow on the table and stared at her brother as if she could see into his head and read his thoughts.

"So what's the girl's name?" she asked mimicking her brother's tone. He glanced at her and then back at his sandwich. "What girl?" he asked taking another gulp of his milk.

Shanna rolled her blue eyes at her brother. "The girl that is turning my baby brother into an insomniac?" she didn't move from her position but kept her eyes trained on him.

Mark ignored his sister and brought his dirty dishes to the sink, rinsed them and then loaded them into the dishwasher.

"Oh come oh Mark, you've been weird ever since I've been back and don't think I didn't hear about Dani." The blondes tone got angrier towards the end of her sentence.

The dark haired eighteen year old spun around and faced his sister, guiltily. He held his breath until he felt as if he was going to faint.

"You bit her head off for no reason and while you two aren't best of friends you do usually have a small reason for tormenting her. And from what I hear it came out of nowhere."

Mark turned away from his sister and thanked the lord that his sister was none the wiser to what had happened on his birthday.

"Look I was just in a bad mood and Dani and me are good now." He lied trying to defend his earlier actions.

Shanna rolled her eyes at him and picked up her sandals before getting up out of her chair. "Ok. Just… the next time you see her just be nice because she was really upset when I saw her today." She told him before getting a bottle of water from the fridge and leaving Mark on his own.

Seeing his sister form fade into the darkness of the hall Mark slumped against the counter remembering what he had said to Danielle earlier.


After she had arrived home that afternoon Danielle holed herself in her room just so she could avoid the lecture her brother was sure to give her.

Hearing the doorbell sound, Danielle gave herself the once over in the mirror before grabbing her purse and she practically ran down the stairs to shoo Matt away from the front door.

The brunette slid a smile upon her face as she opened the large wooden door.

Her smile faltered as she rolled her eyes. "Oh it's you. Since when do you ring the bell?" she questioned as she opened the door further to let TJ in.

TJ smiled as he walked into the house. "I just wondered what it sounded like, was it the regular ding dong or was it something weird."

"You're weird!" Mark threw in as he pushed past Danielle and his brother.

TJ's eyes flew over Danielle's attire. He took in her knee length dark green skirt and her strapless orange top. "You dressed up for me… I'm touched." TJ mocked, attracting the attention of his younger brother.

Mark's brown eyes danced over Danielle's body as she moved uncomfortable under his scrutiny. Danielle grumbled and slammed the door shut pulling Mark's eyes from her.

"Cant you two, for once, be bored at your own house?" she asked crossing her arms over her chest.

"Actually, I'm not stopping; I just came to get my jacket." TJ explained to an angry Danielle.

"It's in the closet." Danielle helped as TJ retrieved his lost garment. "Ok I'll see you two later." TJ muttered pulling open the door before turning to Danielle. "By the way the 'ding dong' is so old." Danielle laughed as she hit him on the shoulder playfully.

TJ turned away from the two but nearly jumped a mile when he came face to face with the blue eyes of Shane Johnson. TJ just nodded a hello before leaving.

Shane stepped forward and looked Danielle up and down much to her embarrassment. "You look great." He greeted, now noticing a fuming Mark behind her.

Shane swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat as he said his hello. "Mark." he nodded, trying is best to smile.

"Johnson." Was all Mark said. Danielle groaned as she glared at Mark. "Why don't we go?" she suggested, taking a step for the door, hoping Shane would take the hint. Which he did.

Mark watched the door shut behind them and then went to the TV room where Matt was sure to be.

"Dani back upstairs?" Matt asked as his friend sat down opposite him on the couch. "Nah, she just left." he answered.

"Already, really? Shit!" I wanted to have a chat with blondie!" he said, then looking at Mark, Matt hopefully asked. "Tell me you said something to him… anything?"

Mark shook his head. "Look man, he knows if he hurts her we'd kill him. Trust me… he knows." Mark answered not taking his eyes off the TV screen.

Matt turned back to the TV a smile taking the place of the fearful one which had been there just a moment ago.


Danielle pushed open the door as quietly as she could, hoping her parents weren't still up. The brunette followed the soft glow that illuminated the hall. She saw his silhouette off the TV and walked in taking off her shoes in the process.

"Is everybody asleep?" she asked making Mark turn form his comfortable stance on the couch.

"Yeah. Like a half hour ago." he whispered. Danielle had noticed he did that if anybody was asleep. He would always whisper even though they wouldn't or couldn't hear anything downstairs.

"How come your up?" she asked, now also whispering. "I just wanted to see the end of the film, it was shit." He laughed and switched the channel.

"Well …" Danielle stood uncomfortable fidgeting with her purse. "…I'm knackered so I'm going to bed." She said turning away from him but she stopped in her tracks as he spoke again.

"Good night then?" he asked. "yep." The brunette answered hastily, she didn't want to get into a fight with him now.

"So what's his name again? Shaun? John? Jim?" Danielle rolled her eyes at his stupidity.

For one- he had said his name earlier, two- she was sure they had a few classes together and three-, Matt hated him so there was no way that Mark didn't know his name. But she was feeling charged so she played along.

"Shane! And why do you care?" she asked walking to stand behind him.

Mark turned around on the couch and looked straight at her. "I don't… just curious." She said trying to justify his question.

Danielle rolled her eyes and sneered at the black haired boy in front of her. "Curiosity killed the cat." She said, offhandedly.

Mark stood up, switching off the TV and waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkness so he could see her, before he replied. "Yeah well. Satisfaction revived it."

Danielle snorted and took a step towards him. "So how's Cici Palmer?" she ground out threw her gritted teeth.

Mark widened his eye in confusion. "How the hell would I know?" he asked matching the venom he found in her tone. Danielle threw her purse down on the couch that separated the two.

"Big rumor in school about you two." She replied bracing her hands on her hips as Mark smirked at her.

"You shouldn't listen to idle gossip and..." he said but Danielle interrupted him. "Are you calling me a gossip?!" she burst out, unbelievingly.

"Nope. I'm calling you jealous." Mark said cockily walking to her side of the couch. "Jealous? Jealous of what?" she asked now furious.

"Of me and Cici!" Mark informed her whispering, unconsciously telling her to lower her own voice. "So there is a you and Cici?" Danielle questioned, imitating his voice.

"No there isn't. I'm just proving a point." He said casually.

Danielle snorted once again at his smugness while taking a step back out of arms reach of Mark. "And what point would that be?" she asked crossing her arms in front of herself.

"That your jealous of me dating!" he said, his tone bitter. Danielle's hands flew up in the air in utter disgust at his remark. "Oh, Mark get over yourself, really! You're so full of it. God, don't presume that I'm pining away for you because trust me I'm not!" she said, ending her rant by kicking her shoes under the table making sure nobody would trip over them.

Mark watched her as she unloaded all of her hatred onto him. "Good for you. I'm going to bed." He answered making his was towards the small brunette girl.

"Oh please tell me you're not sleeping here. Don't you have your own house with your own bedroom with your own bed?" she asked her voice growing in volume with every word.

A small unkind laugh left Mark's mouth before taking the last step towards her and leaning down so he could whisper in her ear. "I would, but it holds bad memories."

And with that last snide comment, Mark left the room and a tearful Danielle and made is way upstairs to the guest room he always slept in.


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