Just before the battle...

The bright blue sky beats down upon the head,

Of every soldier that marches in the cause.

They all wish to be home, safe inside their bed,

And wished that when they had signed up they had paused.

But now it was to late and they could not longer change their mind,

One by one now they were compatriots and friends,

Into the battle they would march shoulder to shoulder side by side,

Down the dreary road they march down across three bends.

A gay song they sing as they march to the beat,

"glory to the republic" the enemy shouts as they pass,

In only two hours time on the field they will meet.

But for now they're safe talking, wishing for their lass.

Through the woods they march toward the battle field.

They still talk about everyone of their friends back home.

They don't think that they will be used as a human shield.

They now just wish to be comrades never one alone.