Bows tied in a bundle,

Thrown upon the floor.

A dress of green silk,

Now hangs upon the door.

A London baby

sits upon a chest,

You turn to throw it,

But instead hold it to your breast.

Angry words fly from your mouth,

You scorn who ever comes near.

But I quickly come to hold you,

And into my coat there is a tear.

I hold you till you calm down,

Every tear falls to my chest.

It waters my heart with sorrow,

But I hide it with my best.

"Calm down my dearest, calm down,"

I whisper to your ear.

"Your darling sweetheart loves you,

Don't doubt that I'm not near."

You dry your tears and look at me,

Your face seems rather blank,

You lean forward to kiss me,

And from my lips a kiss you take.

I never wish to leave your side,

Never to leave the day,

But I hear your father call,

"I love you" is the last thing that I say.