What is it?

Why can't I ever break though?

Why do you not look,

Is it me or just you?

I wish to know you better,

But I'm afraid to ask,

I'll be your Hercules,

Just name your task.

I'll be your strong warrior,

Upon the filed of battle,

Fighting for the love of a woman,

And I shall not hear the death rattle.

Any man that challenges your heart,

Who ever stakes his claim,

I will bring back our cupid,

And his arrows to my heart aim.

Torture, wind and fire I'll fight,

Never backing down,

And I know that one day,

I shall wear your loves crown.

Don't hail me as a hero,

Don't hail me as a God,

I am but a warrior of love,

All I ask is for you to nod.

I worship your every smile,

I worship your ever tear,

But I'll be there when you need me,

To whip away your every fear.

Upon the field of battle I stand,

Clad in my lady's armor,

Sworn to stand up to her foes,

And always defend her honor.

I'll be knighted for my lady,

I'll stand by her side to defend her,

Until she dismisses me from her service,

But I shall call you my lady, and I will be your sir.