No Moreā€¦

to Thea, my long lost love

No more of you,

Shall I ever see.

No more with whispers,

Shall I ever greet thee.

No more of thy kisses,

Shall ever touch my lips,

No more sweet wine of thine heart,

Shall I ever take in sips.

No more shall your visions

Play nightly in my dreams,

No more will I serve you in bed,

Your sweet strawberries in clotted cream.

No more will your of you beautiful voice

Shall I hear again,

No more will you hold my arm,

My pride shall no longer be a sin.

No more will "I love you"

Shall come between our words,

No more will we be together,

No longer we be the "love birds".

Our eyes shall not meet again,

Or talk for endless hours,

As we sweetly kiss upon street,

There is not one hint of sours.

Perhaps one day we will meet again,

But that day is long off,

Until then we shall be separated,

Through both heart aches and coughs.

No more will we say "hello"

In the morning light.

No more are you my sunshine,

And the day is no longer is bright.