Outside, you may see someone socially well adjusted. Inside there is someone screaming silently at you for your stupidity. Outside you see someone who stands aside with cool confidence. Inside she's crumbling, unsure. Outside you see someone who, though she may be quiet, is just as kind as can be. Inside, she's playing out her murder schemes. What do you see outside? A cute face? My long black hair and slightly punker non-style? Won't you ever realize that inside all that just doesn't exist? Beneath my modest appearance , there is someone who just doesn't fit. She's as modest as a hot pink giraffe and maybe about as loveable as a two-headed serpent...that is to say,unloveable.

But wait... that's inside the past. That's inside the dead, the never to be resurrected. As I've heard it said "the script has flipped". Now what do you see outside? A snob? Outside, you see someone who sits alone, who doesn't talk. Sure, it's still the same cute face but the soul inside is different. Now what you see outside, you don't like. Inside, there is someone joyful, Inside, there is someone who knows how to love and indeed loves you who even now despises her. Outside, she sits alone to keep pure who she is inside. If you were to go say hello, she would flash a genuine smile your direction and say "hello" and "God bless you".

Hard indeed it is to understand how when inside she was dark and angry,outside you loved her all the same. Now inside the color's changed, light and lovely, happy too and outside you hate her more than you ever loved her.

Still the inside doesn't fit the outside, the two rage against each other eternally, but finally, it no longer matters whether or not you see inside. He sees inside...

It no longer matters whether or not you see me...

A'lauqua Vice