Original post : 5-27-03

This is no prayer. I am merely stating how I feel. Don't like, don't read, don't review.

Thank You Christ

My soul feels enlightened,
For I have been cleansed of my sins,
And they no longer plague my thoughts.
Through the pain and suffering
You have strengthened me
And my faith in you
Has increased tenfold.

I trust you,
Love you,
Believe in you,
And cherish you
More than before,
And for this
I thank you, Lord.

I will sing to the Lord
And express my bliss,
For he has answered my prayers,
And saved me.

I was put through an emotional and personal ordeal and in the end, I have found that I was right in thinking the Lord would use the occurrence for my benefit, and indeed he did. My faith increased greatly and it is helping me to get through these tough teenage years! I'm very pleased with the results I must say.

1-6-05 I have been through many more ideals since and am thankful to Christ for the growing I have done in the past few years.