"You know, this is your fault," Annabelle said to Thogrim as they sat in a cave. The dwarf looked up at her and glared.

"How is this my fault? You're the one who was supposed to distract the dragon, not me," Thogrim said.

"Well, you were also the one who was supposed to kill it! I don't have a greataxe that kills anything bigger than a cow in one hit! I have bows and knives, not big, fancy, dragon hunting weapons!" the ranger yelled angrily. She was always yelling at Thogrim. They had a passionate, deep-seated hatred for each other. The halfling in the corner had his ear pressed to the wall, listening for the dragon.

"Did anyone get a good look at the dragon?" Crana asked. He was the most inquisitive member of the group, which was to be expected, him being a rogue and all.

"Not much, Crana. It was big, red and trying to eat me. I wasn't exactly taking anything in real well besides that," Annabelle said. She was very frustrated. Crana probably just wanted to calculate how much treasure the dragon had. He was never serious about completing any mission. Crana's ear suddenly perked up. He turned around and looked right over Annabelle's shoulder. Without hesitating, she spun around, her bow already drawn with an arrow already notched. "Cry!" she yelled, her attack word, as her arrow became infused with lightning and struck the demon in the tree outside the cave straight through the head, killing it instantly.

"Nice shot," Crana said.

"I've seen better," Thogrim growled. Annabelle turned around and shot him a venomous look. She knew that the dwarf's animosity towards her should be put aside, but they had hated each other ever since their first mission. Thogrim had blamed her for his clan's death at the face of Yrati, the golden dragon of Thunderaxe Bastion. She had always resented him for this, seeing as how she was the one that, in the end, killed the monster. Of course, that was the amazing part. When Annabelle sent an arrow through Yrati's head, it should have only given him a scratch, but she was a prodigy. At level age twelve, she had killed a greater wurm in a single blow. But that had been ten years ago. She was now 22 years old. Right then, she was a terrifying sight to almost anyone. 5'9", she stood with a full suit of dragonscale armor, the helm of unnatural sight, and an ebony longbow of arcane destruction. Still, the others were just as intimidating. Well, Thogrim was, at least. The dwarven fighter wore a full suit of fullplate armor and carried an axe which he had received from the dying chief of his clan as a memorial to their former glory. Of course, Crana didn't look very intimidating at all. He wasn't supposed to, he was supposed to be sneaky and chameleonic.

"Oh, come on," he said to Thogrim, "That was amazing. Just whomp, straight between the eyes."

"Crana, don't worry about it. Just keep an ear out for that dragon," Annabelle said.

"Well, you don't need to worry much about that anymore," Crana said, a satisfied smile on his face. "That dragon's female. I saw her mate's corpse."


"Do you remember that really weird set of rooms we walked through?"


"That was his skeleton. A serious dragonslayer must've taken him down. The real reason she's not coming after us though is that she has eggs to protect."

"What?!" Thogrim roared.

"Crana, do you know how many dragons actually manage to produce more than a few eggs in their lifetime?" Annabelle asked.

"Not that many, but when one comes along that can give mass birth, they lay at least 50 eggs."

"He have to get back there and destroy those eggs! We can't have 50 of those disgusting creatures roaming around these hill!" Thogrim yelled.

"Calm down! I know that you want them dead, but going in now would be suicide. She knows we're coming and she's got a reason to fight. We'd lose."

"Coward! You're too afraid to ..."

"Listen, dwarf, I'm not afraid of death, but I want this thing gone, maybe even more than you do! If we fight it right now, it'll win and, while we may kill a few of them, it and its children will be free to raze this land!"

"Thogrim, she's right. The dragon will kill us and no one will have a chance to stop it," Crana said.

"Then what do you surgs propose that we do?" Thogrim asked with a murderous look in his eyes.

"Yaror is just over the mountains. If we can recruit some more adventurers to help us kill that dragon," Annabelle said. She turned and walked out of the cave. Crana followed soon after, along with Thogrim. The dwarf, however, did not have peace of mind. He was angry. He was vengeful.