"Wrapped in Each Other"

Original Story by Samii Tiger

Disclaimer: This story contains tentacle rape/sex, homosexual themes, and other fun stuff that my twisted mind has come up with. If ya don't like stuff of that nature, then simply don't read the story. If ya do, then happy readings.

Characters © Their Respective Owners

Downtown Tokyo invited a plethora of people, ranging anywhere from your basic tourist to your locals. On one particular night, Samii and Youko, being on their vacation in Japan, decided to frequent a raver club known as "The Pink Zebra". Or, rather, Youko dragged Samii there, as was often the case with most clubs they visited.

Though she wasn't entirely thrilled about being at another raver club, Samii still dressed for the occassion, sporting short hair spiked up and tipped in silver. The top buttons of her silvertone shirt were left open, revealing a black tank top beneath. Black cargo pants and shoes completed the ensemble, accenting her green eyes. Youko, on the other hand, was dressed to impress, as the saying goes. Lime green streaks colored her hair, matching with the tank she wore under a thin black fishnet top. Knee-high boots graced her leg, flirting with the mid-thigh length black leather bondage-style skirt she wore. Random glowsticks hung from her skirt, seeming to create a trail of light if she moved. On Youko's wrists hung blue, purple, and green glow bracelets; her neck was reserved for a black leather collar, on which a tag rested which read "Youko Laguna/If found, return to/Samii Tiger".

Samii gave a sigh as she entered the club after paying the bouncer at the door the cover for she and Youko. It would be a typical night out at the club, something that she wasn't overly thrilled about, but could deal with.

Youko made her way to the dance floor, body catching the beat of the music and moving to it, glowsticks moving with her writhing body. Her arms moved about in the air in random patterns to the fast-paced techno music, catching the eye of several men and women around her. As she made her way to the center of the dance floor, Youko found several men grinding themselves against her, writhing next to her well-defined body.

Giving a shrug, Samii made her way to the bar. Sitting at the counter, she looked over at the bartender, who quickly approached her. With surprisingly good English, the bartender greeted Samii, "This your first time here?" Samii gave a nod before the tender continued, "I see. Special drink is the Pink Zebra - A mix of pink lemonade, vodka, everclear, and grenadine."

"I'll try one. Hell, can't be any worse than stuff in the States."

Receiving Samii's order, the bartender turned back around and went to work mixing the drink. Out of the corner of her eye, Samii sized the tender up, more or less so checking her out. The girl had a nice body, a pleasant enough demeanor, and dressed to show what she had. Samii couldn't complain.

Meanwhile, Youko was dancing with a large group, arms running about the body of the man in front of her, the man in back of her running his hands along her body. Sandwiched between the two men, she gave a teasing kiss to each, giving a wink before she moved from that group to another.

At the bar, Samii sipped on her Pink Zebra, finding it slightly stronger than what she was used to, but overall not bad. Glancing out at the dance floor, she saw Youko in her sandwich, and gave a small growl. Turning back to the bar, Samii looked at the artwork on the wall - several scrolls, reversed from the traditional color of black on white to white on black, were displayed, each one showing a character for strength, love, prosperity, patience, and creativity - instead of focusing her attention on the goings-on behind her. Only it wasn't as simple as it sounded. Samii, for all of her discipline, had a rather prominent jealous streak, and the drink she had in front of her was not making things any easier.

After several minutes of occassional glances back out to the dance floor to check on her mate, Samii gave up for the time and decided she needed some air. She paid the bartender, then waded through the crowd, going through a dimly lit hallway towards the entrance. On either side of her as she walked were couples pinned against the wall, nibbling, biting, groping each other, or doing any other number of things that could be considered foreplay. Giving a growl, she made her way out to the entrance, where she had the bouncer stamp her hand for re-entry later that evening.

Walking down the same street the club was on, Samii grumbled about several different things, mainly how Youko disappeared into the crowds everytime they visited a club of her choosing, only to reappear to Samii when she was ready to leave, or didn't want to rest from dancing. Consumed in her thoughts, Samii passed by an odd-looking shop, which was oddly enough open that late at night. She paid it no mind until something kicked into her mind that it should not be open right now. Backing up, Samii peered into the doorway of the store. "Gomen nasai... Daredemo wa kono ni imasu ka... Excuse me... Is anyone here?"

From the back of the shop came a middle-aged woman, maybe in her mid-thirties and wearing a traditional kimono. When she reached the counter, she looked Samii up and down before giving a small nod. "Follow."

Something didn't feel right about the shop, but Samii couldn't put her finger on it. Something about the woman who wanted her to follow. It was if she knew something more about Samii than even Samii realized. Reasserting herself, Samii proceeded to the back of the shop.

What she was surprised to see was a fortune teller's setup, complete with crystal ball. A low humming sound started, seeming to come from the background, but Samii couldn't find the source... Until she looked at the ball on the table. Its deep purple pulsed like a heartbeat, causing Samii to draw closer to it. "...What is it?" she asked as she looked up at the shopkeeper.

Two words came out of the shopkeeper's mouth: "A heart."

Samii instantly freaked out, being that she had alcohol in her system and it took her next to no time to get back out to the street and back down to the club.

While Samii was out walking, Youko was getting her groove on... Sort of.

Her legs becoming tired, Youko made her way back through the crowd to the bar, taking a seat. The bartender came over to her, looking appreciatively at Youko's choice of clothing, "Something to drink, pretty one?"

Youko blushed slightly at the compliment from the bartender, looking at the wall at assorted drinks. "Mmm... Tokyo Tea, please?"

The bartender nodded a bit, then turned back around, grabbing bottles of Vodka, Rum, Triple Sec, Gin, Melon Liqueur, Sweet and Sour Mix before grabbing a shot glass and a highball glass, which she filled with ice. Mixing the drink, she glanced back over to Youko, giving her a wink. "Fancy collar... Mmmm... Who's Samii? Boyfriend or something?"

"No... She's my lover." Looking around the bar, Youko saw that Samii wasn't around. "Speaking of which, I don't see her..."

The bartender shrugged slightly. "If it's any help to you, a tigress left about half an hour ago. Although I don't know if that'd be her or not."

Youko blinked. "...What'd she have on?"

Before the bartender could respond, Samii was walking into the main area of the raver club and towards the bar. Seeing Youko, she sighed a bit, though she was still shaken from the shop down the street.

Walking over to Youko, Samii leaned against her, whispering in her lover's ear. "Hun, there's something I think you should see in a shop down the street."

The whisper to Youko's ear sent shivers through her body and she turned her head to lightly kiss Samii. "Later, babe."

Samii purred slightly into the kiss and wrapped her arms around Youko's waist, standing behind the barstool she sat in. "...What'd you order to drink?"

"Tokyo Tea."

Nodding, Samii nuzzled against Youko's shoulder, closing her eyes in thought. '...What was that thing... And what did the shopkeeper mean? ...Eh... I wonder how many guys were rubbing against Youko tonight... Heh.' In her nuzzling, Samii caught a sniff of Youko's perfume that she had purchased a few years prior, which just happened to excite her. 'Mmm... I wonder if this excites more than just me? ...Ah well...'

As Youko sipped on her drink, Samii slid into the bar stool next to her, head resting on her hand as she let her mind wander momentarily. There were so many odd things about Japan, she had noticed, most of which she took to without a problem, but there were still some that even she was wary about.

Behind them, the music and lights pulsed at an erratic beat, with the dancers on the floor still grinding into each other. '...Give me a more urban beat, and I'd be out there dancing... Techno's too hard to dance to, I think... But, man... Youko can move out there... Amazing woman that she is.'

Out of nowhere, Youko grabbed Samii by the collar and pulled her into a deep kiss, which Samii responded to by moving her hands to Youko's hair, fingers intertwining with the long strands. Breaking the kiss, Youko purred, "Let's go, babe."

Samii nodded and took Youko's hand, letting her get her free hand stamped as they passed by the bouncer... Just in case they wanted to return later that evening. Leading Youko down the street, Samii felt somewhat calmer now that the alcohol was leaving her system and her mate was with her, but still wasn't all too thrilled with the thought of others hanging off of her.

When the two lovers reached the shop, Samii dragged Youko in. The shopkeeper was sitting in front, looking out to the street. "...I have been waiting for you to return," she said in a very quiet, almost ethereal voice.

Squeezing Youko's hand gently, Samii followed behind the shopkeeper, pulling her lover along with her.

Walking into the back of the shop, the crystal ball was still pulsing, and seemed to have gotten faster. 'How odd...' Samii mused, watching the ball.

In typical fashion for her, Youko stepped past Samii to extend a hand to the crystal ball, being that it most likely appeared pretty, or at least interesting, to her. As Youko's hand drew closer, the ball quickened its pulsing, becoming a steady glow of purple.

From the ball extended several tentacles, which quickly wrapped around Youko's arm. She tugged at them, trying to pull her arm away, but it was to no avail. "Samii! Help!"

Samii stepped forward, trying to pull the tentacles off of Youko's arm, but was stopped by another set that wrapped around her arms, separating them and holding her above her mate. Snarling, Samii bit at the tentacles on her arm, only to be gagged by one being shoved into her mouth.

Flailing about, Youko soon encountered the same, tentacles wrapped about both of her arms and legs, suspending her in midair. The only difference was that she still had use of her mouth. "...Samii... What's going on?"

The shopkeeper stood below Youko and Samii, smiling up at them. "Entangle," was the only word she uttered before disappearing from view.

More tentacles shot out from the crystal ball, curling themselves around the waists of its captives, as well as around the thighs of both Samii and Youko. By now, Samii had given up trying to escape for the moment. She closed her eyes, lowering her head. '...Why did I have to leave the club out of anger and jealousy? ...What am I so worried about? ...I know she's not going to leave me, even if she's a huge flirt.' Opening her eyes, Samii looked over at Youko helplessly. The one time she should have been able to help her lover, she couldn't.

Youko, on the other hand, was trying to move her arms to get out of her bonds, but to no avail. The tentacles had a strong grip on her. More of the ethereal appendages came from the purple ball, snaking their way up Youko's skirt, causing her to shiver from the sensation. Two of them moved up the front of her shirt, wrapping around her breasts and giving a squeeze to the twin mounds, eliciting a moan from the vixen.

Samii could only watch silently as the tentacles moved about her lover's body, sliding her clothes off as they moved. First, the shirts ripped off, exposing two dark purple tentacles rubbing their ends on Youko's nipples, the main tentacle squeezing the vixen's breasts teasningly.

Youko's skirt was the next item to come off, the material dropping to the floor with a soft thud. A tentacle eased its way between her nether lips, thrusting back and forth without actually entering her for the time.

Growling angrily around the tentacle in her mouth, Samii glared at the scene in front of her, temper rising quickly. Another set of three tentacles moved towards Samii - two of them moving under her shirt to curl around her breasts and squeeze as the other moved past her pants and panties, circling her entrance. As much as she disliked what was happening, it also greatly aroused her, being that she was being teased in two different spots.

The tentacle's tip flicked over Youko's clit, causing her to pull at the tentacles holding her arms, as well as to pant from arousal. At the same time, the tentacles moving around Samii's body decided that her own clothing was too restricting, and essentially ripped it from her body.

With the tentacles writhing around their bodies, Youko and Samii could go nowhere, could do nothing to stop them. They just had to wait.

Watching Youko receive pleasure from the tentacles, Samii herself was becoming aroused. As a tentacle moved up and entered Youko suddenly, Samii found her nipples going hard, as well as some of her juices leaking down her leg. Youko let out a loud moan as the tentacle entered her and started thrusting in and out, adding more to its diameter as it went and felt her loosen up.

In response to Samii's juices trickling down her leg, a tentacle entered her just as suddenly as Youko, causing her to arch her back from arousal.

As the tentacles moved within Samii and Youko, they writhed around from their arousal, panting heavily as tentacles wound up their bodies to tease their clits in similar fashion, rolling and squeezing the nubs none-too-gently, building them both to orgasm.

Youko was the first to orgasm, with Samii following only a few seconds later. Their juices dripped from their legs, but that didn't stop the tentacles that were moving in them. The deep purple appendages were building both tigress and vixen to a second orgasm, which came within a few minutes of the first.

Both Youko and Samii were covered in sweat and cum, a result of their dual orgasms. Without warning, the tentacles removed themselves from Youko and Samii, causing them both to jerk forward and orgasm a third time from the sensation of the tentacles being removed so quickly.

Slowly, the tentacles lowered Samii and Youko next to each other, removing themselves from the bodies of the lovers. As the tentacles retreated to the crystal ball, Samii moved over to Youko, pulling the vixen into her arms to hold her. Giving Youko a kiss on the forehead, the vixen responded by kissing her lover lightly on the lips, then snuggling into her body, resting from the excursion.

The crystal ball faded to a pale, almost clear, purple, and dimmed out, an indication that its spell had run its course. The shopkeeper stood behind Samii and Youko, smiling at the two of them. She wasn't entirely sure if the tigress understood what just happened or why it did, but at the least, it got the two of them to be together.