New Story: Summary

A/N: Hi all! After finishing Power of Love, I decided to start another story Please tell me what you think-all comments will be very much appreciated by me…thanks everyone! Oh, by the way-the summary might seem clichéd, but read on, I'm sure it's not as clichéd as it sounds…I hope. Tell me what you think!



18 year old Hugo Paxton is a guy who has it all…he is the most popular guy in school and he knows the power he has. He is self-conceited, stuck-up and a good for nothing piece of scum. The only thing he is good at is seducing girls until they willingly beg at his knees. He basically fails all his exams and is only kept at the school because of his wealth.

He has no aim in life and believes in living life with a carefree and caring for nothing spirit. The only person that means something to him is his 15 year old sister, Naomi. In truth, he loves his sister very much and handles the responsibility of being a big brother well.

However, Naomi knows of her brother's reputations at school and is not pleased at all. She knows that he cares for her, but is determined to manipulate her brother's shocking ways.

Then, Hugo receives news that he will be switching schools as the principal of his old school just couldn't tolerate him anymore. He sets a challenge for himself-2 months to have all the girls he meets eating out from his hand in his new school.


Lindsay Winston is the most popular 17 year old girl in school, but doesn't meet the stereotypical image of a blonde haired, blue-eyed bimbo strutting around with her underwear showing under a skirt-if you could call it that. In other words, Lindsay is a respectful, intelligent, friendly girl. She hates people who think they're better than others and everybody in the school loves her-treats her like their best friend.

However, she has had very bad encounters with men. After nearly being raped by her latest boyfriend, she vows never to trust any guy again.

Lindsay's best friend, Trevor is the editor of the school's newspaper, organizer of the chess club and head of the drama production. Although everybody regards him as 'the geek', Lindsay knows that he is a great guy. After saving him from a bully once, they became best of friends.

So, what happens when these 2 individuals meet? When 2 people from similar worlds of popularity but very different personalities meet…it is obvious that an interesting and humorous story will unfold.


Author's Note:

Yes…so, there you have a brief summary-of course, I'll be introducing new characters, but this is just to get you started.

So, what do you think everyone? Plz check out the first chapter as I've posted it up right after this…plz tell me what you think! Oh, I've tried to make it funny…tell me if it's lame…thanks everyone!