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Beauty Queen of Only Eighteen

"And I would now like to congratulate, Anne Webber! For winning the Sydney Beauty Queen Pageant! Now would you like to come down from the platform?" Blared the TV as Mrs. Webber sobbed as she watched her daughter Anne Webber receive first prize as Sydney's Beauty Queen of 2000.

"Why, of all days! Doesn't she know we're gonna have company? I bet she's just gonna rewind the tape and show it to them! I bet you! I bet you a million bucks." Anne whined to her best friend MaryAnn. One look you would assume she was pissed, but at the side of her face had a hint of a smirk. As long as if Anne was in the limelight, why did she care? MaryAnn, doing her duty, made a face.

"How about we crash at my place for a while?" She said, as if Anne had heard her, she was still too caught up watching herself on TV.

"Yea, in a minute. Will you just look at those other girl's reactions? I was like; 'In your face suckahs!' That sure beat them up. They're like, so like, shocked." At the ripe old age of 15, Anne grew up in a money-filled, do-whatever-you-want, have-anything-you-want lifestyle. Not like there's anything to complain about that. Even though she was underage, Anne was permitted to join the Beauty Pageant with a little sum. With her beautiful facial features, slim body structure and elegant personality – It was a sure win; Anne would pass as an 18 year-old and as a bonus, win the whole contest. Not that it was hard or anything.

But we're not here to talk about Anne, MaryAnn is the main character in this heart breaking, love filled, romantic and fluffy teen novel, all of you (yes, even you) spend many sleepless nights reading.

She Had Some Trouble with Herself

Next to Anne, MaryAnn was nothing. That was the real hard truth. So how did they become best friends?

MaryAnn was Anne's best friend ever since Anne decided MaryAnn's homework was worth copying in first grade. MaryAnn was a total opposite from Anne, like a yin with a yang, a negative with a positive, a bitter with a sweet - or would you say, an oxymoron?


A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist. (Okaaaay.)

MaryAnn, you would say, was short for her age with an obvious natural auburn streak on her jet-black frizzy hair all tied up into a pony tail. Her eyes were like no other, hazel brown gorgeous eyes matching almost in unison with her hair hidden behind her glasses, which, I tell you, did nothing good for her. Overweight and she knew it. She had tried out numerous unsuccessful crash diets and exercise seemed so far away in her point of view. So what else is a girl to do than live with her baby fat for more than 29320983 years? (Exaggeration.)

On the outside, MaryAnn was the happy-go-lucky, girl who danced with the flowers and lightened up everyone's day with a smile. But it was all a mask. Nothing ever went right for MaryAnn; all she could do was smile and pretend it never bothered her. She had no nice body, no love life, no real success story in her life, almost nothing whatsoever. So what else was she to do when she had to keep up with a Sydney Beauty Queen of 2000 as her best friend?

He Was Always There To Help Her

As her grades slipped, as her self-confidence deteriorated, as her sadness inside grew, as her depression overtook her. She wouldn't tell. No, she couldn't tell. What would they think of her? What would they say? The circle of friend's she had now, what would happen to them? She was paranoid. Yes, indeed, paranoid. She was scared of what people thought of her, yet she had to pretend that she didn't really care what they thought. She was scared of losing her friends, even the ones she didn't know very well, yet she had to pretend that she was alright.

Main point: She had no one to turn to.

Except one. Of course. There's always one.

MaryAnn had a secret. This person had helped her through almost everything. This person was one reason why MaryAnn was alive. This person had caught MaryAnn when she fell. And MaryAnn had fallen in love with him.

They had met online. Okay, so you would assume your online pervert. MaryAnn liked the internet immensely. Every night at home she would get on and just surf around. And one day, while on her favourite group's forum (Maroon 5 as you would all have guessed), an e-mail popped up from a stranger.


I've seen your messages on the Maroon 5 forum. And you seem pretty nice. :) I just want to ask you if their DVD is out over there in Australia? I live in the UK and everything comes around pretty late if you ask me. Their not as famous here, but I am one of their die hard fans. I went to their ONLY concert they ever held here and I wish they would come back but nothing I can do. :( Oh, sorry, I haven't even introduced myself. Sorry, that's one thing about me, I tend to go on and on and totally forget my manners. You have to excuse me. Oh here I go again. :P The name's Jake. Well, sorry for taking up your time when reading this. I just found your e-mail address on the forum and you also came from Australia. Just a bit curious. How's the weather? Ha ha, well I shouldn't keep you. Look forward to your reply. :)


Jake. was his name, well, his screen name anyway. Online, MaryAnn could be ., where no one knew who she was. Where she could act differently, where she could act the way she wanted to.

This e-mail, turned into daily e-mailing to and fro. Turning into a friendship, where MaryAnn would tell Jake about her day, confide in him, ask him questions about guys and all the things MaryAnn couldn't tell Anne.

And MaryAnn was in love with him. She had never seen his face. He had never seen hers. She didn't need to see his face. From her imagination, he was perfect. He was the one. But the problem was that she never really knew how he felt about her. He was such a gentleman. He was so kind. And somehow always knew when something was wrong – something you'd probably expect from a best friend. But MaryAnn had never felt so love in her life. Her parents, workaholics didn't have much time for her. They were both doctors of different hospitals so they had different schedules and most of the time they clashed. They expected things to be fine because they had never gotten a letter or a phone call from school. They had the perfect daughter – no pressure or anything.

Jake sighed and leaned back on his chair, staring right at the computer screen as if daring it to reply his e-mail he had just sent ., he didn't know her real name and neither did he really care, he had never seen what she looked like and he didn't care about that either. They were just great friends… If that's what she wanted. Whenever he checked his inbox he was always somewhat disappointed that she hadn't replied him; 'Well, that's cos we're in different time zones you idiot.' He thought to himself. But when she had replied him the following day, his heart raced just a little bit faster. But he wasn't going to tell her, why would he ruin such a great friendship and try to make it more when he didn't know how she felt. He seemed puzzled by the way she sometimes asked him about guys. He had always imagined her to be beautiful and yet never stand out in the crowd, or else all kind of guys would be on her by now.

Jake had always wanted a girl in his life. But all the girls he dated never seemed like the right one. 'Why's it that I can't find the right girl for me?' He asked himself, 'They always expect something more from me, can't they just accept the fact that I'm just one normal guy?' Jake, 15, wore a ring of confidence around him. His blonde hair, cut very bad boy style did not shadow his kind and handsome face, making girls blush as he passed. He was what girls called a dream boat.

She Always Belonged To Someone Else

Dear: Jake.

Just finished watching a movie and then had the urge to e-mail you. Don't ask me why, but I just did. :) Yes, it was another one of those Chick Flicks. I love them, I mean, who doesn't? They make you feel so good in the inside... Although sometimes they kill my self-esteem a bit, it starts off pretty sad. And oh! Just like the song She Will Be Loved, "…she always belonged to someone else…" And then the Knight in shining armour (or is it the Prince in shining armour?). Comes along and picks her up onto his horse and carries her away for a happily ever after.

The thing is, they belong to SOMEONE in the first place. And they just get to belong to someone else later on! And me? I've never had ANYONE. No one at all. No one to love, no one to hold, no one to, I dunno, hug onto for hours on end. It's sad.

Whereas Anne. She gets what she wants, whether or not if she really needs it. Don't you ever feel that way?


Dear: .

Tell me what movie it is! Is it good to watch with a girlfriend? Cos I'll keep it in mind when I get one. :P Hey, don't be too hard on yourself. Look at me, a guy of only 15 and yet I don't have a girlfriend either. :) You're not alone and besides, I'm good lookin' too. :D Ha ha, only kidding.

They have to belong to someone in the first place, or else where's all the competition gone? Everything would just be predictable, who wants to watch a predictable movie? Well, to tell you the truth, all chick flicks are predictable. Sorry. :P But really, they are! That's what makes it so good! The feeling inside when you know that at least someone (not necessarily yourself) got a happily ever after, even if they are just actors!

The thing with Anne is, you see, she never really finds what she's looking for. She's dating all these guys to find the Mr. Right. Whereas, you're patiently waiting for him. You know he's out there. You've just gotta go ahead and find him. And what do you know; he could be talking to you right this minute.

Y'know how my Dad's trying to find a job? Guess what? We're going to Australia!

Cheer up! You can't stay sad for your whole life. Someone wants you to smile. :)


Blushing as MaryAnn reread the e-mail for the third time, she thought; 'If this isn't love, then I dunno what it is.' And the fact that Jake might actually come to Australia! To live! To stay! To see! The thought just made MaryAnn's unhappiness disappear...

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