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She Will Be Loved

"Hi you guys! How was the concert? I spent the whole night wondering! I wanted to call you Ann but I thought that maybe the concert was so good you probably stayed after. You have to tell me everything! I'm dying to know!" MaryAnn squealed as she ran up to JP and Ann the following morning.

"Oh, we split. It was really boring. We decided to go back to our house. It's a good thing you didn't go MaryAnn, you would've been so bored." Ann said, smiling at JP. Those kissable lips, the fringe above his eyes and thatperfect skin. Ooh, you could just kiss him right there on the spot!

"What the! I mean, oh, was it that boring?" MaryAnn asked JP, she stared at him furiously. She gave her tickets to him thinking he really liked Maroon 5. MaryAnn had heard about the Maroon 5 concerts all around, no one had ever said they were boring. He didn't look at her, he looked guilty.

"Well." Jake said, not making eye contact with MaryAnn. He couldn't face her. He'd totally forgotten that she'd given up her tickets for him. But at the time, when Ann had said those words, nothing seemed to matter. All he wanted was some time alone with her, and they'd ended up in her house and just talked.

He'd spent the night talking, laughing with Ann, but all that happiness had gone with one look at MaryAnn's eyes. He turned to her, ready to apologise.

"I'm really –" JP said turning to watch MaryAnn walking away.

"Sorry." He ended, quietly.

Ann looked at JP, what was wrong with him?

"There's no need to apologise JP! She doesn't mind, she's probably happy that she didn't go." Ann said, taking his hand.

"But, didn't you see her expression when you said that we split? You didn't have to say it that way did you?" JP said, looking at Ann concerned.

"Does it matter? Jeez, JP, we left. It's not like we can go back and get those tickets again." Ann said. Why did he care so much that MaryAnn had looked depressed or whatever? She always looked like that, it was totally not gonna help her wrinkles when she got older.

"That's true." JP said, contemplating.

"Now, come with me." Ann said, leading JP to her car with his hand. She had wanted to kiss him so badly when they got to her house that night. But all he had wanted to do was talk. He was so clueless.

They got in the car and Ann started kissing JP's neck.

"You do realise we have to go to school right?" JP said, laughing as he heard the bell.

"How about we skip?" Ann said, breathing deeply. And kissed JP on the lips.

"Mmmafelirkjlefk." JP tried to say.

"What!" Ann asked, why was he running? A girl like her was trying to make out with him! And he was resisting?

"Seriously. We have to go to school." JP said. And he got out of the car. With a confused Ann left in the car.

Jake found the whole situation just, screwed up. He'd never wanted to go so fast. And there Ann was, giving herself to him. He shuffled quickly into class and sat next to MaryAnn. And it was until then, he felt comfortable.

"Hey." He said smiling at her.

"Hi." MaryAnn answered looking straight at the board as the teacher wrote down the notes they had to copy.

'Damn, she must be really pissed.' Jake thought. 'She's totally ignoring me.' He sighed.

"Why do you do that?" Jake asked MaryAnn as he watched her draw a margin, write her name and add a smiley face at the end.

"I dunno. Why do you do that?" She asked as she watched him twirl his pen round his fingers.

"I dunno. Reflex?" He said, looking at her. She smiled slightly and looked back up at the board as she began copying down the notes.

Jake sat up straight and tore a piece of paper out of his file.

I'm sorry. He wrote. And pushed it next to MaryAnn so she could see.

"For what?" MaryAnn whispered. Keeping her eyes glued to the board.

You know, the concert thing. Jake wrote again. And pushed it a little too far.

"Ahem. Jake, is there something you'd like to share with the class?" Mr. Hilman said as Jake looked up.

"Yea, there is actually." Jake said grinning to himself.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" MaryAnn screamed as soon as she left the classroom. Her cheeks were burning.

"But I'm serious, do you forgive me?" JP said as he ran in front of her.

"I was never mad!" MaryAnn said a little softer now that more people were staring.

"So you forgive me?" He said smiling.

"I told you, I was never mad. A little disappointed, yes, but not pissed or anything. You really, really, REALLY didn't need to do that. It was totally uncalled for." MaryAnn said as she reminded herself of what just happened inside the classroom with Mr. Hilman:

"Ahem. Jake, is there something you'd like to share with the class?" Mr. Hilman said as he caught JP passing the note to MaryAnn. 'He's so dead.' MaryAnn thought sadly. Everyone knew, except JP maybe, that Mr. Hilman HATED notes being passed. Each time he caught one, he'd give the culprit a lifetime worth of Friday detentions. MaryAnn looked at JP from the corner of her eye.

"Yea, there is actually." JP said as MaryAnn watched him stand up.

"Everyone. I would just like to say, with everyone as my witness. To MaryAnn, I'm sorry." Silence.

"Thanks." JP finally said and sat back down. The whole class erupted with cheers of mockery and some of applause of actually answering back to Mr. Hilman. Then the bell rang.

"Disappointed? Why?" JP asked her as MaryAnn's flashback ended.

"Well, I always thought Maroon 5's concerts were going to be great. But Ann said it was boring. How do concerts get boring? Was Maroon 5 that bad?" She asked. Not looking at JP.

"To tell the truth. It was great." JP said, looking forward as they walked.

"What?" MaryAnn asked, she was confused.

"It was really good, the concert. It's just that Ann started complaining how boring it was and asking if we should leave." JP said sadly.

"And you left!" MaryAnn exclaimed.

"We had a little fight. But she said something, and it made everything okay again. And at that time, I had no more interest in the concert anymore. All my attention was all on Ann, so we went back to her house and –" JP said, not knowing why he was telling MaryAnn all this stuff but he kept talking about it until MaryAnn interrupted.

"Okay! I don't need to know what happens next at her house." MaryAnn said. She really, really didn't want to think about it. It was just… Something you shouldn't be telling your girlfriend's best friend about.

"No! We didn't do that! We just got to her house and talked. That's it. For the whole night." JP said, adding quickly. He laughed at MaryAnn's drastic change in reaction.

"Nothing happened, really." He said again. He didn't know why, but he wanted to reassure MaryAnn and it seemed to have worked.

"Oh right. Ha ha, I knew that." She said smiling.

But as they talked. Rumours spread. And as they spread, they change.

"JP honey. I need to talk to you." Ann said, as she found him sitting next to MaryAnn at their lunch table with a bunch of other people.

"Uh, okay."

"Explain yourself. What's with all this stuff I hear about you declaring your love for MaryAnn last lesson?" Ann said, suddenly raising her voice.

"What are you talking about? We had this discussion last night. I'm not falling for MaryAnn." JP said, and then realised what he had just said.

"Look, don't hide it from me. I know what happened. Just tell me the truth." Ann said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Nothing happened! I was passing a note to MaryAnn – "

"So you passed a note onto her! What was it? A love note?" Ann said eyeing JP suspiciously.

"No! Mr. Hilman caught me passing the note and asked if I had anything to share with the class." JP said. Giving time for Ann to absorb it all in.

"And you said…?" Ann said, mentioning him to continue.

"I told the whole class to be my witness and said that I was sorry to MaryAnn." JP said looking at Ann.

"Why? Why apologise? I thought we talked this over. I told you she'd get over it!" Ann said, not willing to back down.

"Yes we did. But I don't have to do everything you say do I?" JP said, suddenly defending himself.

Ann was shocked, no one had ever said that to her.

Jake looked at the shocked Ann. This was obviously the first time someone had said that to her. He looked at Ann, all these mixed emotions ran through him. He turned and looked at MaryAnn in the corner of his eye, his spine tingled and his heart beat a little faster just looking at her there.

Looking back at Ann, he thought of all the times he had wanted to break up with her. But she had managed to get him not to. They were meant to be… Right? He had felt so happy when he received an e-mail from her, but now that he had her, why was he no longer happy?

He was ticked off that she had believed that stupid rumour about him declaring his love for MaryAnn. When she hadn't even heard the whole story.

It seemed like they didn't have anything in common with each other despite the e-mails. Every time they talked about something Jake thought Ann liked, she didn't. She ended up changing the subjects. All the time! He didn't understand, what was he doing wrong?

He said that he'd had enough. But didn't he say that all the time? No seriously, Jake couldn't take much more of Ann's clingy-ness, spoiltness and, everything!

This was it. If he let her changes his mind again, he wouldn't give in. It had happened too many times before already.

"Ann. Can you come outside with me right now?" He said.

"Sure, honey." Ann said.

As they walked outside, Jake took a deep breath. And before Ann could say anything;

"I want to break up." He said. Waiting for Ann to understand what he had just said. It seemed like she had.

"Wh – What?" She asked, sounding like a witch.

"I want to break up." Jake repeated.

"Why baby? What's wrong?" This had happened so many times before. She was sick of his behaviour. But he was so hot!

"This is wrong. Don't you even notice? Every time – every time I want to break it off. You find some kind of excuse. To make me change my mind, and it's worked. Don't think I haven't noticed. But I've made my mind up. It's over." Jake said, and this time, he was serious. Seriously, serious.

Jake started walking away as the bell rang for their last period.

"Jake! Come back here!" Ann shouted. What! How dare he do this! But no matter how much she called, he would never come back. She watched him leave. And for a minute there, Ann's heart broke a little.

MaryAnn walked home after school thinking about what had happened at lunchtime. She saw JP and Ann leave the canteen and didn't see JP again the next lesson where he had sat elsewhere away from her.

He looked, what's the word? Unsure.

Filled with her own thoughts MaryAnn didn't notice someone jog up to her and tap her on the shoulder.

"MaryAnn!" JP said a little louder.

"Oh hey! Sorry, what?" She said dazed.

"I ended it." JP said. Looking at the sky with his piercing blue eyes. He sighed, but it seemed to be a sigh of relief instead of sadness.

"Ended what?" MaryAnn asked confused.

"I broke up with Ann." JP said bluntly. He felt sad that he had broken someone's heart, but it was for the best... Right?

"Um. What am I supposed to say to that?" MaryAnn said, was she supposed to be happy or sad for him or Ann?

"Nothing. I'm just telling you." JP said looking straight ahead with a serious expression.

"Well, I'm sorry." MaryAnn replied.

"You don't have to be. I'm just wondering if Ann was ever the one. I'd thought she always was. Even before I met her." JP said, wondering.

"Before you met her? What do you mean?" MaryAnn asked confused again. JP was not making any sense today.

"Well, I dunno. We used to send e –" JP almost said 'e-mails' but got interrupted.

"JP darling! I've been waiting for you since, forever. Where were – oh, walking home with MaryAnn now are we?" Ann said, out of the blue coming out from, oh, Jake's house.

"Ann? What are you doing here?" JP asked, he really didn't want to talk to Ann. But seriously, what was she doing, coming out from his house?

"Well, after that talk we had at lunch. I thought to myself; 'Since JP honey doesn't feel comfortable in this relationship. I have to do something to make my baby feel comfortable right? So I've made up my mind. If I spend everyday, every hour of everyday, every minute of every hour of everyday with you, what's there to lose?" Ann said proudly with a twinkle in her eye.

"Ann. What didn't you understand with; 'It's over.'" JP said, emphasising the 'It's over'.

"Baby, we're gone through this so many times already. It's time to start over again. If you keep thinking about those damn e-" Ann had almost said "e-mails" but stopped herself once she saw MaryAnn.

"Well, well, well. What are you doing here? Trying to pick up the pieces? You can go away now." Ann said rolling her eyes at the oh-so-insignificant MaryAnn and waved her away.

MaryAnn looked at Ann. This was typical Ann behaviour. Whatever. She turned her saddened eyes at JP for a second and turned away walking back home. Hoping with all her might, that what JP had said was true. That he'd really ended it with Ann. Not that MaryAnn would have any chance of course. So many other girls had JP on their boyfriend lists. MaryAnn would have been somewhere down there in the thousands.

Jake watched MaryAnn leave. And turned back to Ann. He was furious! The way Ann had treated her! And MaryAnn just took it all? Really, he couldn't stand it.

"Now, where were we? Oh yes, now JP honey. I'm sure we'll work out just fine." Ann said, in her sickly sweet voice. She was not going to lose JP. He was on every girls list. She couldn't bear to see him holding any other girls' hand. She took his hand and started guiding him to his house.

"No. Ann, listen to me." Jake said calmly. He'd let her down slowly. She was probably having some major break-up attack or something. He'd never seen a girl react the way Ann did when he broke up with her. Oh wait, there was Kate.

"You can't change my mind. You won't change my mind. Because it's made up. I don't love you anymore. Those e-mails I thought were true. Weren't. You broke my heart. Because all I wanted to love. Was the person that sent me those e-mails. And when I realised you weren't that person you said you were in them, you totally played me." Jake said. He'd finally gotten it out. Finally.

He watched as Ann took it all in. The expression change and she started clapping her hands?

"Very well done JP honey. You sure fooled all of us! I'll see you Monday okay?" She said laughing and prancing off the lawn and into her car.

Jake stood there, clueless. Shrugged and walked into his house.

Throughout the week Jake had to 'break up' with Ann almost every few hours. She just wouldn't get it!

Every time Ann had done something thinking that she and Jake were together. Jake just needed to talk to someone. And everywhere he turned, somehow he always bumped into MaryAnn. Like luck or something.

MaryAnn saw Jake almost running home as school ended and had to sprint in order to catch up to him.

"Hey, what's the rush?" She asked panting.

"Oh nothing, I just don't really want to bump into Ann." He said slowing down a little bit.

"She's giving you a hard time?" MaryAnn said, watching JP looking side to side as if dodging bullets.

"Yea, can you believe it? She's been following me around everywhere. I'm getting a little scared of her." He said, laughing.

"JP has a stalkerrrrr." MaryAnn mocked nudging JP's side.

"Shut up." He replied tickling MaryAnn's side – her weak point.

After they had stopped fooling around, MaryAnn, clutching her sides as she was laughing became serious again.

"But seriously, I think you should talk to her. She doesn't usually listen to people as people always listen to her. And believe me, this has probably been the first time someone's broken up with her." MaryAnn said, confessing. She didn't like to see Ann looking like a puppy to someone who didn't care for her. Yes, Ann had always treated her like dirt and MaryAnn had made it this far. It no longer crept under her skin – only sometimes. They were, ultimately best friends right?

"I've tried! I really have! But the more I try and talk to her, the more she tries to make up some excuse!" JP said, looking at MaryAnn's side. Her white skin and rosy cheeks despite the coldness. And those freckles that lined her upper cheeks. Jake felt butterflies in his stomach.

"Well, talk to her." Was all MaryAnn could say. She looked at JP, his flawless skin, his strong build. He was perfect. He caught her staring and they both looked away blushing.

And they walked home in silence.

It was Friday and everyone had that oh-it's-Friday-that-means-tomorrow's-Saturday feel. Lunch time had come and gone and everyone was looking forward for the bell to ring. As MaryAnn prepared to go to her last period, she saw at the corner of her eye. JP and Ann talking.

JP turned away and started walking off and Ann had shouted something to him. He replied.

'What was that all about?' MaryAnn thought to herself. But she didn't have time to dwell on that as the bell rang.

Ann watched JP turn away and start walking off.

"But why?" She shouted loud enough for only him to hear. He turned slightly and replied;

"Check your e-mail."

Ann looked at MaryAnn taking her books out. 'E-mails, always e-mails.' She thought, 'Stupid e-mails!'

Jake sat at his computer at home. It had finally arrived. He'd waited for this stupid computer since forever and now that it was here. He didn't know what to do.

He opened up his inbox finding all SPAM and some from his friends in Britain. He clicked the 'Compose' button. And started typing.

Dear .

If I was a coward, I would have broken up with you via computer. But I wasn't. But where something starts, it must end…

Jake hesitated. And continued writing.

MaryAnn was surfing online, looking for some pictures of the carbon cycle for Biology. When suddenly her computer notified her of an e-mail.

'An e-mail? Por moi?' She asked herself, chuckling at her very bad French.

She opened it. And realised, it was from Jake.

"Haven't heard from you in a while. What does he want." She mumbled to herself in front of the computer screen.

Dear .

If I was a coward, I would have broken up with you via computer. But I wasn't. But where something starts, it must end…

It read. Confused, MaryAnn continued to read.

It would have never worked out between us. Maybe if we'd kept our anonymity and just continued to e-mail each other. (That is if you would actually reply me). Those times I've spent with you made me realise something. I thought I'd known you since forever because of those e-mails. But the more I concentrated on you, there was someone else waiting for me. We grew apart. I don't know how. You weren't how I expected you to be. Looking over those e-mails, they seemed so real. But they weren't…

MaryAnn kept reading. She was really confused. Was this some other person? Why were they saying they knew her but they didn't know her? What?

There's someone else. I have to admit. That made me grow further from you. The times we spent together, even if it was only school related. Made me grow closer to her. I know you don't like Maroon 5. But this girl does. I know you don't like Chick Flicks. But this girl does. She was… different. She accepted me for who I was. And it's time she knew.

She will be loved.

After reading that MaryAnn didn't realise the phone was ringing. Why? What? Confused, MaryAnn picked up the phone.

"Hello?" She asked. Reading the e-mail again.

"MaryAnn? It's JP." She heard the voice over the phone, JP sounding so serious.

"Oh hey. What's up? Something about Biology you don't know about?" She asked, her eyes fixed on the monitor.

"No. There's something I need to tell you."

The End

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