Stream of Conscious Thought

Short Story By Joey

(WARNING: This is a deep delve into my mind, those who are squeamish or are insulted or afraid of violence and/or adult content should leave now.)

DISCLAIMER: This piece contains adult content, language, violence transformation, gore, vore, and twisted sexual acts, if such crap offends you, scares you, or you simply do not like it, DO NOT READ! LEAVE NOW!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story really is from the depths of my mind, it is written the way I think; so it will jump around, try to not get confused.

With the warning and disclaimer out of the way, only an idiot will leave a bad review.

I walk down the street, watching the cars go by, not a care in the world.

Suddenly, someone pushes me against the wall, demanding all I have.

My rage flares and I ram my hand upwards at his nose.

The blow lands and he dies.

I walk down the street, ignoring the screaming of fear, no cares.

Cherry-tops are in front of me, ordering my hand into the air.

Rage flares like the sun.

Energy explodes from my fingertips.

I lunge at the first law enforcer.

He unloads a clip at me.

I continue towards him, bleeding, raging, no cares.

I reach him and rip off an arm.

Next comes the head.

A bullet strikes my head.

I turn to the shooter, lunging and bleeding anew.

I rip his arm off with my teeth.

I am covered in blood.

The others run.

I walk down the street, not a care in the world.

I can see no one on the street now; all have fled.

My gaze turns down an alley.

I see thugs and a young woman my age.

They hold her down and rip off her clothes.

One sees me and orders me to move on.

Rage explodes like a nuke.

I lunge, bleeding, roaring, teeth gritting.

The nearest pulls a knife.

I take a bite off his arm.

He rams the blade into my mouth.

I clamp my teeth and take the knife and many fingers.

I pull the knife, covered in my blood and his, and crunch the fingers.

Blood gushes out my mouth as I slit his throat.

Another pulls a gun and fires; my knees have eyes.

I throw the knife, blade meets eye; he falls.

I step to the nearest and shove my hand into his gut.

He falls, innards in my grip, I feast.

The others flee; they flee the blood.

The girl stands and thanks me.

My rage never left, I reach for her.

She screams, I rip her clothes, she screams.

The bind cum, she is grounded.

The eyes of my knees close as I kneel.

I see her flesh; I smell her cunt.

I lean in close and taste her.

She screams for me to stop.

I partake of her flesh, biting deep.

She bleeds as I bleed, she cries.

I strip, exposing myself to her.

I am stiff; she cannot look away.

I slide into her cunt, she cries; it's her first.

I take her, she bleeds more as her crying slows.

I thrust, she screams, I pull, she moans.

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

She cries, no more pain, just pleasure.

She cums to me; I cum to her.

The chains flee the blood.

She stands, dripping white and red.

I am hers; she is mine.

The mugger, the officers, the thugs, they are all mine.

They are hers too, we are one, I am hers, and she is mine.

We walk down the street, ignoring the screaming, no cares.

I see her; I love her, no cares but hers.

She sees me; she loves me, no cares but mine.

A bullet flies, a red flower on the side of her head.

Rage, rage, rage, we lunge.

The shooter is caught; I lean close to bite.

She stops me; she bites first.

Blood streaks her face; she changes.

I bite, blood drips.

Distress, I look at her.

She has changed, fangs and claws, all her.

She runs from me.

I chase my love; the blood leads me.

I walk down the street; Cherry-tops halt me.

I lunge at the first law enforcement officer.

He unloads a clip into me.

I gnaw the bones of the thugs.

I drink of the mugger.

I devour the officers.

My love.

I catch her; she covers her face.

Shame, love and shame; she still loves me.

I hold her; she struggles.

I bite her neck; she cries.

I sink my teeth in, hard and deep.

She cums to me; I feel her and cum to her.

We drip red, I drip white.

I feel her back against my chest; she wraps my arms around her.

She grabs my hand; she slips my fingers in her cunt.

She moans.

Life continues as it should.

Together, not alone, no cares…