Ch 2

The weeks passed and the excitement of a new year faded to boredom. Ella joined the Drama club and the volleyball team. It was the afternoon of the try-outs:

"Margaret, you'll do great. You have great acting skills and a wonderful voice. Just relax. Once you get on the stage you'll forget those people are even there. You'll be great."

"Yeah I know that it's irrational to stress about it but…"

"You'll do great. Go on. It's your turn." Margaret looked back at Ella with a slightly green face. "You have a wonderful voice. Just go up there and show them what you've got!" She walked up the stage steps.

She watched her friend sing. She sang a song from the musical Cats. Ella had helped Margaret practice for this audition. Her mouth moved to form the words as her friend sang. When Margaret had finished, she clapped and yelled, "ow ow!" She made a thumbs up sign. She waved to her and mouthed 'Have to go.' She pointed her finger at the door. Her friend nodded. She walked into the cold drizzle. She pulled her hands into the sleeves of her corduroy blazer.

She heard a voice behind her say, "Ella." She turned around to see Drew, a boy with curly brown hair who lived down her street.

"Hey!" She smiled and stopped to let him catch up. "It's cold isn't it?"

"Yeah." He smiled and touched her nose. "You have a red nose."

"Yes. I'm Rudolph. What do you want for Christmas?"

He laughed. "An A in French."

"Ah, sadly Monsieur, I can't give zat to you." She said in a French accent. "But maybe you could work something out with your teacher. Some extra credit after school with her or something." Ella winked.

He gently punched her arm. "That's gross. She's, like, 50 years old."

"It was just an idea." She defended herself, pretending to be offended. They both laughed.

As she got to her house she said, "Bye. I'll see you tomorrow."

"See ya." He waved and walked down the street.

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